>Preserve, Wildlife,&BD Party – 5-18-11


Preserve Litter & Cleanup?  Tuesday morning we were asked to check on a campsite that had been in the Illahee Preserve for about a week.  On the way in we were disappointed to see a stack of phone books and “Little Nickel” newspapers along one of the trails (see attached photo).  When we came back later in the morning to clean up the campsite, the litter had been removed.  We know of several people who regularly walk the trails who pick up the litter of others and we want to thank them for their efforts to keep the Preserve clean.  

Illegal Campsite.  We did find the campsite (see photo) and came back later with garbage bags to clean it up.  The good news is that it was reported to the sheriff’s department and a deputy visited the site and left a note that they had to leave.  We found part of the note that had been burned.  Others also reported the site and we thank all of you for notifying officials and us.  After we cleaned up the site, the Park’s department was notified that we had left the bags by the mutt mit station, and they came by later to pick up the trash.  

Deer & Cat.  We get a number of emails and photos and try to remember to send them on.  This one came to us on Mother’s day along with the photo.

I always enjoy my newsletter and Mother’s Day morning, I had an interesting event in my backyard when the domestic and the wild came face to face.  As one of my cats was in the back yard, she had a visitor.  They were very curious about each other and watched each other for quite some time.  I did run the visitor off when my raspberry bushes became a morning snack.  What a great gift on this special day.

Amazing Colorful Bird.  We have had some interesting birds in Illahee.  Today an osprey flew over the area.  But the bird in this story is amazingly beautiful.  The response email is from Vic Ulsh along with the attached pictures of the Lazuli Bunting.
I live on a street just up the hill from the entrance to Illahee St Park and have a bird feeder and suet feeder on my deck.  I enjoy watching all the different birds that come to the feeders so I look out my windows quite often.  On Friday, May 13, I looked out and saw a bird on my deck railing that I have never seen before.  It was about the size of a finch and had a orange-beige chest, a blue head and back, and dark wings with two white wing bands.   It was just beautiful.  My daughter looked it up in her bird book and we determined that it is a Lazuli Bunting.  According to the information in the book, it’s not common to this area.  I’m wondering if anyone in the area has seen this bird and if so have I identified it correctly. 
Jim Aho forwarded your inquiry to me.  I work with him at Illahee Preserve.  Lazuli Bunting do occur in this area, but not common.  It is a treasure to see one.  I saw my first Lazuli Bunting within the Eastpark development area near YMCA last Memorial Day weekend.  The day had awful, bright glare lighting with brisk winds, but I “chased” the little rascal around for some photos.  The wind fluffed out his chest feathers in the first photo.  See attached. 

Here is another quick reference web site I like to use. 
You seem to have described a Lazuli.  Does this look like your bird?  Lazuli bunting is a beautiful, sweet little bird.  Count yourself to be very fortunate. 

Thank you for your email and for sending your photos.  Yes, that is the bird I saw.  He actually came to my deck twice that day.  I can’t say if there was a female with him because I was so focused on the beautiful little male I was seeing and there were quite a few other birds at the feeder at the time.  I’m hoping he will come back, but it sounds like it may be a one time sighting.  I count my self lucky for seeing him and wish I would have had my camera handy.
Audrey Boyer Turns 93 Next Month.  Audrey Boyer is one of the persons who was instrumental in the county obtaining the Illahee Preserve.  We found out she will have a birthday soon and her children are having a party next month for her.  See the following notice:
Audrey Boyer, Illahee Community Leader and Activist, Celebrating 93rd Birthday  Audrey Boyer’s family is planning a community gathering to celebrate Audrey’s 93rd birthday.  The gathering will be at Audrey’s home in Illahee, on June 19, 2011.  If you have worked with, known, or know of Audrey and her many accomplishments, as a teacher, Democratic Precinct Committee Officer, campaigner, Community Club leader, environmental activist, leader in establishing the Illahee Forest Preserve, Amnesty International member, and friend to many students and neighbors, she and her family hope you will be able to stop by to say hello.  Also, if you know someone whom you think would like to hear about the celebration, please pass this invitation along to them:   
Audrey Boyer’s 93rd Birthday Celebration
5625 Ocean View Blvd
Bremerton, WA 98311
Sunday, June 19, 2011, 3-6 PM
Open House style, come when you can, cake-cutting at 5 PM
Your present is your presence.   
Please walk or carpool if you can, as parking will be limited. 
RSVP to Helen Boyer, helenaboyer@comcast.net

