Illahee 10/30/16 Photos, Deer Report, The Loser, The Winner, Vandalism & Theft Reports, Barker Creek Beaver Dam, Veteran’s Day Run

Photos.  Another winter waterfowl species has arrived, buffleheads, along with Halloween.  

Deer Report.  A report of a blood trail from some fighting bucks was a good reason to change a jogging route and found a WDFW representative already there, along with the couple who came across it, checking on the deer.
The Loser.  The deer was alert and resting behind a house.  We have no other information and presume it recovered.  
The Winner.  Nearby was the assumed winner with his doe.  During the rut season these deer seem to lose all fear of humans as they barely moved as we walked by on the road.
Vandalism & Theft Reports.  We saw reports of vandalism and mail thefts on the Illahee Community Facebook page.  Be vigilant.
Barker Creek Beaver Dam.  A 2007 Illahee Creek Watershed report recommended beavers be introduced so when we saw this beaver dam on Barker Creek we thought we would take its picture.
Veteran’s Day Run.  We were asked what kind of ship the USS Maine is, the sponsor of the event, after seeing the information about the Veteran’s Day Run.  
It is a submarine (SSBN-741).  For history buffs the first ship with the USS Maine name has quite a history that extends to relatively recent documentaries.  Wikipedia has an extensive report on the first Maine which included the following paragraph:
Maine is best known for her loss in Havana Harbor on the evening of 15 February 1898. Sent to protect U.S. interests during the Cuban revolt against Spain, she exploded suddenly, without warning, and sank quickly, killing nearly three quarters of her crew. The cause and responsibility for her sinking remained unclear after a board of inquiry investigated. Nevertheless, popular opinion in the U.S., fanned by inflammatory articles printed in the “Yellow Press” by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, blamed Spain. The phrase, “remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain”, became a rallying cry for action, which came with the Spanish–American War later that year. While the sinking of Maine was not a direct cause for action, it served as a catalyst, accelerating the approach to a diplomatic impasse between the U.S. and Spain.
Jim Aho

Illahee 10/26/16 Video of Illahee Bucks Fighting, Buck Shrub Damage, Coyote Notice, Preserve Camp Cleaned, Illahee Store, Port Draft Budget, Public Hearing, Two Port Positions Open, USS Maine Veteran Day Run

Facebook Video of Illahee Bucks Fighting.  An amazing video of two Illahee buck deer fighting was on the Illahee Community Facebook page. The Carlson’s were kind enough to share it and we put it on a YouTube link  Below is a snap shot still from the video.  People can also request to be added to the Illahee Community Facebook page where the video resides along with other interesting information, like the coyote notice later in the Update.

Buck Shrub Damage.  For some reason area bucks have been using blueberry bushes to take the velvet off their antlers, which essentially destroys the blueberry plants.  They destroyed two plants earlier this fall and another large one a couple of years ago, that is still recovering.

Coyote Notice.  Another item from the Illahee Community Facebook page.  “There’s been a report of a large coyote in the area of Sunset Ave near the golf course.  Neighbors saw it trying to get through a fence to get to their dogs at approx 4 am.  Yelling and rock throwing didn’t phase it.  Just a heads up to keep an eye on the pets.”
Preserve Camp Cleaned.  This camp was next to the location of the fire that was put out on Sept 12th.  It is believed to be the same person and note there is newly burnt wood which is evidence of another fire was being used and a violation of Preserve policy.  Thanks to the Preserve Stewards, and to John P. in particular, who helped fight the earlier fire and cleaned up this camp.
Illahee Store.  Permission was obtained from the lawyers to replace the locks at the Illahee Store after the keys were lost.  It gave an opportunity to see the vandal damage inside the store and the hole in the roof where they gained entrance, not to mention the water damage from the hole in the roof.  We understand the proposed purchase and sale agreement has NOT yet been signed so there will likely be no further progress until an agreement is reached.
Port Draft Budget.  The Port has posted its 2017 draft budget at the Port’s community kiosk and on its website:
Public Hearing.  A public hearing on the budget will be held at the Port’s regular monthly meeting on November 9, 2016 at 5 pm.
Two Port Positions Open.  There will be two open Port commissioner positions (a 6 year term and a 4 year term) voted on in 2017 and those positions need to filed for in just 7 months (May 25-19, 2017).  The budget meeting is a good one to attend for those who are interested in learning more about the port and what it does, in addition to the Port’s website.
USS Maine Veteran Day Run (Military Only).  On November 10th (the day before Veteran’s Day) there will be a Veteran’s Day Run through the Illahee Preserve scheduled to start at 1:45 pm.  The Preserve is a mostly unknown treasure in the broader community so it is good when others find it and use it like this.  
Jim Aho

Illahee 10/17/16 Photo, Storm Photos, Work Party Cancelled, Preserve Stewardship Meeting, Timbers Edge, Port Meeting Report

Photo.  The arrival of these Surf Scoters in the waters off of Illahee is a sign the rest of the winter waterfowl will soon be arriving.  

