>Blog Site – 1/13/11

>Blog Sites?  Several years ago we were encouraged to introduce a ‘blog site’ in an Update so residents would have a place to comment on our Updates.  We started one and quickly decided for the most part Illahee residents, or at least the ones receiving Updates, did not seem to want to respond or comment to a blog site since WE ONLY RECEIVED A COUPLE OF COMMENTS.

Unfamiliar With Blogs?  In talking with residents we realized that many are not familiar with blogs and/or do not feel comfortable commenting on issues in a blog format.  We understand because we, as being older, are not very comfortable ourselves. 

Younger Generation Communication?  We have been advised we need to “get with it” and use the communication tools of the younger generations if we want to keep them interested.  

Facebook & Twitter?  We have been told to not only have a website with a blog, but also get on Facebook, and Twitter, and possible some other sites, if we want to reach those who use these sites.

So What Do We Do?  We recently decided it was time to seriously listen to those trying to help us and make some changes, and with the help of a number of volunteers, we now have an up-to-date blog at the illaheecommunity.com website.

Great Volunteer Support.  What the volunteers did was take all the Updates that have been issued for the past few years and put them into the BLOG, which turns out to be a chronological log of the Updates.  This turns out to be a recent history of the events taking place in Illahee.  We just found out today that the word BLOG is a blending of the two words WEB and LOG (which tells you we aren’t very networking smart).

Kitsap Sun Blogs.  We have followed some Kitsap Sun blogs and have especially enjoyed Chris Dunagan’s ‘Watching Our Water Ways’ blog http://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/.  We found we could download some of the photos he received from Capt Jim Maya, which are in this blog, and are some great photos of killer whales.

Illahee Blog Site.  The Illahee blog site is at our illaheecommunity.com website and can also be reached at:  http://illaheecommunity.blogspot.com/

Blog Site Design.  The following is the writeup we received by those who recently updated the blog.

The blog is designed so that people can comment and have discussions about the updates and the various Illahee-related issues and information we regularly post.  We now have a system in place to ensure that our e-mail updates are posted to the blog within 24 hours, so please feel free to go to the blog and comment!  The blog has an e-mail tool at the bottom of each post that allows you to e-mail the blog post to anyone you’d like.  This is a great way to increase exposure to our updates and hopefully generate more comments and discussions.

Facebook.  Now this Facebook stuff is a little new to us, so we are just going to copy what we received.  

We also have a Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Illahee .   The Facebook page is configured so that any user can post comments or photos directly to the page without moderation.  We encourage everyone who has a Facebook account to visit our page, “Like” it, and start using it!  Most importantly, please click on the “Suggest to Friends” link in the upper left corner of the page and then select all of your Facebook friends who have some connection to Illahee.  We are trying to build a broad base of interest in our community, particularly among the younger generations of Illahee residents.  We will be posting a link to our blog updates to the Facebook page, and we are working on putting together more photo galleries using Facebook’s great photo tool.

Can We Reach All Illahee Residents?  The goal of a community website and blog is to reach out to ALL Illahee residents, so please help us by sharing our blog, website, and Facebook page with your personal Illahee social networks.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts!  Let us know what your thoughts are on this new adventure, possibly in response to this writeup, as this should be available the blog site within 24 hours of it being sent out by email.

Jim Aho