>High Tides&Annexation Issues – 2-17-11

>Weekend High Tides.  This is the second round of high tides this year with the next 5 days being 13.0 and above.  The times are early in the morning beginning on Friday (2/18) at 5:15 am, Saturday (2/19) at 5:44 am, Sunday (2/20) at 6:16 am, Monday (2/21) at 6:49 am, and Tuesday (2/22) at 7:25 am, so there may not be much daylight until Monday and Tuesday.  We are getting our information from the tide chart put out by the shipyard for Bremerton, Sinclair Inlet, and Port Orchard so what we actually observe in Illahee could be a few minutes off. 

Two Annexation Positions.  We understand there are two draft resolutions floating around regarding ANNEXATION worries.  This is a subject that has been discussed by a number of board members and there appear to be two different positions:  (1) Annexation is a threat and a concern that needs to be addressed now, and (2) Annexation is not a threat so why waste  your time on the issue.

Annexation Discussion at Illahee Meeting.  We found out today that ANNEXATION discussions will be the primary topic for the Illahee Community meeting on Feb 23rd at the Library beginning at 6:15 pm.  Evidently there are enough questions regarding the issues that some expert responses are needed to decide which side is right.

County Expert to Speak.  Eric Baker is the county’s Special Projects Manager for the Kitsap County Commissioners and is one of the most knowledgeable experts at the county with respect to the Growth Management Act (GMA), the various Urban Growth Areas (UGA), and the issues related to annexation.  Josh Brown, our County Commissioner, has asked Eric to attend our February 23rd meeting to discuss these issues and to try and answer any questions we might have.

Two Draft Resolutions.  We have been asked to send out the two draft resolution documents as “Discussion Papers.”  We normally try to keep these Updates rather brief so we have decided to include them both as a file attachment – please click on the links.

Discussion Paper Option 1 Summary.  The first discussion paper is a one page resolution entitled “Resolution to Remove Illahee from the Urban Growth Area (UGA)” and basically states that Illahee is “…primarily natural resource lands, geological features, and recreational lands that greatly impede urban levels of development and supporting infrastructure..” and therefor not suitable for the higher density development levels for UGAs.  It references the various reasons Illahee should be excluded from the UGA and requests the current Illahee Greenbelt zoning (1-4 dwelling units per acre) be applied to the entire community.   DISCUSSION PAPER OPTION 1 LINK

Discussion Paper Option 2 Summary.  This discussion paper is very similar to Option 1, but is a two page resolution entitled “Resolution to Establish Illahee (or portions thereof) as a Greenbelt, and A Request for the Greenbelt to be Removed from the Urban Growth Area.”  This paper presents many of the same arguments of Option 1, but rather than requesting all of Illahee be designated as Illahee Greenbelt, requests only those areas “… where urban zoning is inappropriate, including the shoreline uplands north of the current Illahee Greenbelt.”  The paper notes that “…. Illahee has shoreline areas mostly in a natural state that have an incompatible upland urban zoning of 5-9 dwelling units per acre.”   DISCUSSION PAPER OPTION 2 LINK

Our Thoughts.  We are intrigued the greenbelt issue is in both options and have heard greenbelts have been used by other counties to protect critical and environmentally sensitive areas.  We don’t know whether having a greenbelt classification is enough of a justification to remove it from an urban growth area.  On the other hand, since greenbelts do not support urban levels of growth, it makes sense to removed them from the urban growth area.

Your Thoughts.  We have been asked to put the two discussion paper options out for your consideration and to help facilitate discussions at the community meeting next Wednesday.  We would also like to know your thoughts, which you can send to us, or respond to the Illahee Community blogsite, or on Facebook.

Jim Aho

>Wildlife Report – 2-4-1

>5 Orcas Sighted in Illahee.  The orcas were sighted this afternoon (2/4/11) traveling north through Illahee at 4:20 pm.  There were 5 of them this time with one being much smaller, so it probably was a young one.  We received the call when they were right out in front, but didn’t answer the phone since we were on another call, so we missed getting any videos.  The next time our neighbors call we will be sure to answer right away.

Sapsuckers.  We have an apple tree with what looks like a series of 1/4 inch diameter holes methodically drilled into the trunk.  We thought it was a bug or beetle infestation at first and then found out is was caused by a woodpecker called a sapsucker.  We never did see the sapsucker in action on our apple tree so when we got the next report it helped us see the connection.

