>Orca Pictures&Blog Responses – 2-6-11

>Orca Pictures.  The orcas were sighted several times on Friday (2/4/11) and Jim Smith saw them traveling north about 10 am and took the attached photos.  Thanks to Jim for forwarding them to us.

Enetai Sighting Report.  We were copied on the following report of the orcas being sighted in Enetai.

I also saw them right in front of our place yesterday afternoon.  It looked like two pods one with 5 or 6 with a big male and another group of 3 further behind.  I would guess there were 3 or 4 young ones in both groups.  I started calling but they dove and didn’t come up until they were in front of the end of Trenton Ave.  I watched them from upstairs and they disappeared around Point Heron.  Apparently the ferry didn’t see them as it didn’t slow down or stop.  About an hour later I saw them heading north in front of the Hatch’s.  There was a harbor seal in front of our place and it was on full alert.  He knew the whales were around. 

Two More Blog Entries.  Finally we are getting some responses to the Illahee Community blog site.  We have attached the latest two.  While we like those who tell us who they are, anonymous comments are also possible if you want.


James Hazel said…
WRT the question from Anonymous: Yes, other people do post comments … and, Why are you posting such a question as ‘anonymous’? [It is not always obvious that all the ‘anonymous’ posts are done by one individual.]On other things, I really appreciate the posts and the opportunity to learn more about the community through the blog and emails.
Liz Milligan said…
I have always felt a little powerless being in unicorporated Kitsap County. Everything that goes on in Bremerton effects us and our community. I think we would have a bigger voice if we are part of Bremerton, but we can still maintain our neighborhood cohesion which is very strong thanks to Jim Aho and his cohort of advocates.

Thanks for Responding.  Thanks for those responding to the blog as it is there to start possible discussions and dialog.  We have attached the notice about the Blog and Facebook again.

Blog and Facebook Reminder.  All updates are now posted on our blog within 24 hours of being e-mailed.  If you have comments, please visit the blog and leave your comments at the end of the post.  It’s a great way to generate a public discussion. You can post anonymously if you choose.  Also, please visit and “Like” our Facebook page, and be sure to suggest it to your Facebook friends.  We are actively trying to increase our exposure in the community through social media and we need your help!
The link for the Facebook page is:  http://www.facebook.com/Illahee
The link for the blog is:  http://illaheecommunity.blogspot.com/

Jim Aho

>Blog Site – 1/13/11

>Blog Sites?  Several years ago we were encouraged to introduce a ‘blog site’ in an Update so residents would have a place to comment on our Updates.  We started one and quickly decided for the most part Illahee residents, or at least the ones receiving Updates, did not seem to want to respond or comment to a blog site since WE ONLY RECEIVED A COUPLE OF COMMENTS.

Unfamiliar With Blogs?  In talking with residents we realized that many are not familiar with blogs and/or do not feel comfortable commenting on issues in a blog format.  We understand because we, as being older, are not very comfortable ourselves. 

Younger Generation Communication?  We have been advised we need to “get with it” and use the communication tools of the younger generations if we want to keep them interested.  

Facebook & Twitter?  We have been told to not only have a website with a blog, but also get on Facebook, and Twitter, and possible some other sites, if we want to reach those who use these sites.

So What Do We Do?  We recently decided it was time to seriously listen to those trying to help us and make some changes, and with the help of a number of volunteers, we now have an up-to-date blog at the illaheecommunity.com website.

Great Volunteer Support.  What the volunteers did was take all the Updates that have been issued for the past few years and put them into the BLOG, which turns out to be a chronological log of the Updates.  This turns out to be a recent history of the events taking place in Illahee.  We just found out today that the word BLOG is a blending of the two words WEB and LOG (which tells you we aren’t very networking smart).

Kitsap Sun Blogs.  We have followed some Kitsap Sun blogs and have especially enjoyed Chris Dunagan’s ‘Watching Our Water Ways’ blog http://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/.  We found we could download some of the photos he received from Capt Jim Maya, which are in this blog, and are some great photos of killer whales.

Illahee Blog Site.  The Illahee blog site is at our illaheecommunity.com website and can also be reached at:  http://illaheecommunity.blogspot.com/

Blog Site Design.  The following is the writeup we received by those who recently updated the blog.

The blog is designed so that people can comment and have discussions about the updates and the various Illahee-related issues and information we regularly post.  We now have a system in place to ensure that our e-mail updates are posted to the blog within 24 hours, so please feel free to go to the blog and comment!  The blog has an e-mail tool at the bottom of each post that allows you to e-mail the blog post to anyone you’d like.  This is a great way to increase exposure to our updates and hopefully generate more comments and discussions.

