Illahee 7/27/17 Coyote Report, Preserve Land Slide, Creek Spring Fed, Sunset Sewer Project, Fire Concerns, Shelter Picnic Table?

Coyote Report.  From the Illahee Community Facebook page.  Kristen noted in a FB response that this was the third time in the past 3 weeks they were observed.

Preserve Land Slide.  Nearly every year land slides occur along the steep banks surrounding Illahee Creek.  Last year one took out a PUD monitoring site.  This one is at the North Perry pump station at the end of Riddell Road.  Below is an email regarding a meeting Park’s Planner Steven Starlund had on the slide.
Mud slide JUL2017 006
Steven met with North Perry Water yesterday. There was a large slide at their facility on the corner of Perry and Riddel. The slide also took out part of park property. The County has given the water company permission to build a gabion retaining wall  and drain to shore up and protect their property. Part of this will be on park property too. The plan is to complete the work before the rains start this winter.
Mud slide JUL2017 002
Creek Spring Fed.  During dry spells like we are having Illahee Creek continues to flow and be inhabited by fish because it is fed by seeps and springs from the shallow aquifer.  The photo is of a sign along a trail at Alderbrook Resort.
Sunset Sewer Project.  In addition to the sewer pump station work on McWilliams new sewer lines are being installed in the Sunset roadway.
Fire Concerns.  Fire danger signs have been installed around the Preserve and yet we found signs of a fire on Preserve property along Rest Place.
Shelter Picnic Table?  We had a recommendation to pass on regarding picnic tables at the new shelter at the Preserve’s Almira entrance.  These were observed at Port Gamble and it was noted the color would match those of the shelter.
Jim Aho

Illahee Update 12/14/11 Timbers Edge Gift Tract Update, Sunrise Photos, Winter Waterfowl, Cell Tower Approved, December High Tides, Soft Bulkheading, Coyote Report

Timbers Edge Gift Tract Update. Thanks to local attorney Ron Templeton, who agreed to prepare the conveyance documents without pay, it appears the gifting of the open space tracts to the Port of Illahee, and eventually to the Illahee Preserve, will take place this week.  The legal papers have been prepared and are in the process of being reviewed.  Since several parties are involved it will take a few days, but it is on a fast track to have everything completed on Friday.  Again, we need to thank Ron Templeton, who has made what seemed like an impossible situation a few days ago, something that will probably complete by weeks end.  The Illahee Preserve and the Illahee Community thank you Ron for resolving the gifting predicament!
Sunrise Photos. Never before have we received sunrise photos, but yesterday two different sets arrived.  The above one is stitched, the second set is from Arlene Lind.

Winter Waterfowl. Late fall and winter are the times of year when we see a new complement of waterfowl along the Illahee shorelines.  The first to arrive are usually the American Wigeon which are pictured here.  We will start including photos of the various winter waterfowl we see most everyday.

Cell Tower Approved. As normally happens with these type of hearings (unless you have a lawyer, experts, and a good case), the second cell tower (for Verizon) at the Trenton Fire Station was approved.  See the attached notice from the Kitsap Sun  We tried to find the decision of the Hearing Examiner on line, but evidently they are longer posted on the county website.  We did sign up to get a copy and will be glad to send it to anyone who might be interested.

December High Tides Coming. December is the month of high and low tides.  Thirteen foot high morning tides will be with us for the rest of this week and the 25th through the 29th.  Because of the significant effects of atmospheric pressure, winds, storms, and rainfall on tides, the predicted high tides on the charts may or may not be an issue.

Log Shoreline Protection. This is also the time for those using logs for shoreline protection (soft bulkheads) to be concerned.  We have included some pictures of logs being used to protect shorelines in Illahee.  The high tides can be be a major threat for these logs, especially if there are strong winds and waves.
Coyote Report. The other day we received an email from a resident who lives close to the edge of the Preserve and have included his coyote report.

The pack of coyotes near us is far more than 5 or 8  as some “expert” had mentioned in a previous E-mail. I hear them all the time and can say that there are many. many yipping at the same time they can raise a holy racket from a good 1/4 mile away.  Also, we have watched them kill some our neighbors chickens and even attack one of their baby lambs, fatally injuring it. Also, a Cooper’s Hawk attacked my wife’s and neighbors chickens a couple of months ago.

Jim Aho