Illahee Preserve Sapsucker.  We received the attached photo that was taken last Sunday by Vic Ulsh in the Illahee Preserve of a Red Breasted Sapsucker.  Vic gave a report on the Preserve that included the following:

I noted a red breasted sapsucker on a tree near the Almira parking lot.  See attached photo.  From recent observations it appears we have a pair of hairy woodpeckers and at least one red breasted sapsucker living near the Almira parking lot.  Check out the telltale sapsucker holes in the bark. 
Blog and Facebook Reminder.  All updates are now posted on our blog within 24 hours of being e-mailed.  If you have comments, please visit the blog and leave your comments at the end of the post.  It’s a great way to generate a public discussion. You can post anonymously if you choose.  Also, please visit and “Like” our Facebook page, and be sure to suggest it to your Facebook friends.  We are actively trying to increase our exposure in the community through social media and we need your help!
The link for the Facebook page is:  http://www.facebook.com/Illahee
The link for the blog is:  http://illaheecommunity.blogspot.com/
Blog Site Comments.  There haven’t been many comments on the blog site, but if they are like me this is something I am not very comfortable with yet.  I did respond to a comment recently and have attached the three comments that were at the bottom of the blog, which I have copied below:


Anonymous said…
Annexation to Bremerton is NOT what I want, or to Silverdale or any other city. I thought the reason for creating a Community Plan was to preclude that possibility. THE POSSIBILITY OF THE ANNEXATION OF ILLAHEE IS NOT GOOD NEWS! Glad someone from Illahee is concerned, and yes, talk about this at the community meeting.
Jim Aho said…
In response to Anonymous,I never thought we had to worry about annexation once we had our subarea plan, i.e., the Illahee Community Plan, but after hearing the the GMA required annexation by 2025 or 2030 for anyone within an Urban Growth Area, I am now concerned and think we need to further protect ourselves. It seems to me that much has changed in Illahee since 1998 when Illahee was first designated to be in the Urban Growth Area, and now we have a small window of opportunity open whereby we might be able to convince the county, and the Growth Management Hearings Board, that Illahee is indeed mostly rural with unique features that inhibit or prevent urban buildout and urban densities. If there ever was a time to try and get out from under the urban designation label, now seems to be it. I also would like to see this discussed at the Illahee Community meeting and voted upon, so we can get things moving and possibly approved by the end of this year.Jim Aho
Anonymous said…
Does anyone else ever comment on these blogs other than me, Mr. Anonymous, and Mr. Aho?

Illahee Community Meeting 2/23/11.  There will be an Illahee Community meeting on February 23rd at the Library on Sylvan Way at either 6 pm or 6:30 pm.  We heard they were trying to find a speaker to talk about the Growth Management Act, Urban Growth Areas, and annexation.  We will let you know when we find out what the agenda will be.
Jim Aho

>Squid, Theft, KRCC Report – 1-31-11

>Squid Fishermen.  Just about every evening during the winter months squid fisherman can be seen at the Illahee community dock jigging their lures, such as we photographed here on a cold winters night.  We like to check in with them every so often to see what they are catching, and to see if they have caught anything unusual (one time someone caught a nice mackerel and didn’t want it so we took it home and ate it).  That question regarding unusual catches is when we found out about someone catching a lobster which we will describe in a future Update.  

Larger Squid.  On Monday evening (1/31/11) we noticed one squid in a bucket that was twice the size of any of the others, and asked if we could take some pictures.  After a couple of camera flashes along with lying on the dark decking, the squid quickly changed colors to suit its surrounding, which can be seen by comparing the two photos.

Forage Fish Report.  The other interesting news is that they have also snagged some of our primary forage fish while squidding, which are herring, smelt, and sand lance (candle fish).  (Forage fish are small fish that are preyed on by larger fish.)  While these forage fish are not seen in the numbers of decades earlier, it is encouraging to know they are still around.  If it wasn’t for these fishermen’s reports, most of us wouldn’t be aware that these forage fish are using our nearshore and shoreline areas in Illahee.

Illahee Preserve Rain Garden Thefts.  While getting ready for Saturday’s work party at the Illahee Preserve, we noticed that 3 logs and a rock had been taken from the rain garden.  We have attached a photo that shows where the rock and one log were.  This is disappointing as it takes lots of volunteer coordination and volunteer work to make the Preserve and the Rain Garden special and some are wondering if we can install a video camera to cover the parking lot.  If anyone has any ideas or expertise in this area, please let us know.