Jim Aho

>Various Items – 9/8/10

>Friday Evening Accident.  Not many details, but several reports and pictures of a pickup truck that went off Illahee Road about 11:30 pm Friday (9/3/10) at the trailer court on Illahee hill.  We were first notified about the accident on Saturday morning by those who passed by the accident scene late Friday, and then again on Monday, when they closed Illahee Road while they pulled the car out of the trees.  We dont know if anyone got hurt.  If anyone has any details of the accident please let us know and we will pass it on.

Illahee Preserve Dumping.  A number of bags of insulation were dumped at the Illahee Preserve Almira parking lot over the weekend – see the attached photo.  A Kitsap County parks department employee was picking up trash collected by a volunteer group who recently cleaned up along Thompson Lane, and picked up the trash at the parking lot.  We are thankful to have a very responsive Parks Department to partner with as volunteers work to maintain the Illahee Preserve.

Illahee State Park Temporary Closure.  Illahee State Park made the headlines of the Kitsap Sun on Wednesday regarding the temporary closure of the Park while a new sewer system is installed.  Following is the link to the article: According to the article it closes next week and will be closed until April, though people will still be able to walk in the park. http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/sep/07/illahee-state-park-to-close-next-week-for/

Memorial Fund for Kara Established.  Also in Wednesday’s Kitsap Sun was an article regarding a memorial fund that is being set up for Kara Radabah.   The headline and link to the article follows:  Fund Established Honoring Bremerton Woman Found Dead Near Park  http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/sep/07/fund-established-honoring-bremerton-woman-found/

Petition Distribution.  Between 1,100 and 1,200 petition packets have now been delivered to residents living within the Port of Illahee boundaries.  It appears the number of households in the Port must be around 1,300 to 1,400, so not every resident received a packet.  We attached the contents of the packet, the petition, a FAQ, and a stormwater brochure, to an earlier email Update.  If you need us to send you another, or have a neighbor who needs a packet, please let us know and we will pass the information to the ICC.  

Petition Results.  We know that statistically responses to these type of distributions are lucky to have a 10-15% return.  When earlier distributions were made in Illahee they received around a 40% return.  Up through Saturday the early response has been 93 for and 6 against, which would be a 9% return so far, but with distributions ending this week, they are hoping the numbers responding will be closer to normal.  The big difference is the petition is asking residents if they would agree to a possible increase in Port taxes in this case.  Please let the Illahee Community Club and Port of Illahee know how you feel.

Our Thoughts.  We are amazed at the current high percentage supporting the petition and that so many are supportive of the possibility of having their taxes raised for a few years in order to protect the Illahee Creek corridor.  We are hoping that with the addition of the golf course, which brings current Illahee Preserve acquisition to 80% of its Master Plan, that a Land Trust may be willing to come in and help, along with possible grants and gifts, thereby negating the need to raise anyones taxes. 

Your Thoughts?  Let us know your thoughts so we can pass them on.

Jim Aho

>Work Party Info&Miscellaneous 7/29/10

>8/4 Illahee Preserve Work Party.  The East Bremerton Rotary has scheduled an Illahee Preserve work party for Wednesday (8/4/10) starting at 5:30 pm.  Also at this work party will be personnel from the aircraft carrier the USS John C Stennis.  The Illahee community volunteers are needed and will be finishing up on work on th Rain Gardens and they hope to use some of the Stennis personnel to help line the rain garden walkways with logs and create simulated rock streams in the rain garden.  It should prove to be one exciting and productive evening.  

Big Wood Chip Piles.  If you have stopped by the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot recently you will notice more chips have been delivered and they are spilling over into the parking lot.  Extra wheel borrows (and helpers) are being requested to help with the effort on Wednesday.

