>Catch-Up Report – 8/9/09


Back in Town. We are trying to catch up on events after being out of town for awhile.

Illahee Day Report. We heard Illahee Day on August 1st was a success. There was a breakfast of juice (courtesy of the Port), muffins and bagels (courtesy of Costco), and coffee (courtesy of Starbucks) in the morning, and sandwiches and drinks (courtesy of the Port) in the afternoon, and your choice of five work groups in between that were cleaning up Illahee and working in the Illahee Preserve. The Port of Illahee provided fifty bright orange “Illahee” tee-shirts, to the participants that wanted them, and ran out of shirts which is an indication of the turn out.

Illahee Day Photos? If anyone has some photos of Illahee Day and would like to share them, please let us know. We did have Mark notify us via the website that he had posted some videos of Illahee Day on YouTube at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke6N7uxx1-A Thank you Mark!

Illahee 50’s & 60’s Kids Gathering. The following Saturday, August 8th, found about 40 Illahee kids from the 1950’s and 1960’s gathering to remember what it was like to grow up in Illahee in times past. We were told the historic part of Illahee was more isolated back then and these “kids” were a close knit group and have been meeting annually in recent years. We will see if we can get some of their stories and pictures to pass on.

Notice of Public Hearing. On Saturday (Aug 8, 2009) many residents received a “Notice of Public Hearing” regarding the appeal hearing for the Timbers Edge project. The hearing is scheduled for the evening of August 24, 2009. The Illahee Community Club appealed the Hearing Examiners approval of the project to the Commissioners.

Illahee Community Proposal re Timbers Edge. We heard the Illahee Community Club has sent a copy of a draft “Timbers Edge Illahee Community Proposal” to the developer and the lawyers involved, and will be forwarding copies to Illahee residents soon, along with scheduling an August 2009 meeting. We will forward this information in another Update early in the week.

Illahee Deer. On recent evening walks we have been surprised at the number of deer observed. Some of the deer still have some of the white markings that have been carried genetically from an albino buck from many years ago. We have observed the diminishing of the markings over the years and thought it interesting to observe twin fawns, one without any markings, and the other with more white than its mother.

Illahee Culvert Cleaning? We are not sure what the status is of the dredging of the Illahee culvert this year. There were a number of residents upset with the poor posting of the county’s intentions and the residents are evidently asking how the dredging fits into the long term plan to “fix” the stormwater problems in Illahee Creek. This may be a good discussion item for the August meeting.

Any Missed Items? If we are missing any items that happened in the past few weeks, please let us know.
Jim Aho

>Wildlife Update&Other Items – 7/24/09


Eagle Gets Goose.  This past week I went out on the deck to take a phone call.  While on the phone I heard the crows making a loud commotion at the beach and saw a Canada goose that appeared to have fallen down and was using his wings to try to move or get himself up.  Seconds later, and before the goose could get up, a bald eagle was on top of him and immediately started to pick away at his feathers.  There was a slight breeze blowing and soon the beach downwind was covered with goose feathers.  I finished my call and took some pictures and have attached 4 of them.  I was told that two eagles spent most of the rest of the afternoon feasting on the goose.  A similar event took place last year with a single goose, which may be why the geese tend to stay in groups. 

Deer Photo.  The other evening on a walk we saw six deer.  The attached photo shows four of the deer – two larger deer are on the left with the mother in the center of the photo and twin fawns to the right.  They were amazingly tame.  The other two deer seen were a mother and her fawn.  Some of you see these scenes daily and others only see the results of their nightly grazing.  The photo was taken at dusk with a flash so some serious editing of the photo was needed to take the glare from the eyes.
Illahee Day August 1.  Just a reminder that Illahee Day is next Saturday, August 1st.
County Notice Posting of Illahee Creek.  There are some residents trying to figure out what is being planned for the dredging of the Illahee Creek culvert and the placement of the dredging material at the beach.  It is interesting that the project name is “Illahee Beach Nourishment.”  Needless to say, some are not convinced, and are trying to get more information.  We are hoping that we can have a presentation on this project at the August meeting of the Illahee Community Club.  The time and place of this meeting is yet to be determined.
Aquifer Meeting Airing on BKAT.  The aquifer meeting was taped and is being rebroadcast on the Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) station at the following time:

