Illahee 7/27/16 Deer, Illahee Day, Port Public Hearing Aug 10, Illahee Store, Illahee Day, New Sign, Cleanup Week/Day, Preserve Couch, Illahee Community Facebook Page

Deer.   Looking for photos of fawns.  This is a yearling buck.

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Port Public Hearing Aug 10.  This appeared in today’s Kitsap Sun.  Looks like an important hearing for those interested in the business of the Port and the Illahee Store.  The current Comprehensive Plan is available on the Port’s website:
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Illahee Store.  Lots of work going on around the former Illahee Store, thanks to Mark Moshay.  The Krick’s, owners of record, have given permission to clean up the area.

Illahee Day.  The Port has designated August 13th as Illahee Day and as the day to officially celebrate Illahee’s 100th Anniversary.  The Port will provide food for the event.  Others are wondering about the possibility of setting up tables in the area by the store for locals to promote their products.  This will be a discussion item when the Illahee Community Club board meets on August 1st.  
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New Sign.  We were impressed with the new sign that appeared recently at the Illahee Store.  It was provided by the Bremerton Bottling Company and they also contributed drinks for the celebration.   
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Clean-up Week/Day.  At the last Port meeting there was a request to spend some significant dollars on cleaning up the parking area, the planters, and the area in general for Illahee Day.  It was followed by a suggestion that volunteers could do the clean up and save tax payer’s dollars.  The morning of Saturday, August 6th, is the day the clean up is scheduled for, but we understand the dumpster is going to be delivered on August 1 and picked up on August 8, so the cleanup can begin anytime before and then finish up on Saturday.  Feel free to come down and help!
Preserve Couch.  Speaking of cleanup.  This couch along Thompson Lane, which goes through the Illahee Preserve, has been there for a long time.  If there is still room in the dumpster after the cleanup it would be nice to see moved there.

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Illahee Community Facebook Page.  We recently re-discovered the Illahee Community Facebook page and find it to be a very active and involved group.  It is a closed group which means you need to email Steve Pejka, the person who set up the group, to become a member, which is very easy if you are on Facebook. 

Jim Aho

Illahee 8/18/15 Orcas Visit Illahee, Fire Ants, Lightning Cancels Work Party, Web Cam, Illahee Day, Port Proposition, Thefts, Missing Person and Lost Cat Notices

Orcas Visit Illahee.  A pod of orcas visited Illahee this evening and put on quite a show for those on the Illahee Community dock.

2015-8-18 Misc 035 
Fire Ants.  As we wait to close on the 25 acre Phase 1 purchase of the Timbers Edge project, we walked through the 10 acre Phase 2 parcels and found a big fire ant nest.  These little guys can be vicious.
2015-8-18 Misc 033
2015-8-18 Misc 034 
Lightning Cancels Work Party.  The treat of lightning caused the work party with the Washington Youth Academy to be cancelled.  We will be scheduling for another day as we have loads of wood chips to spread on the trails.  Lots of preparations, including arranging for a portapotty and the delivery of a container with all the tools, go into these work parties and we thank the East Bremerton Rotary for making all the arrangements.
2015-8-18 Misc 014 
Web Cam.  There is a 24/7 web camera that looks at the Illahee Community dock and can be viewed on the website.  At the bottom of the camera picture are time the photo was taken and the weather details.  The previous day’s time lapsed video is always available and it provided some interesting camera captures of the early morning lightning, which are shown below.  The camera takes a snap shot every 34 seconds so we were lucky to find these photos.  The second shows a likely lightning strike on Bainbridge Island.  The amount of rain noted at the site was 1.05 inches on Friday.
Illahee Day.  Saturday was Illahee day and forty plus people attended.  Toward the end of the day some fireman from the station at the top of Illahee hill attended and suggested that next year we schedule tours of a fire truck.  There were no photos taken so the photo below is a repeat.
2015-8-11 Misc 007 
Port Proposition.  The Port of Illahee has a proposition on November’s ballot and they were looking for committee members both for and against the proposition.  Evidently they have some residents for a for committee, but not for the against committee and asked the county whether the committee members need to be against the measure, and below is the response and how the proposition will be worded.
Port Proposition 
Thefts.  Several residents have reported mail thefts in Illahee and also they evidently think the person who did the burglary and car theft at Illahee north, lives in the vicinity, which is why in the writeup they chased the guy back to Illahee.  Let us know if you find out more information on the mail thefts and the burglary so we can pass it on.
KCSO News Release 8-5-15 pg 1 
Missing Person and Lost Cat Notices.  Below are some notices we found posted in the community.
2015-8-18 Misc 0232015-8-18 Misc 0222015-8-11 Misc 004 
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/12/14 Illahee Day, Port Meeting, Illahee Store, Timbers Edge, Squirrels, Gardens