Lost Dog in Preserve?  When we were working in the Preserve on Wednesday there was a person looking for a lost dog.  The information is attached and the picture is below: 

Harriet lives just south of preserve on Olympus Dr.–
She has not been taken to any shelter or vet–she is micro chipped.
Please Help find her!

Response re Dumping.  We got the following responses to the question about the dumping of trash in Illahee:

The illegal dumping if the same…was going up the hill just beyond George Schafers on the right hand side going up… mattress, bedframe plus more,  and just a ways back toward Illahee another pile of junk….

The dumping of garbage and furniture was in the Rue Villa area on Illahee
Road. It was picked up the next day by a couple of young men in a county
pickup truck.

… we had dumping along 1st Avenue and Rest Place.  Sorry we did not get any pics.  I can tell you along our street was a fireplace insert, wood and other building materials.  In front of my neighbors house was a garbage can filled with project clean up materials.  All were dumped along the side of the road.  I was nervous because some of these items were quite large and with no shoulder vehicles could have easily run into them.

Response re Sailboat Sinking.  We revived the following note and picture of the sailboat that sunk off of the Illahee community dock:  

Not a very good picture, it was taken with my cell phone.

More Responses re Beach Walking.  And we received another response regarding beach walking.

 Years ago a man who worked for one of the major Title companies (names forgotten) and was very knowledgeable about property matters, told us that the beaches were considered “ancient highways” so that walking across them was not considered trespassing. Other activities, clamming, taking  of oysters, camping etc.are different stories and in our case on two different ocassions we had to call the Sheriff. Rue Villa became a hang out for the “hippy culture” and a drug scource back in the late 60s early 70s.He also stated that we owned to the “extreme” low tide but that the State retained the mineral rights between “mean” low and “extreme” low tide.

Regarding Shoreline Walking…
I have always felt that the public has the right to access the tidelands below the high tide line. Washington is the only state on the west coast where people will try to exclude people from walking on the beach in front of their property, but I honestly doubt they have the legal authority to do so. 
Caminiti v. Boyle seems to affirm that.
There is an interesting ongoing discussion in response to an article by C Dunagan titled  
“Beach-walkers are still waiting for a legal answer” July 8th, 2010 by cdunagan

in the Sun.
You’ll find an Interesting poll regarding this issue there also…

Response re Deer.  Many have commented on how tame the deer have become and how they don’t seem to be concerned about being around humans.  We received the following video and link about how deer can be dangerous.

Thought you might find this interesting.

Cranbrook Deer Incident – deer attacks dog in city environment
Wow – watch this to the end -( looks like maybe a border collie). Dog gets hurt by a doe deer  – cat almost gets it too – gees ‘ could have been a small child too 
Good to know to keep your dogs away from the deer- good to do anyway but this dog was not that close.
Go to the link below to watch a doe deer in Cranbrook last Friday
pummel a dog which survived with bruises and a few cuts.

Torched Car on Fir Drive.  We received the following two reports on a car fire on Fir Drive very early last Sunday morning:

I slept thru the excitement and only heard about the event Sunday afternoon. Apparently around 3 AM the blaring of a car horn and glare of flames woke my neighbors and they saw a car parked near the big granite rock at the curve of FIR DR. on fire. The FD responded but the burning tires and ignited gasoline took awhile to control. The gas tank and tires apparently blew up  and burning gas was reported to be flowing down the road toward us. After the fire was controlled the Sheriff Deputy determined that the car had been reported as stolen. This is 2nd hand info…. many others witnessed the event and relayed some of it as having me missing  the bonfire and hot dog and marsh-mellow roast. The remains were towed away  and by morning there was no signs of the happening.

Just a little info you may want to add to one of your updates.  Sunday morning about 0300, my wife, myself and most our neighborhood were awoken by a steady car horn blaring.  Walking out the door there was a car on fire near the Wagon Wheel rock at the bend of the road on Fir Drive.  It was completely engulfed in flames shooting about 20 feet into the air. Calling 911 the fire department responded within about 5 minutes.  It was safely extinguished in minutes and investigated.  The car was traced to an owner in Vancouver, WA but was not necessarily reported as stolen.  Interesting, but no harm was done less some singed tree tops and roadside vegetation.