KRCC Public Meeting Report.  We saw at least 4 Illahee residents at the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council public hearing regarding the Countywide Planning Policy document.  One of the most interesting presentations showed a graph of the projected populations used to determine the urban growth boundaries in the county, and how the actual population figures are coming in at about half the projections.  We don’t have all the facts, but understand that is why either the courts or the Growth Management Hearings Board are asking the county to take a second look.  The link to the Kitsap Sun coverage of the meeting is:  http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2011/jan/28/tribal-members-speak-out-against-large-scale-in/

Community Input.  Two residents testified during the public hearing and we received two comments that were emailed to the KRCC, which we have attached below:

Thank you for allowing public comment to the “Kitsap Countywide Planning Policy” draft document proposed by the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council.

I attended the public hearing last evening and I’m not sure I was as clear in my comments as I should have been with my last point.

My concern is with the wording changes in the document that tightened the language by replacing “should” with “shall” when it came to issues such as annexation, and then when it got to Element E (which looks at open space preservation, critical areas, and water quality/quantity), the language was loosened by replacing “shall” with “should“.

After hearing the testimony about the importance of natural resources and open space, etc, I don’t know how you can not change this wording back to “shall“.  

Additionally, I would state that current science has more than ever supported the necessity to preserve and protect critical areas and resource lands, such as critical aquifers.  We know that the Kitsap Peninsula is for the most part hydrogeologically self contained, that our ground water comes from precipitation, and that some areas, such as Illahee, are at water balance, meaning we are withdrawing and supporting stream flow with what is already being infiltrated.  The implications of this fact alone are staggering.

If you really believe that “Water is a Resource” then your wording in this county wide planning document needs to support that policy.

Thank you for considering changing the “should” back to “shall“.

Thank you for allowing public comment to the “Kitsap Countywide Planning Policy” draft document proposed by the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council.

I am requesting that Illahee be considered for withdrawal from the urban growth area that it has been assigned to. A majority of  Illahee is made up of critical areas: steep slopes, canyons, Illahee Creek, state park and Kitsap County forest preserve, in addition to documented category one aquifer recharge areas. All that is in possible jeopardy if its future is to be annexed to a city.  Under GMA and the definition of UGAs, it clearly spell out the incompatibility of urban growth and protection of important aquifers. Given that population projections have been exaggerated in the establishment of UGAs here in the county, it makes sense for a rural entity such as Illahee  be withdrawn from the UGA.

Your Thoughts?  Let us know how you feel on the issue of annexation, which is what is being proposed as a “shall” in the Countywide Planning Policy document.  

Community Meeting Discussion Item?  We would like to suggest this be a discussion item at the next Illahee Community meeting that has just been scheduled for February 23, 2011 at 6:30pm at the Sylvan Way Library.

Jim Aho

>Illahee Meeting on Monday (11/29/10) at 6:15 pm – 11/27/10

>Meeting Signs Up in Illahee.  There are 10 signs up around the Illahee Community, though there are usually a few more that were lost.  If your neighborhood needs a sign, please let us know and we will contact the Illahee Community Club.

Meeting is at the Port of Illahee’s New Office.  The Port of Illahee meeting place is at 5560 Ocean View Blvd, which is a block up Ocean View from Illahee Road, near the Illahee community dock.

Time is 6:15 pm.  We were initially told the meeting would be at 6:30 pm so we asked “why the change?”  Seems the evening meetings at the library were always at 6:15 pm because they closed at 8 pm, and all the signs already had 6:15 pm on them, so that is what it now is.

Agenda.  We also found out that the agenda will include a summary presentation of 16 Illahee projects that are either currently going on or are being proposed, including Rolling Hills Golf Course, Timbers Edge, the Illahee Preserve, and Illahee Creek.  We were amazed at the number of Illahee projects and think this a presentation of interest to all residents.

Tight Meeting Room.  We have been asked to advise residents that the meeting room is smaller than the library’s, so it may be a little tight.  There are some bringing extra chairs to add to those that are already there.

Questions?  We think we will be able to answer any questions regarding this meeting so if you have any give us a call at 479-1049.

