>Miscellaneous Items – 1/31/10


Mussel Sampling Response. We received a great response from Bob Johnston and the following links regarding the mussel sampling update that was put out two weeks ago.

Thanks for sending the update, here is some additional info on the species mentioned.
The worm is a polychaete (many segment) worm, most likely the clam or mud worm, Nereis vexillosa http://www.nwmarinelife.com/htmlswimmers/n_vexillosa.html
I think the fish is probably a gunnel, I’m not sure what species, but I don’t recall any stripes or markings that are characteristic of the saddleback and crescent gunnels
The eggs may be tube snout eggs, which are orange or honey colored
The mussels we were interested in sampling are Mytilus spp. (blue mussel or bay mussel)
Here is a link to more information about intertidal invertebrates of south Puget Sound

Thanks for your interest and help with the sampling!
PS we also found a specimen of a “Northwest Ugly Clam” at a marina in Port Orchard. Have you ever seen these at Illahee?
(scroll down until you come to “Other common bivalve species found on docks”)

Beach Walk at Lions Park. For those interested in the marine environment and beach creatures Washington Sea Grant and WSU Extension host beach walks, which are at low tides and are in the evenings in the winter time. We talked with someone who attended the evening Beach Walk at Lion’s Park on Wednesday and they said it was fun to see what the beach creatures look like at night. We will let you know when the next ones are.

Illahee Fire on Tuesday. There were lots of sirens in Illahee on Tuesday in response to a grease fire. See the attached article that was in the Kitsap Sun.

Thompson Lane Gate Destroyed. We received word that someone destroyed the gate opening mechanism at the Illahee Preserve parking lot at Riddell Road and Thompson Lane. Word has it that the Parks Department doesn’t have the funds to fix it. The gate was determined necessary a few years ago due to the illegal dumping of trash along the one half mile long secluded Thompson Lane that connects the 14 homesites located in the middle of the section.

Stolen Car in the Preserve near Petersville Road. We had several people call about the car that got behind the guard rail and ecology blocks at the Preserve walking entrance just across from Petersville Road. It was a stolen car and we are trying to get pictures of it.

Native Plant Demonstration Rain Garden. Plans are now being developed for 4 Rain Garden plots at the Almira parking lot for the Illahee Preserve. The hope was that local native plant nurseries would want to put in demonstration plots, but they said it was too expensive for them as native plants are often more expensive than the non-natives and they evidently didn’t see this as an opportunity. It looks like we will be depending on volunteers and the local Master Gardeners to help get the rain garden plots planted. Let us know if you would like to help or are interested in contributing native plants.

Patriot Article on Illahee Shores Homicide in Oct. The attached article in the CK Reporter and Bremerton Patriot on Friday is a reminder that Illahee, and in particular Illahee Shores, has had its share of homicides. No closure in sight for Long’s loved ones – Central Kitsap Reporter

Jim Aho

>Sun Article&Misc – 11/26/08


Illahee Community Plan Report. We were hoping for others to report on Monday’s public hearing regarding the Illahee Community Plan, but no one took up up on the offer so far. We do have a link to the Kitsap Sun’s coverage.

End of Article Comments. There are comments at the end of the Sun article that have been interesting and we were asked to respond to one of them. It is easy to register and respond. This is something like we are attempting to do with our illaheecommunity.com website under the blog section.

Hearing Pictures. We are fortunate to have a photographer in Illahee who was at Monday’s public hearing and hope to have pictures when he returns from Thanksgiving travels.

Illahee Property Rights & Realtors. We have residents in Illahee who are concerned about the battle between Illahee and KAPO and the Realtor Board. There are a number of participants who are property rights advocates and while we have realtors in Illahee, we had none that came forward to help with the plan. We do know that residents do not always agree with their organizations positions on some issues and they aren’t sure whether to support their group or the community. We watched at least one person at the hearing, from outside Illahee, change his position. He was a supporter of the Plan until KAPO opposed it. It appeared to be a political decision and we understand that some choices aren’t easy.

Property Rights Concerns. The majority of Illahee residents are property owners and are respectful of their and other’s property rights. They also understand the need for zoning and other regulations that keep order and maintain quality of life. It is that balance that we think the Illahee Plan ensures. We worked hard to make sure everyones voice was heard and in the end we think we ended up with a document that was supported by most Illahee residents. We still don’t understand why we have the opposition from the KAPO group on this issue. If you have any further questions on this issue please let us try to respond.

Beach Carcasses? We have a request that if you see a fish or seal, or other marine animal carcass on the beach to notify the Suquamish Tribal biologist. We have attached the email request we received below:

I met with Alison O’Sullivan, Biologist, Environmental Program for the Suquamish Tribe last night and she would like you to coordinate local people who find dead carcasses along the Illahee Shoreline to contact her immediately. Her phone number is 360 394 8447 and her email address is aosullivan@suquamish.nsn.us

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jim Aho