Illahee 2/24/26 Photos, Photo Problem Identified, Community Meeting, Surveying Work Above Outfall, Work Party Report, Washington Youth Academy

Photos.  The first photo below shows a relatively rare Eurasian wigeon in this area and an American wigeon.  We think the Eurasian wigeon is the same duck we have seen in previous years, and wonder what the life span of the average wigeon is.  

2016-2-24 Misc 037
The second photo was sent to us by Pat, “….can’t resist sending this photo .. use if you wish or not .. taken from my deck.. not far from Illahee State Park.”
Photo from Pat N 2-9-16
Photo Problem Identified.  “We like to look at the photos, so what happened?  There was only the map photo in the last Update.”  The comment was from a friend so I explained about our concerns that we include too many photos which might cause the photos to not come through.  It appears those having problems with the photos not appearing have firewall issues, i.e., their firewall won’t let our photos be posted.  If that happens, the photos can be viewed anytime, along with past Updates, by simply viewing the website.
If the missing photo comment came from a county worker then the problem is on our end. Recently the county IS started to block your photos for some reason. I can view the same email with photos on my phone with cell data. It might have something to do with security settings on your sever as they are getting pretty serious about securing our network.

Community Meeting.  There appear to be about 10 of these signs out in the community.  Please bring your ideas of what to do with the Illahee Store to the meeting.
2016-2-24 Misc 062
Surveying Work Above Outfall.  We received the following notice from the developer’s engineer that some work is beginning above where the Illhaee Outfall was installed last year.  It looks a development is ready to go forward and we hope the county will provide some kind of notification as it was part of an agreement with the Illahee community that notice would be provided. 
I just wanted to keep you in the loop and give you and the community a heads up that the project clearing limits will be staked in the next couple of weeks. There will be surveyors along the Sunrise Terrace and Berg Street ROWs.
Preserve Work Party Report.  This past Friday (2/19/16) a platoon of Washington Youth Academy (WYA) cadets helped clear tree debris and hauled wood chips to keep the Illahee Preserve trails well maintained.  There were 51 cadets and 4 supervisors, along with 8 volunteers (orange vests) who guided their efforts.  
2016-2-24 Misc 016
We have been questioned about how we can keep the trails so well maintained, and the answer is because of the help of volunteers like the WYA cadets and the Rotary and Preserve Stewards who coordinate the work parties.  The unofficial hours this work party worked:  WYA 358 hours, work supervisors 64 hours, for a total of 422 hours, with the Rotary providing for the required port-a-potty.  Note the fresh wood chips on the trail in the photo below.
2016-2-24 Misc 020
Washington Youth Academy.  Some information about the Washington Youth Academy appeared recently on the front page of the Kitsap Sun.
2016-2-24 Misc 065
2016-2-24 Misc 067
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/5/15 Pheasant, Halloween Photos, Community Meeting, Port Ballot Passes, Port Budget Meeting, Comp Plan Meetings

Pheasant.  Nice to see a couple of hen pheasants pass by the other day.

2015-11-5 Misc 012 
Halloween Photos.  It was a quiet Halloween for some in Illahee.  Several residents were seen at the Bremerton Community Theater as they said they never have any trick or treaters.
2015-11-5 Misc 010
2015-11-5 Misc 006 
Community Meeting Report.  An informative community meeting was held on Monday evening at the Library.  Much of the information had to do with earthquakes and tsunamis.  The following writeup is from the draft minutes of the meeting.

Susan May, Kitsap County Emergency Preparedness did a presentation on being prepared for disasters – earthquakes, landslides, weather related problems.  You should have provisions for 5-7 days.  Susan stressed that in the case of an earthquake, we could be isolated and on our own for several days.  More information can be found at  You can also sign up for alerts and warnings.  Susan left several pamphlets including Earthquake Safety checklist, Food and Water in an Emergency, Map Your Neighborhood as well as a few others.

Port Ballot Passes.  The results below are from the county’s website as of 11/5/15.
Port Budget Meeting.  Below are photos of the Port’s kiosk and the notice of the budget meeting coming up at the next Port meeting.
2015-11-5 Misc 0322015-11-007 
Comp Plan Meetings.  Three Illahee residents have been meeting weekly over the summer and have been working with the county regarding the Illahee Community Sub-Area plan that is being reworked as part of the county’s comprehensive plan update.  Below is information of important county meetings coming up.
Jim Aho

Illahee 10/28/15 Monday Community Meeting, Earthquake Preparedness Presentation, Port Ballot Measure, Preserve Camp, TE Phase 2 Questions, 2016 RCO Grant, Additional Purchase?, Wildlife Reports

Monday Community Meeting.  The Illahee Community non-profit group will hold its annual meeting this coming Monday (11/2/15) at 6:15 pm at the Kitsap Regional Library’s meeting room, and will cover a number of different topics of interest to Illahee and nearby residents.  Signs such as the one below will be posted on Thursday throughout Illahee.