Illahee Day.  We noticed the sign just went up advertising Illahee Day for this Saturday, 8/16/14, and all are invited.  

2014-8-12 Misc 007 
Purpose.  It was described at the last Port meeting as a time for residents to gather socially at the dock and waterfront area in front of the Port office facilities at 5500 Illahee Road. 
Food.  The Port is providing food and drinks.  In the past they have provided Subway sandwiches and we understand this year it will be catered by McClouds restaurant, primarily potato salad and hot dogs.
Other.  Copies of the film “Illahee – Saving Puget Sound, One Watershed at a Time” will be available for purchase, with the proceeds going the the Illahee Forest Preserve 501.c.3 non-profit group.

Port Meeting.  The monthly Port of Illahee meeting is the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road, i.e., this Wednesday, 8/13/14.  It is a public meeting and the public is invited.  
Illahee Store.  There has been some cleaning activity around the Illahee Store and residents are curious if something is going to happen.  We heard that someone cleaned the blackberries off the roof of the store and would like to know more about who is cleaning up the area.  
2014-8-12 Misc 0092014-8-12 Misc 011 
Timbers Edge.  We also heard there has been activity at the east end of the Timbers Edge property, at the site of the Avery homestead, where the area was cleared of blackberries. We heard the neighbors reported squatters and Mr Tallmon himself came out to look the situation over, and told nearby residents the area would be logged and developed next year.  The question is whether the site will be developed supporting community interests, or at the higher density, ignoring community concerns.  More when we know what is being planned.
2014-8-12 Misc 002 
Squirrels. This squirrel was the only wildlife we saw on a recent walk.  The problem with the non-native grays is they out compete the smaller native brown Douglas squirrels and soon the natives will all but disappear.  It is a difficult dilemma for those who love all creatures.
2014-8-12 Misc 012 
Gardens.  We have heard there are some beautiful gardens in Illahee.  Please send us some photos.
Jim Aho

Illahee 7/25/14 Flycatchers, Illahee Stormwater Project, Stormwater Article, Benthic Testing, Other Bugs, SWD in Raspberries?, Illahee Day, Homeless Camps, Wood Chips, Interim Map

Flycatchers.  We were not aware of flycatchers until we received the email below showing photos of 4 babies. Wikipedia notes its diet “As a flycatcher it will wait on a perch and when it sees a flying insect it will chase it without any apparent effort. They also enter swarms of gnats, mosquitoes and wherever such insects congregate. They fulfill an important role in keeping insect populations in check, particularly mosquitoes. and they also eat caterpillars and spiders.”