Petitions?  We have been asked a number of times about when the Illahee Community Club petitions will be sent out or distributed.  There was an initial limited petition distribution, and because of the responses to the Kitsap Sun article, a list of “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) sheet was developed to answer some of the questions being raised.  We heard the FAQ sheet  is being finalized and will likely be available or distributed with the petitions.  The last report from the early distribution was 53 yes responses and 3 no responses.  Once the FAQ sheet is made available to us, we will pass it on.

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 7/25/10

>We were out of town for awhile and missed a number of events.

Bill Green Memorial Event at the Elks.  We heard the memorial at the Elks was nice tribute to Bill Green, and that Bill Enger did a nice job of moderating the event .  We were glad to see the coverage in the Kitsap Sun which is at the following link:  http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/jul/16/bill-green-remembered-as-a-reliable-coworker/ target=”_blank”

Sunken Sail Boat at the Illahee Dock.  We also heard a sailboat sunk at the Illahee community dock last weekend and hope that someone may have taken photos and/or have more information, so we can pass them on.

Illegal Dumping.  We receive several emails about some illegal dumping, but without the photos or location.  We need more information so we can pass that information on also.

Gun Shots Fired.  We noticed the following story in the Kitsap Sun and hope someone has some more information on this incident.  Two Arrested in Illahee After Multiple Gun Shots  http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/jul/17/two-arrested-illahee-after-multiple-gun-shots/ target=”_blank”

Some Responses Regarding Shoreline Walking.  A couple of weeks ago we asked if anyone had thoughts regarding the Public Trust Doctrine and being able to walk on the beaches in Illahee.  We only received two email comments which are:

Re: Beach walking: I suggest you look into the public trust doctrine in Washington. Here is a good overview to start with:
In Caminiti v. Boyle, the Court upheld the dock leasing statute.  But, in a lengthy analysis, it acknowledged that the public trust doctrine has always existed in Washington.  While the state may convey title to tidelands and shorelands, the private owner does not receive the full “bundle of sticks” that all first-year law students learn about in property law.  Instead, the state retains a “jus publicum” or public easement on the lands.  The state may no more dispose of these public rights than it may abdicate its police powers to run the government or preserve the peace.

Why shouldn’t you be able to walk on the beach. If your just walking and looking at critters and rocks… why not. Unless things are out of hand, people are abusing the area or being disrespectful, you should be able to cruz by without being scorned and bullied.  It’s on loan from God anyway. 

Homeless Reports in the Kitsap Sun.  We received a number of inquires about the recent articles in the Kitsap Sun about problems with the homeless in an encampment along state highway 303, with people wondering if the homeless were in the Illahee Preserve.  The answer is that the encampment is behind Safeway, though some of people had previously been in the Illahee Preserve.  The major concern with homeless in the Preserve is the fire danger with the Preserve and surrounding forested areas being roughly about 600 acres surrounded by houses.  There are no fires of any kind allowed in the Preserve, but that rule was routinely violated by those who were camping in the Preserve and a number of months ago a transient with a fire was burned so bad he had to be flown to Harbor View for treatment.  The Parks Department and Illahee Preserve groups are carefully watching the homeless situation across the road at Safeway since if it is not resolved the people may be looking at returning to the Preserve.

Reports and Comments.  If it is easier for you to report on any if the events we noted earlier rather than sending an email, please feel free to call at 479-1049.

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 4/20/10


Short Nesting Time for Local Canada Goose.  Four days and two eggs was all a local Canada Goose had for her nesting effort before some animal, probably a raccoon or possum, found her nest.  We heard the commotion at 2 am and in the morning found the two broken egg shells on the grass the next morning, along with a sad looking female goose.

Young Eagle Thinks Twice About Taking on One of the Geese.  A few days after the above event a young bald eagle started to swoop down on one of the Canada Geese, and only backed off when the goose flared its wings.  We have watched eagles attach Canada geese before but they are usually just a lone goose on the beach. 