2015-26-15 Misc 077 
Earthquake Preparedness Presentation.  Susan May with the County’s Department of Emergency Management will present from 6:15 to 7:15 pm on Monday regarding emergency preparedness in light of Illahee lying directly on the west end of the Seattle fault line, which is shown below.  Other issues noted in the sign photo will follow the presenation.
2015-10-10 Misc 077 
Port Ballot Measure.  We have been trying to find someone to argue against the Port of Illahee ballot measure since there was no argument against in the voter’s pamphlet.  This has resulted in some thinking we are against the measure, which is not the case.  We simply wanted to have both sides presented, assuming there would be some people against the measure. So far we haven’t found anyone against the elimination of the three individual Port district boundaries. Below is a copy of page 35 of the Voters Pamphlet and expanded views of verbiage.
Ballot Proposition
Ballot Arguments 
Preserve Camper.  A number of weeks ago we were alerted about a tent in the Preserve and it took awhile to get photos of it.  We notified the volunteers who work with the Sheriff’s department and the camp site was posted and the inhabitants packed up and left, and volunteers then cleaned up the site.  Again, it is amazing that the surrounding community and volunteers are able to maintain the Preserve, which includes helping with the policing of illegal activities, such as camping and brush picking.
2015-10-21 Misc 066 
TE Phase 2 Questions.  Many questions about The Lost Continent’s campaign to purchase the rest of the Timbers Edge properties, which is called “Phase 2”.  
2016 RCO Grant?  With the purchase of the additional 25 acres for the Illahee Preserve, bringing the total acreage to 570 acres (545 plus 25), which includes the golf course, it is time to begin work on a 2016 RCO grant (which has a March 2016 deadline).  The 25 acre purchase provides matching funds in excess of $200K, and provides the appraisal data that hindered the submittal of a 2014 RCO grant.
Additional Purchase?  Members of the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit are working with the property owner and developer on the possibility of securing another 5 acres, or the final 10 acres.  The non-profit boards of the Illahee Forest Preserve and Illahee Community group just met and voted to continue discussions for at least the forested five acre westerly Timbers Edge parcel.  The five acres could be secured in part with grant funds, in addition to other priority properties where there are landowner agreements.
Wildlife Reports.  The American wigeon ducks that winter in Illahee have returned in the last couple of days.  The first two photos below show them at the mouth of Illahee Creek.  The last photo shows some female common mergansers as they are seen swimming along the shoreline looking for fish, which they were finding this afternoon.
2015-26-15 Misc 0602015-26-15 Misc 0632015-26-15 Misc 068 
Jim Aho 

Illahee 5/20/15 Photos, Community Meeting, Transportation Report, TE Report, Outfall Report, Fundraising Efforts, Cell Phone Found

Photos.  Evidently the Bullock’s Oriole is common to the area but not often seen.  The Bullock male differs from the Baltimore Oriole male whose head is all black.  This one was photographed through a window and thus the glare.

2015-5-8 Misc 011 
While on a tour through the Timbers Edge properties this large frog appeared along the path.