A pair of Pacific Slope Flycatchers raised a brood in my back yard (see attached). They often use man made structures to nest on and in this case it was a ladder hanging on the side of my well house. It was on the bottom step. Fortunately, I have only a couple of cats in the neighborhood and they didn’t find the nest. The pictures are only 2 or 3 weeks apart.
Illahee Stormwater Project.  Kitsap County is currently working on a stormwater pond project in the Kariotis development that benefits Illahee Creek.  They are enlarging an
existing stormwater pond and increasing the size of the drainage piping. We heard the people in the development have not been happy with the disruptions, such that the county produced an information sheet to explain the project.  Below are some photos of the roadwork to put in the larger pipe and the pond after the surrounding vegetation has been removed. 
2014-7-21 Misc 024
2014-7-21 Misc 066 
Stormwater Article.  Last Sunday’s Kitsap Sun (7/20/14) had a great article on stormwater and we will try to find the link to it later. 
Benthic Testing.  And Monday’s Kitsap Sun followed with an article on benthic testing. We will try to find the link to this article also. Illahee Creek is tested every two years and the results have not been good, likely the result of the excessive sedimentation that has filled the culvert under Illahee Road, and threatens the culvert with a washout.
Other Bugs.  While the benthic testing looks at aquatic bugs, we found some bugs hatching out under a lettuce leaf, that appear to be stink bugs.
2014-7-21 Misc 059 
SWD in Raspberries?  Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) (Drosophila suzukii) is a
soft fruit pest that at least one Illahee resident feels it is attacking her raspberries, and possibly her blueberries.  She recently soaked her raspberries in a salt water solution and out came a bunch of very small white worms.  If they are the spotted wing drosophila they are from Asia and were discovered in California in 2008 and in Washington and Oregon in 2009. Below is a life cycle slide of the SWD from a WSU publication:
Illahee Day.  For planning purposes, the Port of Illahee has selected August 16 to celebrate Illahee Day.  The location is near the entrance of the dock and the time is from 4 – 7 pm.  We will post more information as it becomes available.
Homeless Camps.  Only two homeless camps found this month, but there are concerns as the word on the street is that homeless camps in the Central Kitsap area are scheduled to be removed, which usually results in them looking at moving into the Illahee Preserve.
2014-7-23 Misc 009 
Wood Chips.  Wood chips continue to be unloaded at the Preserve’s Almira parking lot.  The other evening we helped level a big chip pile near the Preserve’s sign and wish we had taken a before picture.  
2014-7-23 Misc 010 
Interim Map.  Good news about trail maps.  A new one is being developed, and an interim map was printed up and posted on Wednesday.  Thanks to Rob and the guys at the Planetarium on Pacific Avenue for the interim maps.
2014-7-23 Misc 014 
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/18/13 Passing Ships, Illahee Day, Preserve Garbage, Kiosk Postings, Illahee Preserve Meeting on Tuesday, Noisy Seal Response, Lost Dog

Passing Ships.  The Lady Washington has been in the area and passed through Illahee to Brownsville, and then again on its way to Port Orchard.  The first two photos were sent to us with the note below. 

My idea of how it might have been for the first natives to see a ship… .  
In our last Update we had a photo of a ship obviously going to the shipyard and got this response:

The ship is a civilian manned underway replenishment ship operated by the Military Sealift Command (MSC)  There are a couple of them at the shipyard, possibly for work, maybe something else, but they don’t have numbers, just names – painted on the bow and stern.  They are for all intents and purposes ‘merchant ships’ but they do often carry a communications group of active Navy personnel.  They are owned and operated by the Navy. Note the gold band on the funnel and the orange lifeboats on each side.

Illahee Day.  Thanks to the Port of Illahee commissioners for what we thought was a very successful Illahee Day!  Lots of good comments about being able to meet old and new neighbors.
Preserve Garbage.  We received lots of questions today (8/18) as to whether someone dumped their garbage next to the new garbage can at the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot.  It turns out this was the remains of an old homeless camp well hidden back in the Preserve.  We don’t know who did all the work to haul it out, but we thank them!!!!   Let us know if you know who we should be recognizing for accomplishing a dirty and difficult task.
Kiosk Postings.  Some new posting went up on Sunday on the kiosk at the Almira parking lot, including an “intersection marker number map” pending a new Preserve trail map that is in the works, but slow as it being planned by already busy volunteers.
Illahee Preserve Meeting on Tuesday.  The Illahee Preserves group meets on the third Tuesday of each month, which is this Tuesday (8/20) and their agenda for this meeting is to go over what they would like to see in a 2014 grant, that will be prepared soon.  Visitors are always welcome.  They meet at 6:30 pm in the Port of Illahee meeting room which is the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road (the same location where Illahee Day was held). 

Noisy Seal Response.  We had a great response, and follow-up to the “noisy seal” report.