Jim Aho

>Meet Filmmaker&Discuss Possibilities on Friday 10/15 – 10/13/09

>Film Meeting Friday (10/15) Evening.  This Friday we will have an opportunity to meet Shelly Solomon, the filmmaker who will be doing two films on Illahee.  It will also be an opportunity for local residents to weigh in on what they would like to see presented, especially as the film will present some local history of Illahee.

Meeting in Port of Illahee Office.  We will meet in the new Port of Illahee office which is the residential building at 5560 Ocean View Blvd, at 7 pm.

What Issues should be Presented?  We received a box of shells from someone who collected them roughly 50 years ago along the Illahee Shoreline (see attached photos).  We were surprised that they had come from here because we had never seen shells like these along the beach.  Should these be shown as an indication of how the beach creatures have changed over the years?  This is just one question or issue that we may want to see included.  Shelly is a biologist and is interested in issues like this.

Sediment Issues.  A number or shoreline residents have commented on the buildup of sediment, primarily north of Illahee Creek and around the Illahee Community dock.  Should we have a diver film the buildup of sediment under the dock and floats?  And there are stories about people getting stuck in the mud in the vicinity of the dock.  Should these be included?  What about those waterfront property owners whose shellfish beds have disappeared?

Who Should be Interviewed?  We will need to come up with a list of those in the area who should be interviewed or whose story should be told.  There are residents who have lived near Illahee Creek and know it better than anyone.  Also, there are those who have lived on the shoreline at areas from University Point to Illahee State Park, and places in between, who can tell us the changes they have seen over the years.

Who Should Attend?  Anyone who has ideas and who would like to have some input into the Illahee film.  Remember that Illahee is new to Shelly and she needs to be brought up to speed on the history.  We need broad input and hope to see many of you there.

Jim Aho

>Two Monday Meetings – 8/23/10


Newspaper Articles Re Golf Course Gift.  There were a number of newspaper articles this week regarding the Rolling Hills Golf Course Gift, including an editorial in Sunday’s Kitsap Sun, see the link: 
http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/aug/21/our-view-more-reasons-to-applaud-the-rolling/    Also, we were impressed by the article in Saturday’s Kitsap Sun by Brynn Grimley who had a great understanding of just why the golf course gift was especially appreciated by the Illahee Community.  The link to her article is: http://pugetsoundblogs.com/peninsular-thinking/2010/08/19/rolling-hills-more-than-a-golf-course-to-illahee-community/

Two Important Monday Meetings.  How can it be that after months with no Illahee meetings, that two important meetings that residents should attend, are scheduled on the same evening, Monday, August 23, 2010?

Quarterly Illahee Community Meeting.  The quarterly meeting of the Illahee Community Club schedules its meetings on weeknight evenings at the library and also asked Kitsap County reps to present information on the Shoreline Master Program update, which will begin at 6:15 pm.  This should be a great opportunity for residents to have an input in what they want for their shoreline areas.  They will also likely discuss the petition drive that stalled and is projected to resume soon.

County Commissioner’s Meeting Also Meets Monday.  The reason that there should be a representation at the Commissioner’s meeting that meets at 7 pm in Port Orchard is that they will be signing the agreement to accept the Rolling Hills Golf Course on Monday.  We just received a draft copy of a letter to the editor they want someone to read at Monday evening’s meeting – someone who is not planning on attending the meeting at the library.  We took the liberty of printing the draft copy below, though remember it is still a draft.   
        August 23, 2010
Letter to the Editor:
        Thank you Don Rasmussen and Kerma Peterson, for your extraordinary and especially generous gift of the Rolling Hills Golf Course!  
Illahee has become a recreational destination in Kitsap County and the greater West Sound area in a large part because of your work in establishing a premier and affordable community golf course.  While Illahee’s unique topography has limited development, it has fostered some incredible recreational opportunities such as the golf course, Illahee State Park, the Illahee Preserve, and the Port’s Community Dock, making this area and Kitsap County a great place to live. 
The Illahee Community appreciates your incredible gift and forward thinking that preserves Rolling Hills as a golfing jewel for future generations, and at the same time ensures the continuation of the “meals on wheels” program for seniors throughout the area.  Your gift will also help us eventually control of the storm water surges that pollute Illahee Creek and Puget Sound.
Thank you Don and Kerma, and also Commissioner Josh Brown for working with you to make it happen!
Barney Bernhard, for the Illahee Community Club
Help Requested.  If anyone could help out by attending the Commissioner’s meeting in Port Orchard on Monday evening, and at the end of the meeting during the public comment time, read the above letter or a similar version, it would be greatly appreciated.  Let us know if you can help and we will pass the information on the the ICC officers.