2015-5-15 Misc 005 
Community Meeting.  From the comments we heard following the community meeting on Monday this was one of the best and most informative ones ever.  Much had to do with the county representatives who answered questions along with the community group working on suggested updates to the Illahee Community Plan and the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  Thanks to Michelle Keaton, Greg Cioc, and David Greetham from Kitsap County, Rick Feeney representing the West Sound Cycling and non-motorized trails, and Jim Brady and his group representing the Illahee community’s input.
2015-5-15 Misc 044 
Transportation Report.  We saw this email following the meeting and decided to copy it regarding transportation issues raised.
Here are my further questions re: our transportation goals. Let me know what else I should ask, and I’ll compose an email to Transportation to see if we can get some follow-up answers.
1. A bike path up Illahee Road is $3.35 million, which did not sound like a possibility.
  a. Where does this number come from? When was it generated, and is the document public? does this document est. costs for other sections of road in Illahee?
  b. What level of improvement does this number represent? 
  c. Would there be an acceptable cheaper option? (I think there may very well be, having just walked the road)
4.How can the community inform the TIP application process? How can the we let Transportation know about such as the failing Illahee Creek culvert, and accidents along the road? 
5. How are our goals represented in the TIP application process? Can we read them?
6. Do our goals represent one item in TIP, or several? Should they be broken down into, for example, Illahee Hill, Roosevelt to University Point, Oceanview, and McWilliams?
7. We have heard of several studies on improving Oceanview. Where can we access these? Or for any of the three streets identified in our Community Goals.
8. How can we in the community meaningfully express our prioritization of Illahee transportation goals?
9. Does the county really have only 1.5 million allotted county-wide for bicycle / pedestrian improvements over the next 6 years, as seems to be indicated in the TIP?
TE Report.  The Timbers Edge report noted $71,000 has been raised in pledges and contributions to purchase the 25 acres, the first phase of the purchase plan.  Thanks to all those who have contributed!!!!!  With the help of Mr. Tallman’s $350,000 we are at 55% of the $767,000 purchase price.  If the Birkenfeld Trust grant comes through with $250,000 we are at 87%, and if with $300,000 we are at 94%.  
Major donations will be required to purchase the entire 36 acres, but we have a few more months to raise the funds for that purchase, all presuming the first purchase is successful.
While we would be around 90% with a successful Birkenfeld grant, we still need to raise roughly between $50,000 and $100,000 to make the purchase, so any help or suggestions are appreciated.
Outfall Report.   The Illahee Settlement Outfall subject was discussed and it was recommended that a meeting be arranged with Kitsap County to discuss the issues, rather than retain legal council.
2015-1-23 Misc 106 
Fundraising Efforts.  How do we raise the funds to purchase Timbers Edge is a question one group of supporters is asking and then implementing them.  One plan is for signs in the area and 200 have been ordered and should show up soon.  Another is a T-shirt campaign which is described below.

The Lost Continent Project Shirts

As part of our urgent fundraising campaign to purchase the Timbers Edge properties for the Illahee Preserve, the IFP non-profit is having a T-shirt drive. 

Purchase a T-shirt (short or long sleeve) or hoodie with our exclusive design.  Show everyone you do care about the future of our community and help build awareness of this project.  All proceeds will go towards expansion of the Preserve.

If not for yourself, maybe you want to purchase some for kids and grandkids?  We have a goal of selling 250 in the next 8 days, so act fast and help spread the word about this drive!

Please visit: 

We appreciate your support.

Cell Phone Found.  We were asked to post this note after a cell phone was found near the Illahee Community Dock.
Cell Phone found Alcatel, One Touch Metro PCS 4g found at Illahee Dock kiosk on Wed before Port meeting.  Contact 792-6934.
Jim Aho

Illahee 5/15/15 Community Meeting, Sub-Area Plan, Road Plans, Outfall Issue, TE Update

Community Meeting.   The Illahee Community non-profit group is holding their quarterly meeting on Monday, May 18, 2015, at the Sylvan Way Library at 6:30 pm.  The public is welcome and there will be several Kitsap County employees there to discuss the Comprehensive Plan Update and transportation issues.  Additionally, we will discuss the Illahee Outfall and have a report on the fundraising efforts to purchase Timbers Edge.

2015-5-15 Misc 0682015-5-15 Misc 044 
Sub-Area Plan.   Illahee has its own community plan, called a sub-area plan, along with a few other unique communities in Kitsap County.  Illahee’s plan needs to be updated as part of the county’s comprehensive plan update and a handful of residents volunteered to help after the February 2015 quarterly meeting, and have been meeting weekly to make recommendations.  We will likely hear from them also.
Road Plans.   Separate from the Comp Plan, though working with the comp plan goals, is the county’s road plan, and county reps will be presenting their plans for Illahee and answering questions.
Outfall Issue.   The Illahee Outfall issue has been around for some time and a few months ago the beach section of the outfall was installed.  The installation was covered in detail in earlier updates because it caught Illahee residents unaware, in spite of the community entering into a settlement agreement with Kitsap County, the Port of Illahee, and the developer, that required notice and communication with the Illahee Community, along with meeting the requirements of the agreement.  It will be interesting to see what transpires.  An email was sent to the county to see if they could have someone explain what happened but so far no response has been received.  The community may have to look at taking legal actions if the county is unwilling to meet and try to resolve the issue.  The most recent photo we have of the outfall pipe is shown below.
2015-1-23 Misc 106 
TE Update.   With the community and the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group trying to purchase the Timbers Edge properties in two phases it will be good to see where they are at.  The first phase is to raise $767,000 and the the second phase is to raise $933,000.  Check out the new website for more information.
Lost Continent Title FINAL 
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/15/14 Community Meeting, Community Plan Review, Illahee Preserve’s Long Range Plans, Park or Sewers?

