Illahee 8/24/17 Photos, Blackberry Connoisseurs, Illahee Day Report, Friday Work Party, Fair Poster, DFW Installation, Port Public Meeting on 9/11/17, A Complaint

Photos. These photos go back awhile.

Blackberry Connoisseurs.  In addition to humans picking blackberries we recently came across these guys enjoying roadside blackberries.
Illahee Day Report.  Evidently not one of the 49 people attending Illahee Day had a camera so this is all we have.  It was a great time to meet new and old neighbors and the Port had planned well as it anticipated 50 people attending.  
Friday Work Party.  Camera coverage is anticipated of Friday’s work party at the Preserve with the Washington Youth Academy as the mini storage container with wheelbarrows and tools was delivered Thursday afternoon.  After visiting other forested parks we think the Preserve has some of the best trails around.
Fair Poster.  The Kitsap County Fair had a poster that caught our attention as Illahee has its share of butterfly bushes.  Not a good plant for butterflies.
P1030023DFW Installation.  Monofiliment line around docks can be a real pain both above and below the water, which is why the Department of Fish and Wildlife is installing these receptacles throughout the Sound.  These are the same guys who do the forage fish surveys.
Port Public Meeting on 9/11/17.  The Port of Illahee at their last meeting voted to begin the process of updating their Comprehensive Plan by holding a public meeting at the Sylvan Way Library on 9/11/17 at 5 pm.  This meeting will also be their September monthly meeting and will give residents an opportunity to see and comment on the Port’s 6 year plan for the future.
A Complaint.  We have been asked to post the following complaint.
Here’s an item for your neighborhood blog – I am sick and tired of my house filling up with the smoke from a trash fire.  Burning any kind of trash is illegal!  Not only does it smell bad, it causes me to cough.  I can see the smoke coming from the house just south of the dock.  I have discussed this issue with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and they tell me I need to call 911 when this occurs.  I hesitate to call 911 but I will not tolerate the smoke any longer.  Short of calling in the Fire Marshall, I’m not sure what can be done except to remind the local residents that burning trash is illegal.  Perhaps if you mentioned it in your newsletter someone might take the hint.  Thanks.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8-31-14 Swallows, Illahee Day Report, Illahee History, Young Pheasant, Wood Chips, Holly, Crab Season, Clam Posting, Ship Traffic, Rainbow, Weeds?

Swallows.  Watched the two young swallows on the end on the gangway getting fed by their parents who were flying over the water catching bugs.

2014-8-31 Misc 008 
Illahee Day Report.  There were approximately 40 to 50 who attended Illahee Day on August 16th, with lots of positive comments.
Illahee History.  The Manette Historical Society is hosting Bob and Carol Henning on Tuesday (9/2/14) who will be reporting on the subject “Growing Up in Illahee”.  Visitors are welcome.  The group meets the first Tuesday of the month at 1 pm in the basement of the Manette Community Church.
Young Pheasant.  We happened to get this photo (through a railing) of a young rooster pheasant who was just getting his colorful plumage.
2014-8-31 Misc 025 
Wood Chips.  Just when it appears all the accumulated wood chips around the Thompson Lane parking lot of the Illahee Preserve were spread, a new batch appeared.  We heard volunteers are trying to get something going rather than wait for the next scheduled work party on October 10th.
2014-8-31 Misc 021 
Holly.  English holly is just one of the invasive species the Illahee Preserve volunteer maintenance crew is trying to eradicate.  We found one small English holly stump that had been removed in Illahee recently with its root system somewhat intact, and noted the roots extended out 12-20 feet out in all directions, making it especially hard to get rid of as new starts can come up from any of the roots.
2014-8-31 Misc 034
Crab Season.  We haven’t monitored this year’s crab season, and with it closing on Monday (9/1/14), we would like to hear some reports on how successful it was for residents.
2014-8-31 Misc 044 
Clam Posting.  Want to let any clam diggers know that the area is still posted.
2014-8-31 Misc 045 
Ship Traffic.  This ship was seen leaving the Bremerton area and going through Rich Passage, and returned about a week later.
2014-8-31 Misc 027 
Rainbow.  There was a rainbow on Saturday and we were fortunate to capture it with a kingfisher on a sailboat mast and a boat going by.
2014-8-31 Misc 054 
Weeds?  We remember seeing weeds like these in a decorative arrangement, but don’t know what the name is, so hope someone will be able to help us.
2014-8-31 Misc 049
2014-8-31 Misc 050 
Jim Aho