Jim, really?  Waterfront owners complain about noisy seals?

Good response!!! —  but if you heard this one seal you might understand why the post.  I/we heard him last year and he makes a constant whining/crying sound that the other night went on for over two hours – imagine the sounds of a baby crying for two hours outside your open bedroom window.  He/it definitely is not your average seal as we enjoy the wildlife and generally all their sounds.  This one just carries on a little too long and too loud.  But, I like your response.  We are blessed to have this be our only complaint, when across the Sound they are dealing with urban noises, including sometimes gun shots.

Lost Dog.  We like to post photos of those missing pets – this one being of a lost dog.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/11/12 Preserve Tree Makes Front Page, Homeless Campsites Cleaned, Eagle Gets Resident Cormorant, Illahee Day, Gilberton Brownsville Celebration

Preserve Tree Makes Sun’s Front Page.  This past Wednesday on the front page of the Kitsap Sun was a picture of an 800 year old cedar tree in the Illahee Preserve.  The photo shows Illahee forester Jim Trainer at the base of the tree, and the article provides insight into the history of the trees and the area.  The article link is:  

Homeless Campsites Cleaned.  Also on Wednesday some old homeless campsites were cleaned up by Kitsap County Park’s employees with help from the Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women.  We talked to some of the participants afterwards, who said it went quickly but it was pretty bad because of the rotting food, etc that was left there.  We took a couple photos of the cleaned up areas and were amazed that we couldn’t even find a trace that there was ever a mess, not even a cigarette butt.  But the stench was still there so we understood why the Park’s Department took over the responsibility of cleanup from the volunteers.  
Eagle Gets Resident Cormorant.  This spring and summer there has been a lone cormorant hanging out in Illahee waters.  We think this is the same cormorant that has been successfully evading pursuing eagles, that is until the other day.  
Illahee Day.  We are sorry we don’t have any photos of the Illahee Day cleanup efforts, not even a photo of the filled up dumpster.  There was a small but steady flow of people to the event, that included the painting of the Port’s meeting room.  We saw one person picking up trash along Illahee Road, and others cleaning up trash from the Illahee Preserve, and even some trash hauled from the Illahee Store.  The beach cleanup of junk from an earlier low tide was also hauled up to the dumpster.  So from our viewpoint, this was another successful Illahee Day cleanup event.  Thanks to the Port for facilitating the sprucing up the facilities and the cleanup of Illahee!
Gilberton – Brownsville Celebration.  We also took some time to check out the Gilberton – Brownsville celebration also on Saturday.  We found out a number of Gilberton residents consider areas around University Point to be part of Gilberton, which was evident when we looked at their map displays (see map above).  
We also noticed that they have a different understanding of the meaning of the name Illahee, as “Home away from home.”
We looked at the 1908/1909 plat map of Gilberton, and noticed similar small lots to those that were platted in Illahee in 1916.
We also took a photo of a photo of their founder that appeared in a paper some time ago.

Kitsap Sun Report.  We just checked the Kitsap Sun website and found there will likely be an article in Sunday’s paper regarding the Gilberton – Brownsville celebration.  The link to the article is:

Jim Aho

Illahee 8/4/12 New Signs, Saturday Opportunities, Illahee Day, Dumpster Ordered, Brownsville/Gilberton Community Picnic, Big Deer?

New Signs at Illahee Dock.  The Port has been busy making improvements at the Illahee Dock, including the posting of new signs to warn of the dangers of jumping off the railings, as can be seen by the photos above and below.  We will see how well they work with the warm weather.

Saturday (8/11/12) Opportunities.  This coming Saturday (8/11/12) Illahee residents will have two community opportunities.