The last showing of “The Illahee Watershed Aquifer Protection Plan” will air:
7/30      10am
BKAT is Kitsap’s local TV channel. 
Channel 12 – Comcast
Channel 3 – WAVE

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 7/19/09


Kitsap Sun Article.  We like to pass on newspaper articles about Illahee and there was an interesting one in the Kitsap Sun’s Sunday paper regarding the Illahee Community’s appeal of the Hearing Examiner’s decision to approve the Timbers Edge project.  Reporter Brynn Grimley was in attendance at the Commissioner’s work study session where the appeal was briefed to the Commissioners and she wrote the linked article:  http://kitsapsun.com/news/2009/jul/16/commissioners-preparing-to-hear-appeal-to/ 
Commissioner’s Meeting.  There were also 4 Illahee residents at the meeting to listen to the county’s briefing which took about 45 minutes.  What is interesting is the Illahee Community will have roughly 10 minutes to present its appeal arguments to the the Commissioners, which may be fine if this was a simple appeal, but in this case there were over 400 exhibits and two days of testimony. 
Timbers Edge Counter Proposal.  The community is reported to be working on a Counter Proposal to be presented to the developer.  The process has been ongoing off and on for two months and reports are they are getting final approvals from the ad hoc committee and the 15 member Illahee Community Club board.  Afterwards it will be voted on by the Illahee community at an August meeting, yet to be scheduled.  We will pass it on in an Update once it becomes available to us.
Copies of Counter Proposal.  We just heard that they are hoping to have copies of the Timbers Edge Counter Proposal available at Illahee Day on August 1, 2009.
Illahee Day on August 1st.  This is a reminder that Illahee Day is next Saturday.
Illahee Day.  Save Saturday, August 1 for Illahee Day 2009.  The theme is the ABC’s of Illahee.  A for an Attractive Illahee, B for Breakfast and lunch at the community dock, and C for Community clean-up in-between breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast at the dock between 9-10 am.  Community clean-up between 10am -12 pm.  Lunch at 12 pm.

5 Clean Up Teams.  You can pick the clean-up team you would like to be on. The five of them are:  Team Dock, Team Illahee Road North, Team Illahee Road South, Team Ocean View & West, and Team Illahee Preserve.  The attached brochure provides the details.

Volunteer Receive …..  All volunteers will receive Illahee T-Shirts, and there will be drawings and prizes.  Sign up by sending an email or leave a message with your name and shirt size atdocdmsret@msn.com or call 340-7257.

