Illahee 6/7/14 Coyotes, Pheasants, Deer, Crab Pot, Work Party Report, Canada Geese

Coyotes.  Thanks to those who remember we are always looking for wildlife reports and especially photos to go with them.  Coyotes are some of the hardest for us to see, much less get a photo of them. Below is part of the note we received with the two coyote photos.

I remember a while back you talked about a coyote pack roaming the area. We hear them out on the back side of our property all the time. My husband says that very fearless. He had the dog with him out there one day and they had no problem standing around in broad daylight with him standing in proximity (probably looking at the dog as a tastey morsel). I’ve always wanted to get a picture of one and send it to you. I happened to have mowed the acre and a quarter of yard with a field mower the other day and as usual scattered a mass of rats. This usually bring every cat in the neighborhood around for days. It apparently attracted the coyotes as well. 
Pheasants.  We have had reports of a number of pheasant broods, and have been unsuccessful at photos of them, so we were glad to get these photos. We also had a report that pheasants like strawberries, and the chicks were standing on the protective netting, eating the berries through the netting.
Deer.  It isn’t very often you get a photo of two active fawns stopping to nurse.  When they realized we were there, they decided to leave. They are already trying to get into local gardens.
2014-6-7 Misc 0042014-6-7 Misc 008 
Crab Pot.  This crab pot was dropped off along the road, so if you are missing one let us know.
2014-6-7 Misc 037 
Work Party Report.  Last weekend there were two work parties scheduled. One on Friday evening and the other on Saturday.  Those who volunteered liked Friday and lots of chips were moved and other work accomplished in the two hours.  Saturday was a bust with one person cleaning up a section of one of the rain gardens.  They are reassessing whether weekend work parties should be scheduled.  If you have an opinion, let us know.
2014-6-7 Misc 0192014-6-7 Misc 025 
One wood chip pile was leveled as those chips went around the perimeter of the Native Plant Demonstration Rain Gardens (see the above photos), while the smaller chips were used for the paths.
2014-6-7 Misc 028
Canada Geese.  Some of the local geese families are large this year, and others are small, as can be seen by these two photos.  Keeping a garden around here is tough when you have geese, pheasants, deer, squirrels, raccoons, and possum to deal with, along with various smaller birds. 
2014-6-7 Misc 031
2014-6-7 Misc 035

Illahee Update 6/10/12 Eel Grass, Shoreline Hearing, SMP Update, Remand Responses, Coyotes

Email Photo Problem.  A number of you who receive the email version of Illahee Updates reported problems recently with the size of our photos.  We first publish these updates for the website, which looks great when previewed, but then we copy it to an email, which evidently doesn’t work for some.  We have a choice how big to make the photos for the website so will try smaller ones in hopes it will solve the problems.  Please let us know if you have problems with the eel grass photo. 

Eel Grass.  When we walked a portion of the Illahee shoreline during last weeks low tides, there were several eel grass beds, which are considered great habitat for a number of marine animals.  While eel grass is among the seaweed it is not considered a seaweed, but is an underwater grass that grows in the spring and summer and dies back int he fall and winter.  The Department of Ecology has a good website for marine species and we have attached their site for eelgrass for those interested:

Shoreline Hearing.  The second and last public shoreline hearing before the Planning Commission will be held Monday (6/11/12) at 6 pm at Poulsbo’s City Hall.  The first hearing was last Tuesday in Port Orchard, which we didn’t attend, but have provided the link to the Kitsap Sun’s coverage that appeared in Thursday’s paper:  We would encourage residents to arrive at 5 pm to review the maps and materials before the actual hearing.

SMP Update.  The Shoreline Master Program is being updated with some significant changes.  Information about the Update can be found on the county’s website.  The link to the Staff Report to the Planning Commission is:  The link to the SMP website containing more information and also the draft SMP is:  The shoreline designations for Illahee are shown below with major portions of the northern shoreline having a duel designation that was upsetting to many as was expressed in their remand comments, i.e., they thought it wrong to try and protect a sensitive conservancy shoreline next to housing densities of 5-9 homes per acre (see the comments in the Remand report that follows).
Remand Responses.  We reported earlier on the Remand Hearing on Monday (6/4/12).  The coverage in the Kitsap Sun on Wednesday mentioned Illahee with the sentence “Illahee residents and others generally supported the plan to remove portions of Illahee from the urban growth area.”  The link to the article is:

Illahee Community Responses.  We saw several responses that are rather long but worth copying.  The first is from the IllaheeCommunity.Com board which came as a resolution.