Community Meeting.  There is an important community meeting on Monday 11/17/14 at 6:15 pm at the Sylvan Way library, hosted by the Illahee Community Group, a 501.c.3 organization supporting the Illahee community.  Signs noting the meeting are supposed to be posted around the community on Saturday.

2014-11-15 Misc 061 
Community Plan Review.  One of the items on the agenda is the review of the Illahee Community Plan to see if any changes are required as part of Kitsap County’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update.  We recently discovered the Illahee Preserve is updating their Stewardship Plan that may also have implications for the community.
Illahee Preserve’s Long Range Plans.  The Illahee Preserve’s long range plans have been around since 2003 and are known to some, but not all.  We think they should be more widely known and have asked permission to pass them out at the community meeting on Monday.  We did copy this from an unofficial draft copy we saw:

Local residents continued to advocate for extending the DNR boundaries of the Preserve into adjoining undeveloped forest and riparian areas with the goal to ultimately preserve nearly 700 acres of pristine forest and a major portion of the Illahee Creek watershed.  Over the last 10 years the Preserve has grown to 444 acres, and with the addition of the 107 acres Rolling Hills Golf Course in 2010, increased the total acreage to 551 acres.  The community has identified an additional nearly 100 acres of properties for future acquisition through purchase or conservation easements.

Park or Sewers?  This is another item that will be discussed on Monday.  It appears there is a possibility development property could be purchased next to the Preserve, as a possible park or extension of the Preserve.  If not, the property would be developed thereby introducing sewers running through parts of Illahee.  This would affect many in Illahee and is another reason concerned citizens should attend the meeting on Monday.
Jim Aho 

Illahee 10/29/14 Wildlife Photos, Comprehensive Plan, Illahee Sub-Area Plan, Community Meeting, Wood Chips, Illahee Creek Salmon?

Wildlife Photos.  Some fall wildlife photos.  The squirrel has a chestnut in its mouth.  It is interesting how close a person can get to the bucks during the rut when a doe is near. These were just outside of a netted garden area.

2014-10-29 Misc 019
2014-10-29 Misc 010
2014-10-29 Misc 0522014-10-29 Misc 043 
Comprehensive Plan.  We all should have received the following mailer regarding the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update.  The Update should be especially important to Illahee Residents as it can give residents a voice as to what they want to see in their community.
2014-10-29 Mailer 016  
There is also the county’s website with much more information, which looks like this.
Illahee Sub-Area Plan.  It has been 6 years since the Illahee Community had their sub-area plan approved and it is time to review and update/edit or retain the vision and goal statements.  The Illahee Community non-profit group is looking at heading up the process.  The sub-area plan can be viewed at the county’s website:
Community Meeting.  A community meeting is being planned for November, hopefully at the Sylvan Way Library.  At one time Illahee wanted to establish their own Community Council, similar to Manchester and Kingston, but were discouraged in doing so because of the already established Central Kitsap Community Council.  Note below the recently announced sub-area meeting for Manchester, Kingston, and Suquamish.  Maybe when Illahee has a firm meeting date the county will announce it, even though we don’t have a county established community council. 
Wood Chips.  When the Soil Factory stopped accepting wood chips, the Illahee Preserve has been inundated with tree companies wanting a place to dump them.  Signs have been placed trying to stop the dumping at the Almira parking lot, only to have them dumped in the parking area at the Thompson Lane parking lot.  If you see anyone doing so at Thompson Lane please note any company name on the truck or a license number so it can be stopped.  The chips have to be hand moved and it takes special work parties and lots of person hours to clear them from the parking lot.  Either send an email that we can pass on or call 479-1049.
2014-10-29 Misc 014
2014-10-29 Misc 036 
Illahee Creek Salmon?  This photo is a few weeks old and likely a spawned out Illahee coho since it was close to the mouth of Illahee Creek.  We saw it early one morning with some eagles nearby.  By the time we got to the beach to take its picture, this was all that was left.
2014-10-29 Misc 017 
Jim Aho

Illahee Update 11/5/11 Deer Picture, Remand Meetings, Cell Tower Hearing, Community Meeting, Drug Bust, Illahee Preserve

Deer Photo. We have heard about a number of big bucks in Illahee, but this one is the most colorful.  While sometimes we have lots of wildlife photos coming in, that is not the case now.  Please feel free to forward any wildlife photos you would like to share.  The note with this photo was:

I know you get lots of photos, but I saw this older buck out in the pasture today with the llamas and goats.   Looks like an offspring from the albino, from a few years back.