Illahee Preserve Trash Dumping.  We are attaching a picture of some major trash dumping at the new Illahee Preserve parking lot on Almira.  They are realizing that they will need to open some “windows” through the trees so that those doing the illegal trash dumping might be seen and caught.
Rotary Work.  Thank God for the East Bremerton Rotary Club that has taken the Illahee Preserve on as one of their projects.  Not only are they doing a stellar job of trail work, and promoting the Preserve, they also took care of illegal dumping that occurred (see the attached report),
East Bremerton Rotary completed another successful work party at Illahee Forest Preserve on Thursday evening, July 16th.  10 Rotarians participated in efforts to tidy up the Almira Drive parking lot.  Activities included spreading wood chips around the perimeter of the parking lot and removal of construction debris which had been dumped in a hidden corner of the parking lot.  Thanks to Ron Pettygrove for taking care of this disposal task.  Hooray for Ron!
Wildlife Reports.  Just a few wildlife reports coming in.
Plant Nibbling Deer.  Near nightly nibblings by deer passing through the neighbor hoods have been reported. 
Otter Family Increases.  There are reports the numbers of otters in the area have increased.  We don’t know if it is because of new young ones or not.
Blueberry Addicted Goose.  There evidently is a lone Canada goose that has become so addicted to blueberries he is able to repeatedly defeat mesh netting.  We understand the wife paid for an additional four foot high fence around the berries so the husband wouldn’t shoot the goose.  We hear that emotions can run quite high as people try to cope with wildlife.
Brownsville Weather Station.  We haven’t had time to research the Illahee weather station, but did receive the following information that there is a Brownsville weather station.
I don’t know if this would be any use to you…. but the Port of Brownsville has a weather station set up on the dock, it records rain, wind, pressure and such… I have included the web site, http://www.portofbrownsville.org/      on top left is weather and events click that, then just click weather, it’s interesting and would be worth a few minutes just to look around, it also gives all the upcoming events such as BAD in September , which is Brownsville appreciation Day, very cool, well I am signing up for the big clean-up on August 1, so I will see you then.
Aquifer Meeting Airing on BKAT.  We owe the community more information of the aquifer meeting that was held on June 30, 2009.  In the meantime the meeting was taped and is being rebroadcast on the Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) station at the following times:
“The Illahee Watershed Aquifer Protection Plan” will air:
7/20      11am
7/22      10:30pm
7/24      3pm
7/30      10am
BKAT is Kitsap’s local TV channel.
Channel 12 – Comcast
Channel 3 – WAVE

Illahee Creek Posting Inadequate?  We just got word that a letter sized yellow sheet of paper was stapled to a telephone pole by Illahee Creek.  The posting is a “Statement of Exemption From Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Requirements.”  Evidently Kitsap County wants to clean out the culvert again and deposit the material on the beach.  We understand there are some who are concerned about the continued dredging of the stream and are asking if there is a long term plan.  The yellow paper says it was posted on July 10th and needed to be appealed within 10 days of the decision, which was noted on the paper as July 6th.  Some are wondering if this is proper notice and if this provides adequate time to find out what is being planned.  We took a couple pictures of the posting and we’ll let you decide. 

