>Wildlife Update – 9/9/09


Predator Gets Cat?  Attached is an email we received the other day.  If this cat escaped and you have seen it, please respond to this email.
On Friday night, at midnight I was coming home and when I opened the door my cat, Fiona, scooted out passed me.  She is a 10 lb. brown/black Maine Coon cat with long hair, of course and a black stripe down her back.  Fiona is new to going outside and had not ever been outside until a couple of months ago, when I would let her and her sister out during the day when I was at home, so she does not know about the dangers of the outdoors and especially at night since she does not go out at night.  I fear that she is gone for good, but I hope that she is out there just scared and that I will get her back.

The incident is as follows:  I live a couple of doors up from the old store across from the Illahee Dock, for sake of location.  I have a completely fenced yard and Fiona was in the backyard.  I tried to get her about every 30 minutes from midnight until the incident and she would come close and talk to me, but would not come in, and she has the aloof personality that cats are known for and she wanted to stay out longer.  At 2:30 Saturday morning I went out and called her and she once again came to the corner of the house and spoke to me, but would not come in.  I went back inside and sat down and then I heard the noise like she was in a fight with one of the neighborhood feral cats, I got up immediately and went outside and there was nothing to see.  She made the fighting noise for no longer than 10-15 seconds without growling like in a cat fight.  I took a flashlight and search the property, calling her name the whole time right after this happened.  Saturday, I searched the property at least a half a dozen more times calling her name and there was no response.  She was so happy with her new house and yard.
As I say, I feel that she is gone for good, but I hope if anyone finds her they will contact me.  As you can imagine, I am devastated.  A friend of mine that works with Fish and Wildlife as a wildlife biologist for the feds says he thinks it sounds like an owl that just swooped down and got her.  I don’t know, but I want others to be aware so that they don’t loose their pet in the same way.

Illahee Creek Turtle.  We had several identification responses as to what type of turtle it was that we saw in Illahee Creek.
Looks like a painted turtle (Chrysemys picta)
That is a Painted Turtle (Chrysemys pieta).  The Western Pond Turtle is dark brown with little other coloring.  The Painted Turtle is more common in eastern WA but many have been introduced in the Puget Sound area.  Not that too unusual.
Owl Pictures.  We recently received some great owl pictures, but are having a hard time figuring out how to get them off an email and attaching them to this update.  We will keep trying. 
Have You Seen This Doe?  We have seen this doe with her two fawns, but not recently.  The two fawns have been seen on their own so some have been wondering if something happened to the doe.  If you have seen her recently, please let us know, and we will pass the information on.

Blotted Dead Seal.  This just floated in Wednesday morning.  A few years ago a dead sea lion floated in and decomposed on the beach.  It wasn’t a pleasant sight and the odors were even worse.

Jim Aho