>Wildlife&Timbers Edge Info – 1/11/09


Peacocks in the Preserve? If you are wondering if there were really peacocks in the Illahee Preserve we have two photos that show evidence of the demise of one next to the Preserve parking area on McWilliams Road. On Saturday, while looking at the trail work done by the Rotary and some Illahee residents, we could hear a peacock’s call in the Preserve. Evidently, someone on the south side of McWillams Road raises peacocks, according to a recipient of our Updates.

Mottled Fox Sighted. There have been mottled foxes along the shoreline area of Illahee for years. They are noctural animals and not often seen. When they are seen they can easily be mistaken for a dog because of their mottled coloring. We had to go to some detailed fox books a few years ago to verify that there really are mottled foxes and that was what we had in that area of Illahee. We have seen red foxes in the Brownsville area, and red foxes have been seen in the area around Illahee State Park and the Preserve. So far it is just the one area where the mottled foxes have been seen.

Photos? We have heard of one person who has photographed some of the mottled foxes and hope to get ahold of them and get some pictures to share.

Timbers Edge Legal Documents. We have been providing the closing argument documents of the Timbers Edge appeal and now it is time to provide those prepared by the Timbers Edge lawyer, Ron Templeton. There will be two documents which will be Document #4 and Document #5.

Document #1. Illahee Community Club Closing Brief Regarding Lack of Compliance with County Code (Sent out on 1/10/09) (NOTE: FILE IS TOO BIG TO UPLOAD)

Document #2. Illahee Community Club Closing Brief Regarding Lack of Compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) (Attached)

Document #3. Illahee Community Club Closing Brief Attachments (Attached)

Document #4. Timbers Edge Closing Arguments (Attached)

Document #5. Timbers Edge Rebuttal to the Illahee Community Club’s Closing Briefs

Document #6. Illahee Community Club Reply to the Timbers Edge Rebuttal

Lots of Information. We understand this is a lot of information to comprehend. There are many people who will be affected by the Timbers Edge development and so we want to provide them the necessary information. Newspapers do not the the space to cover extensive projects like this so this is likely the only place this information will be available, except for the files at the county.

Jim Aho