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 7/7/09


Illahee Day.  Save Saturday, August 1 for Illahee Day 2009.  The theme is theABC’s of Illahee.  A for an Attractive Illahee, B for Breakfast and lunch at the community dock, and C for Community clean-up in-between breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast at the dock between 9-10 am.  Community clean-up between 10am -12 pm.  Lunch at 12 pm.
5 Clean Up Teams.  You can pick the clean-up team you would like to be on. The five of them are:  Team Dock, Team Illahee Road North, Team Illahee Road South, Team Ocean View & West, and Team Illahee Preserve.  The attached brochure provides the details.
Volunteer Receive …..  All volunteers will receive Illahee T-Shirts, and there will be drawings and prizes.  Sign up by sending an email or leave a message with your name and shirt size at docdmsret@msn.com or call 340-7257.
Aquifer Meeting.  We have been asked when we are going to report of the aquifer meeting that was held on June 30th.  On some of these meetings we wait to see if there is going to be any press coverage, since they do such a good job.  Because there was no coverage we will provide a brief synopsis.  The room was filled and the information was extremely informative.  We received many compliments for hosting the event.  During the question and answer time there was some disagreements as to the extent and influence of some of the deep aquifers.  The consensus is that the USGS needs to do some definitive studies of the area to define the aquifers.  What was not in dispute was the need to infiltrate our rainwater runoff and to do so as close to the source as possible, thereby mimicking natural conditions.  We will provide more information later on the subject.
BKAT Coverage & Viewing Dates.  The aquifer meeting was documented by Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) and will be broadcast four times.  The dates are:
“The Illahee Watershed Aquifer Protection Plan” will air:
7/20      11am
7/22      10:30pm
7/24      3pm
7/30      10am
BKAT is Kitsap’s local TV channel. 
Channel 12 – Comcast
Channel 3 – WAVE
Thanks to Dr. Massmann, Dave Tucker, & Shawn Ultican.  We want to thank Dr. Massmann for his presentation and helping us better understand groundwater as an important resource that needs to be understood and managed.  We also thank Dave Tucker from Kitsap County Public Works for being there to answer questions, along with Shawn Ultican, from the Kitsap Healthe District who also fielded questions.
Brown Tap Water.  Every now and then Illahee residents experience a brown coloring in their drinking water.  We have had several instances where people have forwarded their questions to us, and we have asked them to call North Perry Water.  Attached is George Smalley’s recent response to a resident in the area south of Illahee State Park.
Just thought you should know that it is not a harmless bacteria in the water that causes a brown color when water is taken from a fire hydrant at a high rate of speed. It is typically sediment build up, or a concentration of a harmless mineral called manganese. The District does work hard to provide clean water to its customers by  flushing the water mains on an annual basis to try to keep the build up of these minerals and sediments down.The water is safe to drink however it is not to appealing to look at. The problem was caused by a brush fire on E.30th and Parklane Sunday morning 7/5/09.The fire dept. had to hook to a hydrant and flow water. We are sorry for the inconvenience however these things happen and they are beyond our control.The District did flush the area for most of the day on Monday the 6th.
Please call the District office if you are still experiencing discolored water.
Thank you,
George Smalley
Cat Chasing Deer.  During a walk on Monday morning a resident reported watching a large deer walking on the roadway past a house when a black cat took off after the deer, chasing it down the road and into the Illahee Preserve.
Mediation Clarification.  In our last Illahee Community Update we linked the Kitsap Sun article that discussed the County’s new mediation process and made some comments.  Scott Diener, Manager of Policy and Planning for DCD, sent us the following  info and link:
The article title is misleading.  The approvals made by the BCC only allow the Hearing Examiner to authorize mediation (as well as reconsideration).  The actual process language (when mediation is optional and when it is required) is going to the Planning Commission on July 7 for its initial work study (after being remanded back to them by the BCC in Dec 08).
To follow the mediation language development beginning with the Planning Commission process, go to http://www.kitsapgov.com/dcd/pc/default.htm
Where Did the Canada Geese Go?  Some of the residents with waterfront yards report they haven’t seen the Canada geese since the 4th of July and wonder if they just moved elsewhere in Illahee, or if they left the area because of the fireworks.
Humming Bird Photos.  There are lots of humming birds in the area, and we were surprised to find them in the Illahee Preserve the other day when collecting water quality samples for the health department.  Katrina Knutson, the Kitsap County Planner who helped prepare the Illahee Community Plan sent us the following link to some amazing hummingbird photos.
BIRTH OF A HUMMINGBIRD                                              
This is truly amazing.                                            
Be sure to click on ‘NEXT PAGE’ at  the bottom of each page; there  
are 5 pages in all.                                                 
A lady found a hummingbird nest and got pictures all the way        
   from the egg to leaving the nest.  Took 24 days from birth to     
   flight.  Because you’ll probably never see this again in          
   your lifetime, enjoy and share.  The very last picture is         
CLICK THIS ADDRESS….                                                                                                                   
Timbers Edge Appeal.  We have heard the community’s appeal of the Hearing Examiner’s Decision to approve the Timbers Edge Development, may soon go before the County Commissioners.  There is a group that is working on a counter proposal to be given to the developer to see if there can be an acceptable resolution of differences.  The group needs to complete their work soon if they plan on getting it done before the appeal is heard by the commissioners.
Dry Conditions In Illahee.  It has been some time since any appreciable rain has fallen in Illahee.  There is an official or semi-official rain gage in Illahee where rainfall is measured.  That is about all we know and hope that we can find out more, maybe even some photos of it, along with any current reports.
Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Upcoming Items – 8/1/08


Illahee Outfall Appeal the the Shorelines Hearings Board. The two groups are reportedly going to try to work out their issues over the next 30 days which puts the hearings process on hold. More on this in a later update.