Facebook.  Now this Facebook stuff is a little new to us, so we are just going to copy what we received.  

We also have a Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Illahee .   The Facebook page is configured so that any user can post comments or photos directly to the page without moderation.  We encourage everyone who has a Facebook account to visit our page, “Like” it, and start using it!  Most importantly, please click on the “Suggest to Friends” link in the upper left corner of the page and then select all of your Facebook friends who have some connection to Illahee.  We are trying to build a broad base of interest in our community, particularly among the younger generations of Illahee residents.  We will be posting a link to our blog updates to the Facebook page, and we are working on putting together more photo galleries using Facebook’s great photo tool.

Can We Reach All Illahee Residents?  The goal of a community website and blog is to reach out to ALL Illahee residents, so please help us by sharing our blog, website, and Facebook page with your personal Illahee social networks.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts!  Let us know what your thoughts are on this new adventure, possibly in response to this writeup, as this should be available the blog site within 24 hours of it being sent out by email.

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 2/9/09


Illahee Website. The Illahee website was established for the Illahee community to have ready access to local issues and events, and to be able to communicate with each other.

Blog Site Established. The communication vehical is via a blog site, which is something the younger generation is more familar. We have had the blog site up for some time but the useage has been limited.

Website Advisory Committee Decision. There is an Illahee Community Website Advisory Committee that met last fall and suggested the Community Updates be linked to the blog site.

Why Do This? That was the question and the answer is that it allows others to quickly respond to any of the Updates and everyone can see the responses.

How Does It Work? The other day we put out an Update mentioning owls, and we ended up getting two great responses back. We haven’t gotten them back out in an Update, but if they had sent them in as comments to the Update, they would have been available to anyone who wanted to look at them right away.

Illahee Community Club Meeting on Valentines Day. The Illahee Community Club will hold its first quarterly meeting of 2009 on Valentines Day, February 14, 2009 from 1:30 – 3 pm, at the Sylvan Way library. This is an important meeting as they discuss an Illahee Community Advisory Council that would report to the Kitsap County Commissioners, the status of the Replacement Illahee Outfall, whether to appeal the anticipated appeal rejection by the Hearing Examiner of the Timbers Edge project, and the status of the Illahee Creek culvert that continues to fill with sediment, and possibly other issues.

Illahee Owls. We received the following report of Illahee owls a few weeks ago:

Last night around 6:15, during our weekly pickle ball match, we heard this continuous very loud high pitched hooting to the Southwest near Sunset Ave or Hicks Street. Then we all noticed the back and forth series of hooting coming closer and to our amazement two Barred Owls flew right over the house and pickle ball court, 20-25 feet off the ground, hooting at each other as they flew. One was trailing the other by about 12 feet. At first, I thought there may have been more than just the two, but this is all we clearly viewed. The two owls flew toward the east and perched in some trees near East Blvd. They continued their hooting for another 45 minutes. Last year a barred owl perched in an alder tree watching our pickle ball match for nearly three hours in the bright court light. The owls seemed to be curious of the fast moving pickle ball.

March 12th Owl Presentation. Kitsap Audubon speaker for March 12th was covered in the following Seattle Time’s article on Jan 29, 2009:


>Miscellaneous Items – 1/1/09


New Years Greetings!

Lost Dog Report on 1/1/09.

We lost our female, great pryenees (big white dog) on a walk on the beach 1/1/09 about half way between the Illahee dock and the Brownsville marina. Her name is Koda and she is very friendly. Please call 360-633-7224 if you see/find her.

Thank you, Josh Jablonski

Website Used. Josh used the illaheecommunity.com website email address to post his lost dog notice. We want to send it out via email as not everyone monitors the website. Website posts are forwarded to several of us so if you want to get something out to the community quickly, send it to the website and it is likely someone will respond soon.

More Hummingbird Items. We continue to be amazed at the number of hummingbirds that winter over in our area, and the response we had to our email updates. Attached is the most authoritative we’ve received, from our blog:

fieldguidetohummingbirds has left a new comment on your post “Miscellaneous Items – 12/21/08”:

The wildlife rescue person misinformed you. The commercial hummingbird “food” sold in most stores (a.k.a. “instant nectar”) contains no extra nutrition. It’s just overpackaged, overpriced sugar with unnecessary dyes, flavorings, preservatives. There is a complete artificial diet for hummingbirds, but it’s very expensive, not sold in ordinary pet stores, and only necessary for long-term captive hummingbirds.