Deer Reports.  When their raspberry bed looked like a bunch of sticks sticking up out of the ground, one resident put up a new 7′ high fence around the area.  He said three deer were visiting the bed every night until they had decimated nearly all the raspberries.  A neighbor tried to shoo the deer away and found them reluctant to leave the area.  So far the netting has worked and they said they found the netting at Lowes for $12 something and it was 7′ by 100′ which is reported to be a good price.  

Rainy Day for Rain Garden Mulching.  There were 6 brave souls who weeded and mulched two of the Illahee Preserve Almira parking lot rain garden plots on Saturday, April 17th.  It was suggested that a week day after-work evening be scheduled for finishing the mulching as many have their Saturdays already booked.

Red Elderberry Being Pulled Up.  We have has several people concerned that someone is going through the Preserve pulling out Red Elderberry plants.  These are good native plants and we are wondering if someone might be thinking they are invasive species, as there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for their actions.  If you see anyone pulling these plants out, please let us know by calling 479-1049.

Brush Pickers.  There have been reports that there are brush pickers in the Preserve recently and specifically the last two days.  This is illegal activity and they need to be reported by calling 911 or by calling us at 479-1049.  

Rogue Trail Makers.  We have also heard that there are rogue trails being cut through the Preserve.  Any new trail needs to be approved by the Stewardship Committee and the Parks Department.  There are no new trails being established at this time.  If you see someone cutting a trail, please call the Park’s Department or 479-1049.

Illahee Preserve Stewardship Meeting Tonight (4/20/10).  The Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee meets the third Tuesday of each Month at the Port of Illahee office at 5560 Ocean View Boulevard, between 6:30 and 8:00 pm, and anyone is welcome to attend.  For more information call 479-1049 or 792-6934.

Gutter System?  We have been asked by someone who is considering having a gutter system installed, if there are any happy residents out there who have a recommendation.  Let us know and we will pass the information on.

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 4/2/10

>Illahee Speed Sign.  It was interesting to read in today’s Kitsap Sun the article “Three ‘Your Speed Is’ Signs Now Operating” by Travis Baker, the Road Warrior, that there are two other solar powered speed signs operating in Kitsap County.  We were unable to find a link to the article today, and presume it will be added later, so when we find it we will put it in a later Update.

Last week we did receive information that the sign is slowing traffic some.  Below is the notice we received from the Port of Illahee, and attached as a pdf file is the chart they refer to.

I thought you might like to see the statistics of our labor. I’ve attached a chart showing the speeds before and after the sign was put up. You’ll see a high point at the 25-29 mph which means more motorists are driving near the speed limit now. We have also reduced the number of speeders significantly. The number of motorists over the speed limit dropped from 622 to only 428, a 31% decrease. I hope the community has noticed a change out there.

Illahee Deer.  We did receive some pictures of deer recently, and with the white hindquarters it appears the albino genetic markings are still prevalent.  

Here is our most recent deer family in our back yard, they come almost every other day.

Illahee Code Revision.  With the Illahee Community Plan that was adopted at the end of 2008 were zoning requirements, including an item that needs to corrected. See the email we received from Katrina Knutson, the Planner who coordinated the preparation of the Illahee Community Plan. (Note that the staff report she refers to is attached as an executive summary.)

Attached, please find a staff report to the Planning Commission regarding the Illahee Greenbelt Zone.  It came to our attention recently that “Guest House” was inadvertently left out of the Illahee adopting Ordinance.  We need to correct the situation. 
Please take a look at the attached and contact me with any questions.  The Planning Commission will hold a work-study session and a public hearing at their April 6, 2010 meeting.  The meeting will begin at 6pm and is located at 614 Division Street  Port Orchard, WA  98366.  

There was also a Legal Notice entitled “Notice of Planning Commission Regular Meeting, Public Hearing, and Work Study” the past two weeks in the Bremerton Patriot and the Central Kitsap Reporter that the Planning Commission will be working on the “Illahee Code Revision” at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 6th, at 6 pm at the County Administration Building.  The agenda for the meeting is linked:  http://www.kitsapgov.com/dcd/pc/agenda/cy2010/4-06-10.pdf

Illahee Preserve.  A number of different items forwarded to us regarding the Illahee Preserve – see the attached.

