>Miscellaneous Items – 6/6/10

>Illahee Preserve Rock Moved. Some time, hopefully this year, there will be a dedication of the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot. Yet to be finished is the dedication rock and the native plant rain garden. The move of the dedication rock into position was one of the hold-ups that was taken care of recently. The rock was moved by Elandan Gardens and the work was paid for by the Illahee Forest Preserve, the non-profit corporation established to help the Preserve and to promote the concept that parks such as the Preserve should be supported and maintained by volunteers to the maximum extent possible . See the attached Don Jahaske photos.

Rain Garden Weeding & Mulching. We decided we can’t wait any longer for more mulching wood chips to appear at the Almira parking lot. We will use whatever chips are still there until we run out since the weeds are getting out of control. We are looking at weeding and mulching the rain garden plots this week on Tuesday (6/8/10) and Thursday (6/10/10) from 5-7 pm, and on if needed on Saturday (6/12/10) from 9-11 am. Volunteers are welcome and are needed.

Another Illahee “My Turn” Sun Article. We were happy to see a second positive article about Illahee in Sunday’s Kitsap Sun, and congratulate Jim Brady for a well written response to the Larry Croix article. As many find out not all letters sent to the Sun get published and if you pass any on to us that didn’t get published we well be glad to send them out in an Update. The link to Mr. Brady’s letter is below:

More Responses Requested re Port’s Habitat Plan. The Port’s grant writer said he could use several more responses to the Port’s Habitat Conservation Plan. Responses are needed by Wednesday June 9th and can simply be to say you agree or disagree with the plan. We have attached one set of comments we received.

1. Thank you for a comprehensive draft Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and hope that you are receiving comments from other Illahee residents.

2. One important item that didn’t get much coverage was the recently county approved sub-area plan, the Illahee Community Plan. The plan corresponds with and complements the HCP, especially the fact that the much of the area is a recreational mecca because of its natural features, which have resulted in two major waterfront recreational docks, two major parks (Illahee State Park and the Illahee Preserve Heritage Park), and a popular golf course open to the public. The natural features make this a recreational economic development area that fits in with the Port requirement to support economic development.

3. The second item that also needs more coverage is how the Illahee Preserve corresponds with and complements the HCP. As the Preserve develops it has become an increasingly popular attraction to both the local community and the the extended areas of Bremerton and Silverdale. The Port has been supportive of the recent native plant demonstration rain gardens that were planted this spring and have committed to future signage stressing the importance of rain gardens to the area.

Jim Aho