Resolution 2012-01 

Illahee Community Board Response to 2012 Remand Options 

Whereas Illahee was founded 96 years ago and has maintained its community status and identity, and

Whereas the citizens of Illahee have been active and involved in the governance of its affairs, and

Whereas Illahee was placed in the Urban Growth Area (UGA) during the 1998 Comprehensive Plan Update, when the area between Bremerton and Silverdale was blanket zoned, and 

Whereas Illahee has over the last 14 years (after the 1998 placement into the UGA) acquired nearly 600 acres of forest, park and recreational lands for the Illahee Preserve (a Kitsap County Heritage Park), and

Whereas a large portion of the 600 acres of acquired land constituted the primary areas where Illahee’s future growth was projected to take place in 1998, and

Whereas Illahee’s only commercial area with urban services was removed from the community’s recommended sub-area boundary during a review process by the Planning Commission, and

Whereas Illahee is left with primarily natural resource lands, geological features, and recreational lands that greatly impede urban levels of development and supporting infrastructure, and

Whereas Illahee was built out as a rural and later a semi-rural community, and is mostly void of urban features and urban services, such as transportation, sewers, sidewalks, etc (with a few minor exceptions), and

Whereas the Growth Management Act specifically discourages adverse urban growth impacts to vulnerable aquifer recharge areas supporting potable water services and stream base flows (supporting anadromous fish), as is the situation with the Manette aquifer as verified in the Remand’s Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS), and

Whereas the Growth Management Hearings Board has remanded the 2006 Comprehensive Plan back to Kitsap County to reconsider the size of its Urban Growth Areas,

We therefore respectfully request you consider the Illahee Community as a prime candidate for the necessary remand reductions and the reductions be considered in the following order of preference:   

(1)  Alternative 1 (for Central Kitsap and East Bremerton) be adopted along with a rural designation for the area east of Illahee Road to the shoreline and north to University Point (to further protect its sensitive conservancy shoreline), or 

(2)  Alternative 2 (for Central Kitsap and East Bremerton) be adopted as presented.

The second is a letter that is also long but says the same thing only a little differently.  

Subject:  The 2012 Remand

Request you choose Alternative 1 for the Illahee Community (as displayed on the East Bremerton and the Central Kitsap maps) with the addition of a rural connection east of Illahee Road to the shoreline extending south from University Point until it connects with the rural designation at old Illahee.

This request supports the conservancy designation given to the shoreline in the Shoreline Master Program by eliminating the conflicting situation of having a sensitive shoreline bordered by an upland zoning that would put 5-9 homes next to it.  The two classifications seem to be at odds with each other and have been an area of contention for many Illahee residents since the Comp Plan Update of 2006.

The request to make the shoreline area rural also eliminates a situation where the Illahee Community could be considered a rural island, which could complicate the providing of county services.

The primary reasons to support of this request are the natural features in Illahee which greatly limit urban densities and increase the costs of development, both to the developers and the county.  As two respected developers stated on Monday during the remand hearing, Illahee should not be in an urban growth area.

The final reason, and one that no one wants to talk about, is that the Manette aquifer is currently at water balance, and moreover, it is already impacting Illahee Creek’s ability to support fish, because local wells are decreasing the base flows in the creek.  The Illahee community has taken the initiative to have the scientific studies prepared and has had them presented at the Norm Dicks Center.  It is time for county to recognize these studies and adjust their planning efforts accordingly, i.e., look at ways to reduce the population projections for Illahee. 

Thank you for considering this request to take major portions of Illahee out of the UGA.

Beach Coyotes.  This morning a big coyote was seen going south along the beach.  A few years ago we used to see fox in the morning going north where we knew they had a den.  With seals, otters, eagles, raccoon and deer seen regularly along the shoreline, this was the first coyote seen on the beach by this family.  Now we just need to get a photo of one to share.

Jim Aho

Illahee Community Update 10/6/2011 Robberies, Cooper’s Hawk, Coyotes, Unknown Boat Tow, Water Course

More Robberies.  Since the last Update there have been two more robbery reports.  The first was reported in the Kitsap Sun and was just north of the Gilberton Creek culvert that washed out a few years ago.  The robbery was also covered by a Seattle TV station where they said the man had a $50,00 coin collection that was taken.  The link to the Kitsap Sun article is:  

Next Report.  The next report was received on Thursday evening (10/6/11) which is the area next to Illahee State Park.
Hi………Just wanted to let you know that two homes on Ridgeview where burglarized in the past week. Our next door neighbor has found several cigarette butts next to his home and garage. That’s over 50 feet from the road. 
Cooper’s Hawk Photos.  Some great pictures of a Cooper’s Hawk.  Thanks for sharing your photos of wildlife.  We had someone who wanted us to share photos of the big rats they have around their compost pile.  Maybe later.
We’ve sent you some shots of the various birds we have at our place a while back that you shared in the newsletter, we now have a new regular visitor we add to the list…