Illahee Day (11am – 4pm).  The Port of Illahee has been sponsoring Illahee Day for a number of years, with the emphasis recently on clean-up and getting together with neighbors.  The poster at the end of Ocean View and along Illahee Road is shown in the photo above, and the flyer is below.  In the past residents have worked on the dock and now can work on the recently acquired Dietch house and property just north of the dock.  Residents in the past have also worked cleaning the roadways and the Illahee Preserve.
Early Start?  Because it was the last of the low tides on Saturday (8/4/12) some community volunteers moved junk from the area north of the dock to the Port’s boat ramp so it can be hauled away next Saturday during the Illahee Day cleanup effort.  
Dumpster Ordered.  The above beach junk hauling was initiated because the Port has ordered a dumpster to haul away any trash collected as part of the cleanup effort on Saturday.  This should be good news to those who cleanup the ditches and roadways in the area.  It has also been an opportunity for those working in the Illahee Preserve, to have a convenient way to dispose of the garbage they have found in the Preserve.
Gilberton Brownsville Community Picnic 12:30 – 4 pm.  Also on Saturday (8/11/12) is the Gilberton Brownsville Community Picnic, which is being hosted by the Brownsville United Methodist Church (see poster above).  The Illahee Community has been invited as neighbors to participate.  Attached is the invite notice and some photos of the Brownsville church.  

Members of the Illahee Community are invited to the

Gilberton-Brownsville Community Picnic  

12:30-4:00 p.m. August 11, 2012

8811 Illahee Rd NE – Brownsville United Methodist Church lawns, across from Brownsville Elementary School.

The church is celebrating the 60 years in the community by having a FREE BBQ and all the trimmings for our neighbors and honoring the Gilberton homestead – 120 years ago.

Bring your family, visit with friends, meet your neighbors, tell history stories and have fun.  There will be heritage displays and artifacts, CK Fire and Rescue engine and games for children and adults. Perhaps people in our small communities can gather and talk and see how much we have in common!    Did you know that the Brownsville Church was the 1916 Seabeck Elementary School barged from Hood Canal around Kitsap Peninsula to Gilberton in 1956?   Below are historical photos of the building on the barge and landing in Gilberton. 

Do you have stories about our community?  Please join us!

The Illahee – Gilberton – Brownsville Connection.  This past week Judith Krigsman did research on Thompson Lane, the road going into the center of the Illahee Preserve off of Riddell Road, and with the help of the county found Thompson Lane was part of the original Brownsville Road.  It has been a county road and county right-of-way since 1895, which would match-up with the Gilberton Homestead being 120 years old, as noted in the Gilberton Brownsville picnic announcement. 

Big Deer?  There are some big buck deer around the area that are hard to get photos of.  One is a 4 pointer (4 spikes on each side) and the other is a 6 or 7 pointer (with 6 on one side and reportedly 7 on the other side).  The big one has not been cooperative about getting its picture taken.  Let us know if you know where it can be seen as we have a small telephoto lens (80 power) that might help if it is off in the distance. 

Jim Aho

Illahee 7/17/12 Missing Posters, Illahee Preserve, Stewardship Meeting, Forest Policy Article, Squirrel Memorial, Illahee Day

Missing Posters.  We noticed several posters around Illahee.  The first for a missing person, and the second for a missing cat.

Illahee Preserve.  We found someone trying to preserve the new kiosk at the Illahee Preserve.  They noted the posts are from a hemlock tree and that hemlock is not as durable as other species of trees and should be treated so the posts will last longer.  The new coating darkens the posts as can be seen from the photo below.
Illahee Preserve Intrusion.  We heard someone was using their riding mower to clean an area in the Illahee Preserve off of Rest Place so we took the picture below to show the destruction.  We also heard there are efforts underway to inform the person that the property belongs to the Illahee Preserve.
Stewardship Meeting.  The Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month, which is July 17th this month.  The meetings are held at 6:30 pm at 5500 Illahee Road, the lower level, and are open to the public.
Forest Policy Article.  In our last update we noted a new forest stewardship policy was being planned with three public meetings being held in July.  A recent article in the Kitsap Sun provides additional details:  We also received the following response to our previous mention of the new forest policy plan:

Regarding the proposed county-wide timber management policy, I was pleased to see this is part of it:


                “each county owned forested [parcel] will need its own forest stewardship plan”    (page 5-9, which is pp 10 in the PDF)


Basically, each parcel (and sub-component thereof) is to be assessed individually to decide if it shall be used as watershed, park, or tree farm.    I see no reason (yet) for there to be a fight… what is needed (my opinion) is an aggressive move by the interested parties to ensure selection for Illahee of whichever of the options they would like to see (presumably a mix of watershed preserve and park).