Illahee Community Plan Meeting Delayed? There is an Illahee Community Plan meeting showing on the county’s website for Aug 6, 2008 that is unlikely to happen since we have not received the Draft County Plan that needs to be reviewed by the citizens advisory group. We presume the county will let us know next week.

Planning Commission Meeting 8/12/08. The Illahee Community Plan is scheduled to be discussed at the 8/12/08 Planning Commission meeting. We are anticipating a possible CAG meeting on Monday 8/11/08 if the briefing schedule for the Planning Commission is maintained. We wanted to give you a heads up as the Planning Commission review will be an interesting evening meeting for the community to attend, presuming the schedule remains.

Timbers Edge SEPA Letter Out. The Timbers Edge project is officially approved by the county staff with the SEPA letter supposedly going out on 7/31/08. It evidently did not get in Friday’s mail so we anticipate it will be arriving on Saturday (8/2/08).

File Incomplete? Two Illahee residents went to look at the Timbers Edge file on Friday (8/1/08) and reported the file was not complete with at least one important exhibit still not entered. If those reports are correct, the county appeared to be in a rush to get the SEPA letter out. This makes it hard for the community to get the information they need to determine the impacts of the development, especially with the large size of the file (over 260 exhibits).

Hearing Date Already Scheduled. The county has already scheduled a hearing date of August 28, 2008, which doesn’t allow much time (8 working days) from the SEPA appeal deadline (8/15/08) to get prepared for a possible complex hearing. Some of the residents are already wondering if this is allowing sufficient time for due process. We are attaching the county’s SEPA letter for your information.

No Time Allowed for Community To Discuss Issues? We have heard the Illahee Community Club wanted to meet with the county to work through some issues before the legal process began, but were not given an opportunity. We have been told they are working on a response and we will possibly hear more on this issue.

Wetland Expert to Look at 3rd Street Wetlands. We have been told that the Department of Ecology’s wetland expert for Western Washington will be in town on August 5th to look at the wetland area between McWilliams and 3rd Street that are the headwaters for Gilberton Creek and the North Tributary of Illahee Creek. In addition to looking at the wetlands on the 3rd Street side, he will reportedly be looking at the wetlands on the McWillams side where there is an applicant wanting to build in the wetland area as part of a reasonable use permit.

From your input this is something you want us to keep you informed on. Let us know if you have any other information on this subject.

Illahee Day is Next Weekend. Just a reminder that Illahee Day is next Saturday, from 10-4, in the vicinity of the Illahee community dock.

Keep sending us information and we will keep passing it on.

Jim Aho

>Illahee Day! – 7/24/08


Illahee Day is Saturday, August 9, 2008. We have heard there have been food donations and there will be displays regarding some of the current Illahee issues in addition to the other events.

The Port of Illahee Presents

“ILLAHEE   DAY  2008” 

Come help us celebrate the ILLAHEE COMMUNITY. 

Where:  ILLAHEE DOCK                      When: Saturday August 9, 2008 

Time:  11:00am – 4:00pm 

What:       BIGGEST Little Parade in ILLAHEE.  Kids decorate your bike or wagon!  March with your neighbor and play a tune on your instrument!  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Illahee sport teams, come on down!

What:   Trees and Treetures with Jim Trainer 

Come see and learn about our giant trees in the Park and the treetures that live there.  Identify the treetures  by their sounds, fur, claws, skulls, scat, tracks and everything a treeture leaves in the forest.

Guided walk in the Illahee Forest up the Illahee Creek.  Bring Boots  

Drinks                    Snacks                      Fun

What:   Tide touch pool for Kids.  Divers will bring up creatures from the deep and place in pools to observe and touch. (approx 12:30pm – 3:00pm) 

What:    Central Kitsap Fire Dept. Display.   Fire Truck and Aid Car

What:     Kitsap County Sheriff’s Patrol Boat

What:       Antique Cars       

What:       Public Officials and Candidates for Public Office.         Come and ask your questions.           

Parking on Illahee Road, South of Illahee North, past barricades. 

PLEASE do not block driveways.