Illahee 4/17/15 Spring Scenes, Water Festival, The Lost Continent, New Website, Homeless Camps, Reporters Needed, TE Tours, Purchase Donations, Hairless Squirrel, Common Loon

Spring Scenes.  The goose below seemed ready to either attack or fly as I approached its nest.

2015-4-17 Misc 010 
Water Festival.  On Tuesday over 1100 fourth graders attended the 2015 Kitsap Water Festival at the Fairgrounds.  It was an amazing event that has been going on for 21 years, that included display areas where a table promoting the Illahee Preserve and moreover, the purchase of the Timbers Edge properties. The photo below shows the question that was asked of those who stopped.
2015-4-17 Misc 007 
If the question was answered correctly a handout with a tattoo attached was provided.  The cover of the handout is shown below.
The tattoo, which is only temporary and easily removable with baby oil, is shown below on a fourth grader’s hand who wants to help with the campaign to purchase the properties.
The Lost Continent.  This is a name that was given to the area many years ago by children who explored the forest and Illahee Creek.  We heard this many years ago from some old-timers, and then saw it on the name of a grant in 2002 that resulted in the addition of about 90 acres to the Preserve.  It will likely be the name of a proposed grant in 2016 if the Timbers Edge properties are purchased.
TLC Logo  
New Website:  When the tattoos were distributed on Tuesday (4/14/15) the website went online even though it was still being developed.  It is to be used to promote not only the purchase of the Timbers Edge properties, but also the purchase or conservation easements on the remaining targeted properties.
Homeless Camps.  After realizing the mess homeless camps can become if they are allowed to remain in the Preserve, volunteers have begun monitoring the Preserve more closely, and posting any site as soon as it is discovered.  This site shown below was discovered on Tuesday and posted on Tuesday evening.
2015-4-13 Misc 046 
The notice looks like this, and they are given 24 hours to vacate the site, which they did when the site was checked on Wednesday.
2015-4-13 Misc 047 
The back side of the notice notes services that are available.  The postings and notices are done in collaboration with the Sheriff’s Department.
 2015-4-17 Misc 003
Reporters Needed.  We are always looking for new reporters to tell the Preserve and Illahee stories, and especially younger ones.  Let us know if you are interested or have any suggestions of someone who might be reluctant to volunteer.
Timbers Edge Tours.  Thanks to those interested in touring the Timbers Edge property.  We need to clear a pathway of fallen branches and blackberries, and decide what to do about all the stinging nettles, and hope to have something going by next weekend.
Purchase Donations.  We will be getting information about received donations and how to donate for another update.
Hairless Squirrel.  Thanks for the photo and does anyone know what is wrong with it?
hairless Squirrel (5) 
Common Loon.  For those who like bird sounds, our favorite is the loon, and we only hear their sounds when they come through in the spring and fall.  We only heard their distinct call once this spring and were able to get photo.  Other favorite calls are from the ravens that seem to stay more in the forest.
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Jim Aho