If your readers only look at one of the 58 pages in the draft policy, they should look at page “4-8” (pp 9 in the PDF).    “parks” and “tree farms” are way down the list:  priorities #5 and #6 in a list of 6 program objectives.   There’s nothinginherently evil in this plan.  I see this as opportunity to codify in county policy the very protections they are looking for.  I think the plan is very thoughtfully done.  As with everything, the devil is in the implementation.

Squirrel Memorial.  A few weeks ago we were sent the following squirrel memorial information, and just recently were able to copy it.  Thanks for sending these human interest stories to us and for being patient while we try to figure out how to pass them on, as we are still learning how to get the information on the website and then back into an email format.
Illahee Day.  We attended the Port of Illahee monthly meeting last Wednesday and one of the agenda items was Illahee Day being scheduled for August 11th, a Saturday.  It appears the emphasis will again be a cleanup day, both in the community, and at the newly acquired Dietch property next to the Illahee Community Dock.  As soon as the Port puts out an official flyer, we will send out the information to the website and in a community update email.
Illahee News.  Thank you for sending us your comments and photos!  We appreciate them!
Jim Aho

Illahee Community Update 8-25-11 Flyover, Illahee Day, Garden Tour, Scout Project, Fair, Peach Eating Deer

Flyover 99% For Sure. We heard from our filmmaker, Shelly Solomon, that the flyover over Illahee is 99% for sure and the date will be sometime in September.  They are deciding on what helicopter to use so now we need to come up with the rest of the funding.  The IFP is halfway to their now $600 goal and any contributions are greatly appreciated.  Checks should be made out to the Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP), which is the non-profit corporation that supports the Illahee Preserve.  Contributions can be mailed to the IFP Treasure who is Don Jahaske,  at P.O. Box 3047, Bremerton, WA 98310.  The $25 and $50 contributions are making a difference.  Thank you!!

Illahee Day. Lots of accomplishments last Saturday during Illahee Day.  John Lind was there with his camera and captured some of the action.  We have included a couple of his photos, and hope to put more on the revised website, that is in transition and in the process of being updated.

Illahee Store Cleanup. We heard that a couple of local residents found out that the dumpster for the Illahee Day cleanup was only one third full, so they took it upon themselves to cleanup the area around the Illahee Store, that was getting to be quit a mess.  They reportedly had to climb in the dumpster several times to stomp down the stuff, so they could get all the store area debris in.  We have attached before and after photos to show the difference.  Thanks to all those who work so hard to keep Illahee clean.

Garden Tour Results. While there were not big crowds, those showing their gardens and those attending reported enjoying the garden tours on Saturday.  Thank you Chris and Jennifer, Carol, and Jim for showing your gardens.  John Lind took photos at two of the gardens, and we have included just one photo of many.  Again we hope that we can post the rest on the website later.

Scout Project. We stopped by on Tuesday to see how the Eagle Scout trail project was progressing, and found a bunch of hard working scouts making great progress on a new trail.  Just a couple of pictures at this time.

Illahee Preserve at the Fair. We found the Illahee Preserve being promoted at the Kitsap County Fair this week.  There was an “Illahee Preserve/Illahee Creek Restoration Project” map along with the text of the signs that are being designed for the Preserve.  They have been  sharing a booth the last two years with the Central Kitsap Community Council, which represents the Central Kitsap area of the county.  (The person in the photo is Jon Pierson, who used to be a local school bus driver with an Illahee route, and is now a council member.)

Peach Eating Deer. We heard that one of our neighbors was having trouble with deer eating their peaches, and then a couple of days later we had to pick our peaches when the deer discovered our peach tree.  This is based on the on evidence of a partially eaten peach on the ground, that definitely looks like the markings of a deer mouth.