We’ve had this Cooper’s Hawk hanging around our place for the last few weeks.  We usually see it on top of our cedar bird feeder in front of our living room window, but never seem to grab the camera in time.  Today we were able to snap some shots of it perched on our bird bath and on top of the cab of my truck of all places…  We were pretty excited to finally get some good shots, hope you enjoy and feel free to share.
Coyotes Kill Another Pet.  We received the following report of another pet that was killed by coyotes last week.
One of our cats was killed a couple of days ago.  We aren’t sure what creature it was, but it was a creature and near the beach on the 6200 block of Illahee Rd.  I thought you should know considering the possible increase in coyotes some are talking about.  We haven’t been keeping our cats inside.
Unknown Boat Tow.  We have been unable to find out what this tow is that periodically passes by Illahee.  Any help would be appreciated.
Upcoming Water Course at Keyport.  We have been asked to let people know about a water course being held at Keyport next weekend.  We copied the first paragraph to give you an idea of the magnitude of the course. Learn how to grow shellfish in your backyard, create salmon habitat, and plant native plants in your garden.  These are some of the water topics featured at a two-day event called “Water Courses – Connecting West Sound.”   With over 36 speakers, this symposium is one of the largest educational events held about water issues in Kitsap County.

More details are in the linked document.  Water Courses – Info for Public

Jim Aho

Illahee Community Update 9-14-11 Coyotes, Docks, UGA, Peterson Farm, Break-in, Fire

Coyote Email. We receive email responses to most of our updates and want to pass on this one regarding the number of coyotes in one area of Illahee.


Dock Response. We also have had responses regarding docks along the shoreline.  One email recipient did a bunch of research but did not want us to copy his email.  It is an interesting issue and shows that there are shoreline property owners who would like to put in docks if they could.  We did get another response that we will try to paraphrase.

I attended the public hearing for the University Point dock and found it very interesting in that the reasoning for needing the dock was because there was a one year waiting period for a slip at the Brownsville Marina, that they had limited access from the road, and that they wanted to bring disabled children from their Seattle job to the residence.  They had a consultant who did most of the presentations, she was very good, and like most hearings played on the sympathy of the county and the hearing examiner.  They had a biologist that didn’t see any adverse effects on fish, but because a tribal biologist could not be there there was not a second opinion.  There was input from a few who lived nearby, but when the examiner found out the Corps of Army Engineers wrote there would be no navigation obstructions because the dock was not in the main channel, she seemed to be satisfied in approving the dock.

Illahee and the Urban Growth Area. There was an article in the Kitsap Sun about the Commissioners’ meeting on Monday evening about population projections  We listened the the public hearing part of the meeting on BKAT (channel 12) and found it interesting that all those speaking said the decision should be delayed.  One of those speaking from Illahee said Illahee should be removed from the Urban Growth Area and the community did not want to be annexed by Bremerton (which is what is supposed to eventually happen if you are in an urban growth area next to a city).

Previous Survey Results. The annexation statement reminded us of a survey that was done a few years ago to determine the desires of Illahee residents regarding whether they wanted to be part of Bremerton, Silverdale, or their own subarea.  The results of the survey were:  2 percent wanted to align with Bremerton, 6 percent wanted to be part of the eventual town of Silverdale, and 92 percent wanted to create their own subarea plan.  And that is what happened several years later.  The Illahee Community Plan can be viewed online at:

Peterson Farm Event on Sunday. We have been asked to remind residents of the Peterson farm event on Sunday, Sept 18th, from 10 am – 5 pm.  We have attached a link to the Rob Woutat article in the Kitsap Sun a few weeks ago that gives more information on the Peterson Farm.

Break-in Report. Received the following report of a recent break-in on Illahee Road.

Our neighbor (at the top of our driveway) almost always has his cop car parked right there in plain site….practically right on the road.  He came home Friday afternoon to his front door kicked in.  House wasn’t trashed, but every drawer and cupboard was open (he didn’t say what was missing).  This is the second incident like this that I’ve heard of in our immediate neighborhood “6200” area.  Pretty brave to break into a policeman’s house in broad daylight…and right on the main road.  These guys are getting very brave and desperate.

Illahee Fire on Wednesday. The Kitsap Sun has covered a fire in Illahee on Wednesday morning.  The link is:

Jim Aho

Illahee Community Update 9-11-11 Emails, Coyotes, Preserve Work Party, Port Meeting, Illahee Letter, & Flyover

Garbled Emails. It turns out a number of you are having trouble with text being partially cut off.  We are working on the problem.  Another option when that happens is to go to our website  At the website you will see we are still in transition with pages to finish, but the updates from the past have been transferred and the new updates show in their entirety, complete with the embedded photos.