Tall Ships At Brownsville.  We were fortunate to be out boating by the tall ships on Friday and took some pictures, including the one below.  

Jim Aho

>Wildlife&Miscellaneous – 8/21/10

>Salmon Jumping.  It is that time of year when we should be salmon jumping as they pass through Illahee waters, and we have a report that at least one was seen jumping north of the Illahee community dock.

Shoreline Presentation on Monday.  Don’t forget to attend the Illahee community meeting on Monday at the Sylvan Way library at 6:15 pm where there will be two county persons giving a presentation on the ongoing Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update.  We have over 3 miles of shoreline and many have views of the water, or appreciate the shoreline areas, and they all should have a say as to what they want in a shoreline program. This is the best time to have your voices heard, while the county and Task Force are taking input.

Public Access at Community Dock.  We had several responses about the public access steps at the Illahee Community Dock.  Some were unaware that there were steps to get down to the beach, and others were unaware that the steps belong to the Port of Illahee and that the Port of Illahee had the steps put in a number of years ago.  Public Access will also be one of the items discussed at the SMP briefing on Monday.

Sharpe-shinned Hawk.  We received a picture of a sharp-shinned hawk the other day, which is attached.  This one is at the waterfront, which seemed rather unusual.

Coyote Reports.  We have had several reports about coyotes, and in some areas residents are warned to keep their cats inside.  The following report shows that they may be expanding their territory.
Tues. night at dusk in the vincinity of the Rue Villa mailboxes an animal made a quick crossing of the Illahee road from the water side to the uphill side. It was smaller than a young deer but larger than most dogs in the area, light in color and fast. My initial impression was that of a coyote. There have been some mauling and killing of racoons in the area recently. I have never seen a coyote in the Illahee area. 

Dead Deer.  We have been asked not to show pictures of dead deer on these Updates, but we need to report that at least one doe and one fawn have been hit by cars and killed in the area.  Some were wondering if the two twin fawns they saw without their mother, could have been the offspring of the doe that got hit.  Two neighbors buried it.  

The other report of the dead fawn is a sad one as the mother stayed in the brush near the fawn until it was picked up by the county road crew, and then the mother was seen going up and down the area, seemingly looking for it.  We need to let residents know that the county will pick up dead deer along the road if you call them.  Please let us know also so we can try to keep track of what is happening.

Illahee Preserve Work Party Report.  There was another massive work party at the Illahee Preserve this past Wednesday.  Our estimate was about 50, though not all signed in, so we don’t have a totally accurate count.  We have found out one of the secrets to the Rotary’s work party successes, which is also having water and food.  There were at least 5 Illahee residents who showed up.  And it was notable that there were 20 wheel borrows in use to move the wood chips.  We will try to attach two photos, one showing a log being moved to line the path of the rain garden, and the other being a group photo, but after a number had already left.  Below is the East Bremerton Rotary report of the work party:
The East Bremerton Rotary conducted another very productive work party at Illahee Forest Preserve on Wednesday, August 18th.  The focus was beautification of the Almira parking lot, as well as adding wood chips to the trail system.  36 people helped out including Marines from Bangor, members of Washington Youth Academy, and 13 East Bremerton Rotarians.  Thanks to grillmaster Andy Graham of McClouds Restaurant for bringing & tending the BBQ and thanks to Costco (JeanMarie Harmon) for providing the food.  Attached is a photo excluding the Washington Youth Academy who needed to leave before the photo was taken.  Andy Graham is the one in the back doing a Y-M-C-A spell out.
Jim Aho  

>Meetings&Work Party Info – 8/15/10

>Illahee Forest Preserve Meeting on Tuesday.  On Tuesday (8/17) the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP) will meet at 6:30 pm at the Port of Illahee office at 5560 Ocean View Boulevard.  The IFP is a not-for-profit corporation established to support the Illahee Preserve and they welcome anyone interested to join them.  Their contributions, and those of the East Bremerton Rotary, to the 460 acre Illahee Preserve has become more important as funding for county parks has decreased.  The IFP group is working on a formal dedication of the Almira parking lot to take place this fall, along with many other issues.  