Remand Meetings. The discussion of how the county will respond to the Comp Plan remand is of particular interest to Illahee as there are a number of residents who would like to see Illahee removed from the Urban Growth Area (UGA) base on the fact that we are roughly half forested and almost half either Preserve, State Park, or Open Space (the golf course etc), all of which make it more difficult for providing the infrastructure needed to accommodate increased urban growth densities.  The county has scheduled two meetings this upcoming week to present the issues.  We have copied the information on this important meeting below:

Kitsap County has been required by the Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board to revisit the size and make up of certain urban growth areas by August of 2012. This decision was as a result of a lengthy legal challenge based upon our 2006 Comprehensive Plan adoption.  

Specifically, the Hearings Board has required Kitsap County to revisit the following:

1)       Whether 4 dwelling units an acre (1/4 acre lot sizes) is an appropriate urban density for Kitsap

2)       What density should Kitsap use when calculating the amount of urban area necessary to accommodate population growth through 2025.

These issues primarily apply to the low-density residential zones (Urban Low, Urban Cluster and Urban Restricted) and likely will require a reduction in the sizes of many of our urban growth areas.


Kitsap will be holding two public workshops to further present the requirements of this Hearings Board remand.  These workshops will also include public discussions of the issues of urban growth in our County and which areas are most appropriate for future urban development. These workshops will be held on the following dates and times:


November 7th

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Kitsap County Administration Building, Commissioners Chambers

619 Division Street, Port Orchard

November 10th

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Klahowya Middle School, Commons

7607 NW Newberry Hill Road, Silverdale


These workshops will include an opening presentation, followed by individual discussion group exercises and then concluding with an open house for attendees to speak one-on-one with County staff.


Additionally, if you are the primary contact for an interest group please forward this message on to your appropriate body.


We look forward to this public discussion that will affect our community’s future . If you have any questions regarding the remand or the upcomining workshops, please contact Eric Baker at or at (360) 337-4495or Angie Silva at or at (360) 337-4841.



Heather Adams, Community Planner

Policy and Planning Division

Kitsap County Department of Community Development

360-337-5777 ext.3094


Cell Tower Hearing on Thursday. We don’t know as much about this topic as we would like to, but talked with some concerned citizens about a second cell tower being proposed at the Fire Station at the top of the Illahee hill.  We said we would notify residents of their concerns and received the following:


We have just become aware of an upcoming Kitsap County Hearing regarding the proposed new 135-145 ft. Cell Tower to be erected at the Illahee Fire Station.  This hearing before the County hearing examiner is scheduled for 10:00 AM on Thursday, November 10, 2011.  This monopole cell tower will be in the same general area of the existing one.

Although residents living in the immediate area of the fire station were sent a notice that this hearing would be tentatively scheduled for December 8, 2011, it appears that this date has been moved forward to November 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Many have concerns about this project and some may be happy at the thought of getting improved cell coverage.  There are no guarantees for those living at the bottom of Illahee Road that their coverage will improve, but this monopole will improve coverage for Bremerton and Sylvan Way we are told.

I was always told that these cell towers were to be located in commercial or industrial areas and we sure have many of those places in the area, I believe, well suited for that, not to interfere with the viewscape we all now enjoy coming down or up Illahee Road. It is common practice for one of these cell towers be removed when the new one is erected, but that is not included in the proposed plan.

Please come to the hearing and express your views both pro and con regarding cell towers in residential neighborhoods and how you could be affected by this proposal.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to try and answer them and feel free to call.

Thank You, Judith Krigsman 792-6934


Community Meeting Next Saturday. The Illahee Community non-profit group that has been representing Illahee concerns meets quarterly and has scheduled a meeting next Saturday afternoon at 1 pm at the Sylvan Way library.  We understand they are trying to schedule a speaker on a topic of interest to the community and will provide us with an agenda soon.

Drug Bust? We are often forwarded information and articles that show up on websites.  This one evidently showed up on the Kitsap Sun website, but did not get posted in the paper.  We don’t know much more than what is in the article, except from the blog it appears a neighbor said the people had only recently moved in.  Thanks for passing on information such as this so we can pass it on.

Illahee Preserve Information. We heard another Eagle Scout project is being planned for the Preserve, which will make it number three.  One is complete, one is ongoing at Compass Circle, and the new project is in the planning stage.  We also heard that the Rotary trail crew has now cleared 92 trees that have fallen across the trails since last Thanksgiving, and are wondering if they will reach 100 by this Thanksgiving.  Also, we want to thank the county Public Works crew for removing the filter fabric from the rain garden drains at the Almira parking lot.  We tried but were unable to get the gratings off.

Other Subjects? We have been asked to clarify the Timbers Edge situation, and about a large white boat recently seen in the area.  Let us know if you have some subjects you would like to see covered.  And, if you have photos to share, please send them.

Jim Aho