>Wildlife&Miscellaneous – 10/15/09


(Note that this Update began to be written over 2 weeks ago so some of this is dated.)
Wintering Waterfowl Returning.  It seems a little early for our wintering waterfowl to be returning (early October), but it may only seem so since we have had such nice weather this fall.
American Wigeon Back 10/2/09.  We were surprised to see a flock of wigeon at Schutt’s Point on October 2nd.  We don’t know if they are still there or were just passing through, since we haven’t been in town for awhile.
Common Loons in Fall & Spring.  We see common loons passing through every fall and spring, but never very many.  Attached is a picture of three.
Seals Back.  The seals are back on the area floats.
Pacific Tree Frogs.  There seem to be lots of small pacific tree frogs around this year, but not many of the bright green variation as shown in the attached picture.
Blue Dragon Flies.  We were surprised to see so many large blue dragon flies this summer.  This one landed on the Illahee Road while we were on a walk.
Deer.  This deer was seen on Sunset.  We heard from one couple who came back from an extended trip to find two deer had taken up residence in their back yard under an apple tree and had decimated their garden and other foliage.

Power Outage.  Thanks for the photo of the downed power lines a few Sunday’s ago (10/4/09).  For many residents the power went out at 10:30 am and didn’t come back on until 12 hours later, at 10:30 pm.  Those who walked down Illahee Road to see what the problem was, found the crews ready to go to work, but the Aspland crew that needed to cut down the tree hadn’t shown up.  Many were asking why the Power Company couldn’t use their chain saws on the wayward maple, but were told it was a union thing.

Beach Watchers Program.  There was a nice article in the Kitsap Sun regarding the beach watchers program that was going to be offered in Kitsap County.  Attached is the link to the article.  The deadline is Friday (10/16/09) for signing up so if you are interested call quickly. http://kitsapsun.com/news/2009/oct/08/beach-watchers-will-keep-their-eyes-on-kitsaps/
Timbers Edge Decision.  We came back from a trip to find the following article in the Kitsap Sun:  http://kitsapsun.com/news/2009/oct/13/commissioners-approve-big-illahee-development-cond/
We aren’t sure exactly what happened as it appears the Commissioners either did not receive the Community Brief sent in to the county (i.e., it wasn’t forwarded to them), or they didn’t read it.  Either way, it is hard for the Community, who worked on the brief with their lawyer, to understand how this could happen.  It also leaves many wondering what to do about it.  As we understand it, the ICC Board will be meeting soon to discuss what the options are.  We will keep you posted on what we know.
Jim Aho