Illahee 10/26/16 Video of Illahee Bucks Fighting, Buck Shrub Damage, Coyote Notice, Preserve Camp Cleaned, Illahee Store, Port Draft Budget, Public Hearing, Two Port Positions Open, USS Maine Veteran Day Run

Facebook Video of Illahee Bucks Fighting.  An amazing video of two Illahee buck deer fighting was on the Illahee Community Facebook page. The Carlson’s were kind enough to share it and we put it on a YouTube link  Below is a snap shot still from the video.  People can also request to be added to the Illahee Community Facebook page where the video resides along with other interesting information, like the coyote notice later in the Update.

Buck Shrub Damage.  For some reason area bucks have been using blueberry bushes to take the velvet off their antlers, which essentially destroys the blueberry plants.  They destroyed two plants earlier this fall and another large one a couple of years ago, that is still recovering.

Coyote Notice.  Another item from the Illahee Community Facebook page.  “There’s been a report of a large coyote in the area of Sunset Ave near the golf course.  Neighbors saw it trying to get through a fence to get to their dogs at approx 4 am.  Yelling and rock throwing didn’t phase it.  Just a heads up to keep an eye on the pets.”
Preserve Camp Cleaned.  This camp was next to the location of the fire that was put out on Sept 12th.  It is believed to be the same person and note there is newly burnt wood which is evidence of another fire was being used and a violation of Preserve policy.  Thanks to the Preserve Stewards, and to John P. in particular, who helped fight the earlier fire and cleaned up this camp.
Illahee Store.  Permission was obtained from the lawyers to replace the locks at the Illahee Store after the keys were lost.  It gave an opportunity to see the vandal damage inside the store and the hole in the roof where they gained entrance, not to mention the water damage from the hole in the roof.  We understand the proposed purchase and sale agreement has NOT yet been signed so there will likely be no further progress until an agreement is reached.
Port Draft Budget.  The Port has posted its 2017 draft budget at the Port’s community kiosk and on its website:
Public Hearing.  A public hearing on the budget will be held at the Port’s regular monthly meeting on November 9, 2016 at 5 pm.
Two Port Positions Open.  There will be two open Port commissioner positions (a 6 year term and a 4 year term) voted on in 2017 and those positions need to filed for in just 7 months (May 25-19, 2017).  The budget meeting is a good one to attend for those who are interested in learning more about the port and what it does, in addition to the Port’s website.
USS Maine Veteran Day Run (Military Only).  On November 10th (the day before Veteran’s Day) there will be a Veteran’s Day Run through the Illahee Preserve scheduled to start at 1:45 pm.  The Preserve is a mostly unknown treasure in the broader community so it is good when others find it and use it like this.  
Jim Aho