Illahee 11/30/16 Photos, Buglary, Sea Lions Eating Salmon, Timbers Edge Notice, From 110 to 45 Lots, Illahee Creek Friendly, Purchase Option?, Major Contributor Ideas?, Donation Opportunities

Photos.  A Rufous Hummingbird and a Barrow’s Goldeneye, the first with the dock in the background, and the second next to the dock.

Burglary.  There was a burglary at a home on Illahee Road on Monday afternoon, that was evidently interrupted when the residents returned home after being away for a few hours.  The homeowners feel the thief or thieves left quickly after seeing them pick up their mail by the road as both back and side doors were wide open.  They ramsackled the lower floor of the house and took jewelry, antiques, silverware, computers, etc.  What was particularly disturbing is they turned off the power to the house at an outside box that would shut down any alarm systems and evidently entered the house breaking through a window.  In other words it appears to be professionals who did this.
Sea Lions Eating Salmon.  There have been some big sea lions in the area and difficult to get good photos of them.  Residents report seeing them catching and eating salmon, with one salmon, estimated to be about 12 pounds, big enough that the sea lion had trouble getting it into his mouth.
Timbers Edge Notice.  Notices of Application were received by a number of adjacent residents and residents who were previously concerned about the Timbers Edge project.  For those who didn’t receive the post card notice this is what it looked like.
From 110 to 45 Lots.  As mentioned in the notice this is an amendment to what was originally proposed which significantly reduces the number of home sites (from 110 to 45), which is due to the purchase last year of two thirds of the project area (25.5 acres) that was added to the Illahee Preserve.  The purchase cost was $565,000 that came from citizen contributions, the property owner, and a state salmon grant.  This left the 10.7 acres that will be developed if not purchased.  
Illahee Creek Friendly.  This amended development proposal is a good one for Illahee Creek in that maximum infiltration helps support the base flows in Illahee Creek, especially during the summer when the stream requires a good source of water stored up in the shallow aquifer.  Better yet would be its purchase for the Illahee Preserve!
Purchase Option?  While there is no options agreement to purchase the property, there was an understanding that if the necessary funds could be raised by the end of the year, the property owner and the developer would be willing to sell.  
Major Contributor Ideas?  What we need now, in one last ditch effort, is to identify any individual or group that has sufficient funds to purchase the remaining 10.7 acres.  Let us know if you have any suggestions!!!!
Donation Opportunities.  This is a reminder that the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) is a non-profit 501.c.3 group incorporated to support the Illahee Preserve and donations and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.  
Also, for those 70 1/2  who need to take out their IRA Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) this year, those funds won’t show up as income if they are directed by the financial institution to the IFP.  Talk to your financial advisor about this option or let us connect you with someone who might be able to help.
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/21/16 Photos, Wildlife in the Road, Owl, Wigeon Return, Preserve Garbage, Tree Cleanup, Philanthropic Gift Sign, Store Progress, Thanksgiving Thought

Photos.  Carrier and submarine movement, along with the recent special moon.

Road Wildlife.  Reports of wildlife in the road this past week included two coyotes, a flock of Canada geese crossing the road, and a rooster pheasant.

Owl.  We sometimes hear owls late at night and long to see and photo graph them so we are especially thankful for John sharing this photo with us.

Wigeon Return.  It is assumed the same flocks of ducks return to the same place each year, and this is verified when the same Eurasian wigeon is in the flock.  The flock numbered 157 wigeon the other day.
Preserve Garbage.  A call came in that a bunch of trash was dumped at the Illahee Preserve’s Thompson Lane parking lot and dogs were spreading the trash around.  Before we could get up there another call came in from a volunteer park steward that he had cleaned it up and had 8 bags of trash to get rid of.  Thanks goes to John who was also the one who put out the fire earlier before it could spread.  It is volunteers like John that keep our park clean and open. 
Tree Cleanup.  Earlier an update had photos of tree damage to two cars and a car port.  The area was in the process of being cleaned up and nearby trees taken down.
Philanthropic Gift Sign.  Many don’t realize that there is a non-profit support group that raises money for Preserve acquisitions, projects, and legal battles, and that gifts such as the one shown in the photo are needed and appreciated.  Thanks for those who remember the Illahee Forest Preserve, a 501.c.3 non-profit corporation, and as such, gifts are generally tax deductible.
Store Clean Up.  The work party on November 12th not only cleaned up the mess created when vandals trashed the former store, but they also temporarily covered the hole in the roof to prevent further water damage.  Thanks to the 9 people who showed up to help including one younger person, who was especially helpful.
Thanksgiving Thought.  In the most densely populated area in the county the Illahee Community stands out with three miles of waterfront, a state park, a community dock, a salmon stream (Illahee Creek), and the Illahee Preserve, a 572 acre treasure of forest, trails, and Rolling Hills Golf Course, not to mention all the wildlife that live here.  Have a great Thanksgiving!
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/10/16 Photos, Trophy Deer, Veteran’s Day Run Cancelled, Port Offer to Purchase Illahee Store Accepted, 90 Day Inspection Period, Vandalism Cleanup Work Parties Begin Saturday, Dumpster Ordered, Pump Removal Friday, Work Plan, Community Saturday Help?


Trophy Deer.  Illahee has some big deer with bucks whose antlers are large enough to score in Boone and Crockett’s ranking system.  We know this because the antlers from a found dead buck were sent in for scoring.  We will try to find out more on the score.

Veteran’s Day Run Cancelled.  This event that was to occur on the 10th was cancelled for unclear reasons, which someone speculated it could be because of the lack of restrooms at the Preserve, and the cost of portable toilets for events.
Port Offer to Purchase Illahee Store Accepted.  At the monthly meeting of the Port of Illahee it was reported the Port’s offer to purchase the store was accepted on (11/9/16), with the final details being worked out with the title company.  This is good news to many in the community who are anxious to see the abandoned store cleaned up and used.  
90 Day Inspection Period.  Lots of inspections need to happen with the major one being the underground gas storage tanks, the septic system, the building and the many building systems.  
Vandalism Cleanup.  In support of the needed inspections, the vandalism that occurred within the last year or so needs to be cleaned up.  
Dumpster Ordered.  A dumpster has been ordered and should be delivered on Friday (11/11/16) and ready for a Saturday work party.  
Pumps Removal Friday.  Just inside the doors are the two gasoline pumps that are scheduled to be removed on Friday.
Work Plan.  Basically the work involved will be clean up the vandalism and the results, which is the water and water damage resulting from the theft of the roof air conditioner and the hole that was left, and possible other roof leaks.  Light bulbs were also smashed to there is glass on the floor.  Several gallons of paint were also spread around the building.  The goal is to clean in up enough to make sure we have good inspections.
Community Saturday Help?  Community members have asked if they can help and this is a good first opportunity for those who don’t mind cleaning up a big mess.  An initial work party is scheduled for Saturday (11/12/16) from 9 am to 12 pm.  
Next will be to temporarily tarp or patch the holes in the roof and any suggestions would be appreciated.  
Jim Aho