Coyotes and Pets. We received the following email to notify residents about increasing numbers of coyotes that are now being seen along the shoreline area.

Word of warning to the neighborhood!!   Last Saturday night our housecat and pet of 2 years was killed by a coyote.  If your family pet is small and is sometimes outside please be cautious especially in the evening hours.
Other Reports. We have had other reports recently, of a partially eaten cat and a raccoon.  The rest of the raccoon was moved to the beach where the eagles finished the job.  In the not too distant past we had a family of fox that would often be seen moving along the shoreline, but nothing recently, so we presume the coyotes are now the dominate predator in the area.

Illahee Preserve Work Party. Another big work party with the Washington Youth Academy is being planned for the morning of Saturday, September 17th, rain or shine.  It turns out the 17th is a big volunteer service day in the county for a number of groups and the wheel barrows and tools we normally borrow are already spoken for.  We will let you know in an upcoming update what is needed in case you can help.

Port of Illahee Meeting Time Change. The Port of Illahee normally meets at 5 pm on the second Wednesday of the month, but not in September.  The will instead be meeting at 6:30 pm according to an email we received.  The Port meetings are public meetings and residents are welcome to attend.  They meet at the Port office at 5560 Ocean View Blvd.  Again, the meeting is at 6:30 pm on September 14th.

Illahee Letter to County Commissioners. We saw several versions of a letter being drafted by the Illahee Community’s (the non profit group) Board of Directors raising concerns about reported excessive population projections that may affect Illahee.  We don’t know all the details, but thought we should at least print the text of the shortened version of one of the letters to let residents know about their concern.  The item is on the Commissioner’s agenda for Monday evening, September 12, 2011.


The Illahee Community Board is trying to digest the recent decision from the Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) and how the decision might affect Illahee.

We are anticipating the decision will require the reworking of the Land Capacity Analysis and a management analysis of the Urban Growth Areas.

We have been told the BOCC is poised to accept projected growth allocations, which are reported to be excessively high, at the September 12, 2011 Board meeting, which could impact Illahee.  We request any growth allocation decision be postponed until the impact of the GMHB decision is better understood by Illahee residents.

Please reschedule your decision for a future meeting.

Flyover & Camera Some have asked for more information about the flyover and the camera system.  We found some information on the cineflex camera used in the flyover on Wednesday.  The photos are taken at the Port Angeles airport during a refueling stop and shows the helicopter and camera along with cine-photographer, John Trapman, and our filmaker, Shelly Solomon.  The camera system is expensive reported to be about $600,000.  It was developed for the military by General Dynamics with this version used by filmmakers for high quality films, as previously noted in an earlier update.

Jim Aho


Cineflex V14 HD

The Cineflex V14 HD delivers true high-definition (HD) imagery with unparalleled stability. The 5-axis assembly provides layered isolation, steering and fine correctional movements for stabilization to a sub-pixel level. The system’s capture device, the Sony® HDC-1500 1080p professional broadcast camera, provides true scene fidelity with unmatched color clarity and resolution.


Infrared Camera Photo.  More than one person has commented about how they wish they had an infrared camera to determine what was eating their plants, etc.  We received the following photo of two young deer along with this note:
Deer browsing  below bird feeder at night. taken with my $99 infrared camera.

Coyote Comments.  Some comments regarding coyotes have come in since sending out the pictures in our last update.  One was a verbal about watching a young coyote pup coming out of the woods to watch a small dog playing in a yard.  Others have commented about hearing coyotes at night.  And an email from a couple of days ago:

This morning about 8AM we saw a coyote on the beach in front of our house (halfway between the park and dock) and crows were attacking it – it was moving south away from them!
Graduation Balloons?  A few weeks ago we saw a beautiful string of balloons at a driveway entrance and took a picture in case you missed it.   Since it was about graduation time we felt it must have some party.
Illahee Bird Pictures.  We received the following note and pictures of some more Illahee birds:
We’ve enjoyed a huge variety of birds at our place this year.  Our most active feeder is just 10 feet from our living room window, so we always try and have a camera handy and we thought we’d send in a few shots.The American Goldfinches are non-stop on our porch, but they’re mostly on our sunflower chip feeders.  We snapped some shots of our seed/suet feeder with some of the woodpeckers that have been dropping by.  We have a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers always around and the male and female Northern Flickers always show up together (got one shot of the female landing).  We’re not sure if the smaller woodpeckers are Hairy Woodpeckers the Downy Woodpeckers, but they’ve just started showing up in the last few weeks.Enjoy the pictures and thanks for the newsletter updates!
Thanks for Sharing Photos.  Thanks to all those who send in photos to share.  We have been told over and over again that while residents like to know what is happening in the Illahee area, they most like to know and see the area’s wildlife.
Jim Aho