Illahee Forest Brush Picking
It appears to be harvest season in Illahee Forest and brush-picking is a thriving business.  I’ve had 5 different people tell me stories of their encounters with brush-pickers on various occasions within Illahee Forest over the past 3 weeks.  A couple people have had multiple encounters.  The activity has ranged from Doe Trail to the area along Thompson Lane all the way back to Heart of the Forest.  In most cases the people have confronted the brush-picker.  The brush-pickers are commonly described as small stature and Central American appearance.  The response by the brush picker is gamesmanship.  English is not spoken.  The observers have witnessed large bales of accumulated brush.  It appears the pickers are most often in Illahee Forest during the work week and during the mid-morning to mid-afternoon time lines.  I’ve encouraged all the observers to immediately call 911, but nobody had thought to do so yet.   It would sure be nice to make an introduction between brush-pickers and Kitsap County Sheriff.   Something to keep in mind in case you’re walking the trails during the week. 

Illahee Forest Dumping
Below is a report from one of the regular trail walkers at Illahee Forest.  It was only a matter of time.  What is the cost of removing/dumping garbage versus fixing the gate?  Of course, the bad guys now understand they can have their way for a while if they continue to bash the gate and break it. 

Took a walk along the gravel road at the preserve yesterday.  
Sad to say that the trashers have been in there, dumping their loads.
There is now a mattress on the left side going north, and closer to the gate, on the right side there are some car doors, a car’s seat, and numerous plastic bags of “something” (I did not go down the slight slope to check out)

Our Response to the Above Attached Preserve Comments.  Some of the Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee members have been out looking this week for those picking brush and have not discovered them, though the Preserve is large and forested at hundreds of acres so it could be difficult to find them.  We did see the dumping of trash along Thompson Lane, along with lots of salal cuttings and wonder if the cuttings were from the brush pickers.  If you see any illegal activities in the Preserve call 911 or the Parks Department, or any of the Stewardship Committee members.  Also, we heard the Park’s Department went out for bids to fix the gate and the estimates were just shy of $2,000.  Our recommendation is that the security camera be upgraded before the gate is fixed so that we can positively identify any who might be responsible for the destruction of the gate opening mechanism.

