>Miscellaneous Items – 10/6/08


We wanted to pass on some recent photos of rare sight in Puget Sound that occurred last week on Bainbridge Island.

Attached also are comments regarding the photos.

Jim Aho

Hello Kitsap Beach Naturalists and friends- I thought you might be interested in seeing this fish that washed up on a Bainbridge Island beach (off Sunrise, north of Day Road for those familiar with the area). Kim and Ela Esterberg took the original pictures and sent the images to Marcia Lagerloef who is a beach seine volunteer on Bainbridge. I included comments from fish biologists. Hope you all enjoyed the autumn weekend! JEff


It’s a longnose lancetfish (Alepisaurus ferox). Occasionally seen washed up on coastal beaches, but I’ve never seen one, or heard of one in Puget Sound. They are typically deep-sea dwellers, but make vertical migrations to the surface to feed. I’d be interested in seeing it if it’s still around.

Jim Brennan

Marine Habitat Specialist

Washington Sea Grant

I saw a photo of one from a beach near the Port Townsend marine science center not that long ago. An interesting and uncommon fish to run across!

Doris Small, WDFW Watershed Steward