Storm Photos.  This sail boat weathered out the storms at the Illahee Dock.  The following photos show an unfortunate homeowner next to the Illahee Preserve where tree branches damaged not one but two of their cars.  The gray car wasn’t even visible in the first photo.
Preserve Work Party Cancelled.  The wood chip piles along Thompson Lane remain intact after the work party with the Washington Youth Academy (WYA) was cancelled due to Friday’s storm.  Other options are being considered.
Preserve Stewardship Meeting.  The Illahee Preserve Stewardship monthly meeting is this Tuesday form 6:30 – 8 pm at the Kitsap Pavilion Conference Room (south east corner).  The meetings are open to all and any who are interested in helping the Preserve remain the treasure it is, and with their future expansion efforts.
Timbers Edge.  Something needs to happen soon if the Preserve is  to be able to acquire the Timbers Edge Phase 2 acreage (10.7 acres) before it becomes a 45 lot housing development.  Ideas and suggestions are welcome.  The photo below was taken on the property.
Port Meeting Report.  At the Port meeting last week it was reported the Port has made an offer on the Illahee Store, with a due diligence period of 90 days to inspect outstanding issues.  They are waiting for an acceptance or counter offer.  It was also noted that two of the present commissioners are not planning to run in 2017 which will leave a 4 year term and a 6 year term vacancies.  Also, the approval of 2017 budget will be on the agenda for the November 9th Port meeting.
Jim Aho

Illahee 10/10/16 Photo, Eel Grass Survey, Deer Hunters, Port Meeting, Commissioner Openings in 2017, Septic Workshop, Preserve Work Party on Friday

Photo.  This was a first sighting of this bird for us.  It is a scrub jay we saw as we were leaving on a road trip a couple of weeks ago.


Eel Grass Survey.  Thanks to Brett for letting us know what this boat was doing in Illahee while we were gone.  We received a photo and a WhatsApp that read: “There’s a research vessel that’s been mulling around in front of the house for the past half hour, so I kayaked out and asked what they were doing.  Turns out is is an eel grass survey being carried out for DNR and the tribes.”


Deer Hunters.  We also received the following  a couple of weeks ago and hope someone explained that it is illegal to deer hunt here.

Warning. Watch for deer poacher/s around Illahee Preserve Around Sunset Ave.
A neighbor and I saw a car parked along road near a known illegal trail, no driver with deer hunting bow and game arrows in plain view in passenger’s seat. Duh!
It was like a blue station wagon shaped car.
Also someone has been blazing trail/s up into the brush onto preserve land . And marking trees. Likely the same guy/s.
Besides the fact that the deer are protected, Arrows could miss and travel dangerously around houses.
Call 911 if you see.

Port Meeting.  The Port of Illahee meets this Wednesday at 5 pm at 5500 Illahee Road and we are hoping to find out more about their efforts to try and purchase the Illahee Store.

2016-4-11 Misc 045

Commissioner Openings in 2017.  There will be two opportunities in 2017 for anyone who wants to be a port commissioner.  Filings need to be completed in the Spring for those interested.

Septic Workshop.  With most of Illahee on septic systems this workshop might be a good one to attend on Tuesday (sorry for the short notice).

Septic Sense Workshop

Learn how to protect your investment and keep it happy for a lifetime of

service. Kitsap County residents who own a septic system are welcome to

attend a FREE workshop from 6:00- 8:00pm, Tuesday October 11at the Eagle’s Nest 1195 NW Fairgrounds Rd, Bremerton.


  • Informative talks
  • Technical assistance
  • FREE “Green” cleaning product kits (one per household)
  • Info about low-interest loan program for septic system repairs


Space is limited. Sign up today!

Details and registration at: (October 11) or call 360.337.7157 ext 3244

Preserve Work Party.  The East Bremerton Rotary and the Washington Youth Academy cadets will be spreading wood chips on trials in the Illahee Preserve on Friday (10/14/16) to get the trails ready for the wet season.

Jim Aho