Free-living wild hummingbirds get the bulk of their nutrition from eating insects and spiders, and while there are not many of those to be had when the temperatures get very cold, your local Anna’s Hummingbirds are tough and cold hardy and can get by on sugar water until the weather gets back to normal.

You’re already doing the best thing you can do to help them survive unusually cold weather by to making your sugar water a little stronger than normal. A solution of 3 parts water to one part sugar will give them extra energy as well as freezing at a lower temperature than the standard 4:1 solution. Any stronger than that it it starts becoming too syrupy and hard to drink. See my blog for more. http://fieldguidetohummingbirds.wordpress.com/2008/12/20/helping-hummingbirds-through-winter-weather/

Robins. We received the following email and can respond that there are a number of robins that winter here. We’re not sure what the red berried bush is though which is visible in the first attached photo. There were a number of robins and varied thrushes observed near the Illahee Preserve during the snow. They were working the underbrush areas where the snow had not accumulated.

Robin or not … we love our wildlife, and just a few days ago, a ‘flock’ of about 6-8 “robins” appeared in the yard. Their target was a rigid bush growing up the chimney which was full of red berries. Don’t know what the bush is.. but the birds picked the branches clean and then went on their way … isn’t it too early for robins ??

Maybe your addressees might know what kind of bird this was ..

Snow Issues. We know that a number of Illahee residents were snowed in until this past Sunday. The most surprising for some was View Crest Drive, and at this time of year it is often referred to as Candy Cane Lane, when they went to view the Christmas lights on the evening of the 25th and found the street had not been cleared and they were barely able to get through. Evidently neither did the mailman for over a week to the disappointment of many residents.

Roosevelt Street. Roosevelt is probably one of the steepest roads in Illahee and one of the residents sent in the following snow comment to us early on, and probably wishes we had sent it out earlier:

Snowbound as we are near the top of the hill on NE Roosevelt, and with snow still falling, and with the prospect that we may not be able to get out by car until late this week, or whenever we have a significant thaw, I started wondering if there might be other Illahee residents who might want to contract for snow-removal service in the future. Maybe we won’t have another snow like this in our lifetimes, but the idea seemed worth bringing up.

Snowbrush. One of the more interesting shrubs around is the Snowbrush which is a native evergreen, it was especially susceptible to the heavy snow. Several residents went walking in the snow by Audrey Boyer’s residence on Ocean View during one snowy night during the storm and found Audrey working on trying to get several fallen Snowbrush branches out of her driveway. They helped her cut them up and haul them aside. We have attached some photos of Snowbrush shrubs in case you are not familiar with them. There are a number of them on Rest Place that came down as shown in the last photo.

Keep Passing on Information.

Jim Aho

>Trail Map, Blog, 3rd Street Photo – 6/12/08

>New Illahee Preserve Brochure. A new brochure has been prepared for the Illahee Preserve by the architectural firm of Rice/Fergus/Miller. Over the past several years volunteers have been establishing trails in the Preserve and this brochure provides the first map of the trails. Much of the work has also been the result of the Stewardship Committee and the East Bremerton Rotary Club, who also provided the GPS coordinates for the map. This Kitsap County Heritage Park came about through the efforts of local residents with help from the County Commissioners and state elected officials. And so it is fitting that the trail work and the brochure are also the work of local groups. The brochure is to be printed double sided and folded so it is provided as the first two attachments. Many thanks to all those who have worked so hard on the Preserve and the new brochure!

Illahee Blog Site. All of the Illahee Community Updates are printed on the illaheecommunity.com website blog site so anyone can interact or comment on the updates. Simply click on the blog line on the home page. We have had people who have commented to us on the 3rd Street Excavation and we would encourage them to comment on the blog so others can understand their concerns. The interesting thing about blogs is that most people use a handle such as a recent post by the “Illahee Observer” who often times comments on the blog site.

3rd Street Excavation. We received the attached photo of work being accomplished at the site yesterday, Wednesday, in what appears to be some type of drainage system next to the wetland. Some of the nearby residents cannot believe what happened to the wetland, much less the apparent draining of the wetland area that is still remaining. We are still trying to understand, along with the neighbors, and hope the county will soon be able to explain what is happening, like they said they would during the Gilberton Creek washout meeting.

Keep Sending Us Information. We will continue to send out information you pass on to us, though possibly with some editing.

Jim Aho