Illahee Preserve Work Party on Wednesday.  There will be another Illahee Preserve work party this Wednesday (8/18), sponsored by the East Bremerton Rotary.  There are still lots of wood chips to be placed on the trails and the paths through the rain garden will be lined with logs.  The work begins about 5:30 pm.

Community Meeting Next Monday 8/23/10.  There will be an Illahee Community meeting next Monday (8/23) at the Sylvan Way library beginning at 6:15 pm.  The first half of the meeting will be devoted to finding out more about the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) that is in the process a being updated.  Signs should be going up mid-week regarding the meeting.  Please encourage neighbors who don’t get these email updates to attend.

County Representatives to Present SMP Info.  There will be two Kitsap County representatives to present SMP information, and most importantly, they are there for residents to ask questions of them.  Comments from residents regarding shoreline designations are due on August 31, 2010 and we believe most residents are totally unaware of that deadline or what the possibilities are.

What Designations Should Illahee Shorelines Have?  We included in the last Update, the current shoreline designations for Illahee.  We are curious as to whether we can continue with our current designations, or if the State and the County want to change them.  This should be a good discussion item.

Public Access to Shorelines.  One of the issues to be discussed at the next SMP task force meeting on September 2, 2010 is whether the county is in compliance with the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) regarding the issue of Public Access.  We took a couple of pictures (attached) of the stairway at the Illahee Community Dock to show that at least in one area there is public access to the shorelines.  The public access requirements are described in WAC 173-26-221 (4).  We think the Illahee Community is in full compliance on this issue.

Jim Aho

>SMP&Other – 8/8/10

>Shoreline Master Program Task Force.  Once a month there is a meeting of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Task Force that is getting some press because of its possible impact on Kitsap County residents.  Following is the link for the latest report on the meetings:  Kitsap Shoreline Task Force Still Sorting Out Plans, Regulations, Legislation  http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2010/aug/06/kitsap-shoreline-task-force-still-sorting-out/

Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Input Requested.  Kitsap County is requesting citizen input regarding the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and more specifically regarding shoreline designations.  The SMP website is where all the information resides along with it being the place to register citizen comments and input.  http://www.kitsapshoreline.org/index.html

Our Concern Is That Illahee Residents Are Unaware of the SMP Update.  We are concerned that many do not understand the SMP update process, much less the SMP designations that have been assigned to the Illahee area shorelines or that they have an opportunity to request changes to any SMP designation they do not think is appropriate.

Current SMP Shoreline Designations.  For those who are aware of the Illahee Community Plan, there is a section in Chapter 4 that covers and explains the current SMP designation.  We have copied that section and have linked the map showing the designations:  http://www.kitsapgov.com/dcd/community_plan/subareas/Illahee/Final%20Plan/Final%20%20Chapter%204%20NATURAL%20SYSTEMS.pdf .

Saltwater Shorelines Environmental Designations

The Kitsap County Shoreline Management Master Program (Kitsap
County Code Title 22), adopted in 1999, set shoreline designations
and development requirements for Kitsap County shorelines. Kitsap
County will be undergoing an update to its Shoreline Plan by 2011.
Under this program, the Illahee community shoreline has been
assigned three designations: rural, semi-rural, and conservancy
(Figure 4.2). Note that these designations are not to be confused
with inland zoning designations. The shoreline designations are in
basic agreement with the Illahee shoreline geology and reflect the
land use zoning called for in the Illahee Community Plan.

The rural designation is designed to restrict intensive development
along undeveloped shorelines and to function as a buffer between
more urban-like densities. The majority of Illahee shorelines
(approximately two linear miles) are designated rural and reflect
areas of high bluffs at both ends of Illahee and the bay area
between the state park and the mouth of Illahee Creek.

The semi-rural designation is designed to “promote a multiple-use
shoreline area in which the scale of uses falls between that of the
rural and urban environments. Certain aspects of the natural
environment will be retained in conjunction with permitted uses.”
This designation was assigned to the area from the bottom of
Roosevelt Street north to where Wise Street intersects with Illahee
Road (approximately one-half mile in distance). It essentially takes
in the 1916 platted area of old, historic Illahee and provides less
restrictive shoreline uses than a rural designation.

The conservancy designation is designed to protect fish and wildlife
habitat and critical areas and includes a sub-element for parks,
recreational sites, or open space. In Illahee, the shoreline area of
Illahee State Park has a conservancy designation. Additionally, the
southern-most shoreline area of Illahee has been given the higher
conservancy designation, which follows the environmentally
sensitive shoreline of the Cheney Estate and Enetai Community.