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 11/9/09


Illahee Community Meeting on Saturday.  The Illahee Community Club’s annual meeting will be held Satuday, November 14, 2009, at the Sylvan Way Library from 1:30 – 3 pm.  All Illahee residents are invited to attend.  We just noticed the announcement also appears at the community website illaheecommunity.com that we hear is in the process of being re-engaged, and possibly looking for people to help keep it up.
Preserve Wood Thieves Caught.  We heard that thieves were taking wood from the log pile in the Almira parking lot of the Illahee Preserve, and that last night they were cutting wood in the dark and were caught.  Evidently the sheriff had them dump the wood in the parking lot and the Parks Department was notified.  The wood from the log pile is supposed to be used by Kitsap Community Resources for helping those needing wood to heat their homes.
Fern Street Vandalism.  We received a report on Sunday of some minor vandalism taking place in the evening among cars along Fern Street.
Furniture Dumping.  As long as we are on the subject, we need to be on the alert for people dumping furniture in Illahee.  Because we have areas that have less urbanization, we evidently are looked upon as a place where people can dump things without being seen or caught.  Let the sheriff and us know if you see any dumping activity going on. 
Illahee Preserve Demonstration Rain Garden?  We understand there are efforts underway to propose a Native Plant Demonstration Rain Garden at the Almira parking lot of the Illahee Preserve.  Rain gardens are a natural way of cleaning and decreasing the impact of storm water on Illahee Creek and Puget Sound.  It is also the finding of a major study of the Illahee Creek watershed.  Additionally, rain gardens replenish aquifers which was another finding of the report, and it is especially needed in the Illahee Creek watershed.  We would support the proposal and are asking that this be an agenda item for the Illahee Community meeting on Saturday.
Seattle Aquarium Family Day.  We just received the following notice and wanted to pass it on.
What a great opportunity to spend a free day at the Aquarium. Really, who wouldn’t want to see Orca poop?! Don’t know if they’ll get into the chocolate lab trained to find orca poo from the bow of a boat… maybe that’s a different story. Free lunch at the Aquarium Cafe is a score too. Just a foot ferry ride away from Kitsap. It’s this coming weekend, and RSVP is by Thursday. Cheers! JEff
Jeff Adams – jaws@uw.edu – (m) 360-229-9398
Washington Sea Grant – Kitsap – www.wsg.washington.edu
Please join COSEE-OLC for a fun-filled day of hands-on marine science for the whole family!
Seattle Aquarium’s Family Science Weekend
Choose to come either November 14 or 15; 9:30am-5:00pm
FREE admission tickets and lunch vouchers for the Aquarium Café provided for up to 4 people per family.
Registration by November 12 is required. Online registration at…
Experiments and displays will be set up throughout the Seattle Aquarium for a fabulous, hands-on marine science experience. Here are just a few of the many hands-on activities:
ü  Be a Poopologist! Check out Orca poop and learn about Killer Whale genetics.
ü Explore the world of plankton with a microscope.
ü  Find out about plastics in the marine environment. How long will it last?
ü Track storm water pollution and salmon impacts.
ü Play with polymers and learn about materials research.
ü Be a Fur Seal researcher!
Questions?  Contact Janice Mathisen at (206) 386-4365 or janice.mathisen@seattle.gov
Beach Nourishment Formal Appeal.  This is an interesting subject that puts the community arguing with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW).  The previously mentioned studies that were done, appear to have had no influence on DFW, and so the Port of Illahee and the Illahee Community Club are filing a formal appeal of the Illahee Beach Nourishment project.  It is sad that a community has to fight an agency like DFW that is supposed to be more in protecting fish than a community.
Bear Still in Illahee?  We would like to know if the bear that was seen a few weeks ago is still in Illahee.  Please let us know if you have any information.
Illahee Community Dock.  The Illahee Community dock is a popular place during the winter months in the evening for area squid fisherman.  Attached is a Greg Price photo of the dock in the evening.
Jim Aho

>Illahee Preserve&Misc Responses – 4/17/09


Preserve Issues.  We just received the following email regarding something happening (Friday morning) at the Illahee Preserve:
On the way to Lowes passed the new Illahee Preserve parking lot and noticed a large fabric object just inside the gated area. Looked like a collapsed tent.

On the way back from Lowes noticed sheriff and numerous other people gathered near the fabric. Just got a glimpse in passing by.

Homeless Camps?  We think the gathering is a planned meeting to discuss what to do with the homeless camp sites that have been discovered in the Illahee Preserve. 
The Issues.  Some think that with the economic downturn that the homeless should be allowed to camp in the Preserve.  The Illahee Forest Preserve group, while being understanding of those wanting to help the homeless, is concerned about the fire danger to the Preserve and the surrounding urban area.  The Preserve is 460 acres and the surrounding forested areas would bring the total to approximately 600 to 700 acres that would be in jeopardy if there was a fire.  This is major public safety issue that needs to be responded to quickly.
Questions Regarding the ICC.  We routinely have been asked about the Illahee Community Club.  It would be nice if they had a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document, and we will ask them about producing one. 
Answers on the Application Form?  In the meantime we looked at their 2009 Application for Membership form, and found it listed the purposes of the organization, that answers many of the questions.  The application containing the purposes is attached.
Financial Support of the ICC.  Contributions to the ICC can be sent to the Post Office address noted on the attached Application Form.
Additional Reports of Car Break-Ins.  See the following of others who were impacted by the car break-ins:
We live on Olive Ave. off Rest Place. We also had our vehicles ransacked and had items stolen. My husband’s backpack , seahawks jacket, and mis. items were taken. He forgot to lock his truck. My sons car also was gone through. I guess we all need to be aware of who is walking through the neighborhoods.
Deer Photo.  We apologize to those who were upset with the picture of the dead deer along the road.  We were asked to resend the update as there were those who could not read it with the picture at the bottom.  Let us know if you would like us to do that for you.
Jim Aho