Jim Aho

Illahee Community Update 8-15-11 Illegal Fishing, Flyover?, Illahee Day, Garden Tours, Culvert Concerns

Rock Cod Fishing Illegal.  It turns out that the rock cod we took pictures of the other day were illegal.  The season is closed for rockfish.  We should have realized something was wrong when the person said the fish were cabezon, which are legal.  Below as some of the responses we received, including the last one from Fish and Wildlife.

 I thought you couldn’t keep Rock Cod,  ’cause they were endangered…..
If I recall correctly the daily limit for rock cod per person is one rock cod…..It has been awhile since I reviewed the limit regulations. 
Don’t know who was busy fishing these Rock Cod, but they apparently do notpay any attention to the Reg’s.   As catching of Rock Cod is and has been Closedin all inland water Area’s 6 Port Angeles to Area 13 in Olympia  for some time. Because WDFW says they are a threaten species. 
fishing for rock cod in area 10 is CLOSED.  In fact rock cod fishing is closed in all of areas 6 thru 13.  Any fish cops on your e-mail list??
Gina Piazza passed on the Illahee Community update. I just wanted to pass on to you that all rock fish retention in Puget Sound is closed as this resource is struggling in most areas. These rock fish (the ones pictured are Quilback I believe) are relatively slow growing and only reproduce at an older age, and even then only have successful reproduction years occasionally. Essentially they need all the help they can get.Please let WDFW enforcement know if you see poaching occurring, the best way to reach them is to call the Washington State Patrol (360) 478-4646 and they will be able to dispatch an officer if available.
Illahee Flyover?  Many of you are aware that is film is being produced about Illahee including what is being done to study, preserve and restore the Illahee Creek watershed.  We received information that there is a possibility that the film could contain some flyover footage if it could be funded incidental to another project on in the Olympic Peninsula.  The crew is based out of Boeing Field and would be flying over this area on their way to the primary film site.  The estimate for the Illahee flyover cost and filming is between $500 and $1000.  Since this is still in the planning stage at this point, we are trying to find out if there are residents who would be willing to help fund the flyover.  We have only mentioned this to two residents and we already have commitments for $50 and $25.  If you would like to help, please respond to this email with an amount, and we will pass the information on, and hope this happens.  We have attached the link to the outfit that is being considered so you can see the kind of work they do – check out their film of Snoqualmie Falls.  
Saturday is Illahee Day.  This coming Saturday, August 20, 2011, is Illahee Day (8:30 am – 12:30 pm).  Much of the planned work will be at the Port properties at the community dock and 5560 Ocean View Blvd.  Those working at the Illahee Preserve will be working on the rain garden and possibly moving wood chips onto trails.  We have heard some would like to work on the roadways near their residents.  There will be a dumpster somewhere near the Port facilities.  Remember that for the workers the Port will furnish lunch beginning at 11:30 am.
Saturday is Garden Tour Day.  We have 3 residents who have agreed to show their gardens in the afternoon of Illahee Day.  The garden tours will be going on concurrently between 1 and 3 pm.  Carol and Bob Henning reside at 5934 Illahee Road, Jim Aho resides at 5940 Illahee Road, and Chris and Jennifer Nelson reside at 6224 Illahee Road.
Illahee Forest Preserve Meeting Tuesday.  The Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group meets at the Port facility at 5560 Ocean View Blvd on Tuesday evening beginning at 6:30 pm.  The Preserve itself is 444 acres, and with the recent addition of the 107 acre Rolling Hills Golf Course, the total Preserve acreage is 551 acres, which is a major part of Illahee and a significant forest, nature preserve, and recreation area.  This group is always looking for residents willing to help oversee this special place.
Illahee Creek Culvert.  We stopped by the Illahee Creek culvert that goes under Illahee Road the other day and found the clear opening to be slightly more than 24 inches, which is considerably less than the design opening that shows on the culvert drawings of 5′-6″.  We have been told that a smaller opening will handle the water, but we think that a 24″ opening is too small for a big storm, such as December 2007.  There are a number of residents who are concerned about a possible washout at the culvert and consider this culvert to have failed.  With a new road resurfacing of Illahee Road this summer the culvert’s small opening is not good news.
Jim Aho