Future SMP Designations?  As part of the SMP Update currently in progress, the SMP designations are currently being reviewed and can be changed.  The county is requesting comments regarding missing shoreline information or corrections to the shoreline information in the Draft Inventory and Characterization report that is available on line http://www.kitsapshoreline.org/index.html.  The comment period end date is August 31, 2010.

Possible SMP Presentation at ICC 8/23 Quarterly Meeting?  It has been suggested that the ICC see if someone from the county could go over the SMP Inventory and Characterization report as it relates to Illahee at the August 23rd meeting of the Illahee Community Club.  We agree and will pass on that request this week.

ICC Quarterly Meeting Scheduled.  We were informed yesterday that the ICC quarterly meeting has been scheduled for 6-8 pm at the Sylvan Way library for a Monday evening on August 23, 2010.  All Illahee residents are encouraged to attend.  We will pass on the agenda for the meeting when we get one.

Petersen Farm Day.  We have also been asked to pass on information about the Petersen Farm Day on August 22 from 1-4 pm.  They are trying to save the Petersen farm that borders the Clear Creek Trail.  Attached is the brochure on the event and following is the Facebook link that explains more of the details regarding the farm:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-Peninsula-Conservancy/117703044907804?ref=ts

Jim Aho

>Miscellaneous Items – 6/21/10


Tuesday 6/22/10 Illahee Events.  Two big events going on in Illahee on Tuesday afternoon/evening.  The weeding and mulching starts at 5 pm and the Port meeting begins at 7 pm.  

Weeding and Mulching Volunteers Needed.   On Tuesday 30 yards of mulch is being delivered to the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot.  This is one big load of mulch which will fill one large truck and one large trailer.  Volunteers are needed to weed the rain garden plots before the mulch is put down and it is hoped that with enough volunteers the project can be completed on Tuesday, though we have also planned for Wednesday if needed.  If you can help it would be appreciated as the mulch will be dumped at the parking lot and needs to be placed quickly between the plants in the rain garden plots.  Please email us if you have any questions.

Tuesday Port of Illahee Meeting.  We noted Monday that there are a number of signs out in the community notifying residents of the Port of Illahee information meeting on Tuesday (6/22/10) at 7:00 pm at the Port’s new office at 5560 Ocean View Blvd .  The Port is hoping for another evening of good attendance as this the third community meeting where they explain what their options are with respect to the Illahee Community Club petition that will be distributed soon to the majority of residents, and has been distributed to a few neighborhoods.  If you haven’t received a petition yet they will be available at the meeting.  

East Bremerton Rotary Citizen of the Year.   We have been asked to include the following announcement in an Illahee Community Update of the East Bremerton Rotary Citizen of the Year:

Special Announcement
This past Friday Jim Aho was honored by East Bremerton Rotary as our Citizen of the Year .  Jim was recognized for his phenomenal contribution to Illahee and the greater East Bremerton community thru his tireless contributions toward protection and preservation of Illahee Forest and Illahee Creek.  East Bremerton Rotary adopted Illahee Preserve as an on-going Club project roughly 5 years ago.  East Bremerton Rotary Club members have taken a strong interest in Illahee Preserve and have seen first hand how Jim has poured himself into the improvement of our community thru his work in “all things Illahee.”  This is an annual award provided thru the Rotary Club of East Bremerton.  Jim and Kay attended the annual officer installation meeting last Friday where we surprised Jim by presenting him with this award.  The East Bremerton Rotary is grateful for all Jim Aho has done to make our community a better place to live.  Hooray for Jim Aho!

Comment re Announcement.  As the person who edits and distributes the Illahee Community Updates and for the time being has the Update lists, it was necessary for the local Rotary representatives to ask me to include the above announcement in this Update.  While I appreciate the honor and the award, I am continually impressed by Illahee residents and the surrounding community for their support of the Illahee Preserve and Illahee Creek.  And we all need to be especially appreciative of the East Bremerton Rotary for all their support for the Illahee Preserve, from the purchase of the large signs to the spreading of wood chips on the trails.  They are really an amazing and dedicated group supporting many community projects and needs, and we appreciate their adopting the Illahee Preserve as one of those projects!!!

Jim Aho