Illahee 1/4/16 Wildlife Photos, Illahee Preserve, Illahee Dock, Illahee Store, Parked Cars, Lost Dog, Lost Mail

Wildlife Photos.  The first photo shows part of a flock of wigeon, three Canada geese, and a hen and drake mallard enjoying the sun on a cold day.  The second photo is of some common goldeneye ducks.  

2016-1-4 Misc 041
2016-1-4 Misc 001
Illahee Preserve.  A new garbage can has been added at the Thompson Lane entrance to help with pet waste bags.
2016-1-4 Misc 030
Illahee Dock.  In addition to squid fisherman in the evening, the dock gets some use during the day.  This family was finding crabbing somewhat successful.
2016-1-4 Misc 024
2016-1-4 Misc 021
Illahee Store.  Concerns about the condition of the Illahee Store remain, especially with the glass broken out of one of the doors and the fact that blue paint was splashed around inside the store and was used to also paint the inside of the windows.
2016-1-4 Misc 027
Parked Cars.  Some longterm parked cars by the store and dock.  The first photo shows an attempt to fix one of them.  The second photo shows the other one taking a dock parking spot and has been there for a number of weeks.
2016-1-4 Misc 026
2015-12-20 Misc 001
Lost Dog.  We are a little late posting this notice and hope the dog has been found by now.
2015-12-27 Misc 055
Lost Christmas Mail.  We are also late in posting this photo of what looks like stolen Christmas mail that was open and tossed.
2015-12-27 Misc 053
2015-12-27 Misc 052
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/7/15 Illahee Preserve, Illahee Spit Eroding? Illahee Dock Photos, Stream Learning Opportunity, Piano Concert Opportunity, Goldeneyes

Illahee Preserve.  One of the highlights of a walk in the Illahee Preserve is to see the wildlife.  We saw this guy the other day on our jog through the Forest.

2015-1-7 Misc 014 
Illahee Spit Eroding?  We had a comment come in that the north end of Illahee Spit was getting shorter.  The photo below seems to indicate they are right.  We are hoping there are earlier photos showing the location of the driftwood shown in the photo below (taken on December 31, 2014).
2015-1-7 Misc 003 
Illahee Dock Photos.  We thought these two photos told their own story.
2015-1-7 Misc 011
2015-1-7 Misc 026  
Stream Learning Opportunity.  Illahee is fortunate to have a small salmon stream mostly in its natural state with much of it running through the Illahee Preserve.  It is also home of a very small population of salmonids, chum and coho salmon, steelhead and sea-run cutthroat trout.  Kitsap County is offering an educational opportunity to learn more about how to preserve and protect streams like Illahee Creek, see the info below:
Piano Concert Opportunity.  We have been asked to let people know about a local piano concert at the Brownsville United Methodist Church on Friday evening January 9 at 7 pm.  See the details below:
Goldeneyes.  We normally see two species of goldeneye ducks in Illahee, but so far only the Barrow’s Goldeneye have been seen this season.
2015-1-7 Misc 029
 2015-1-7 Misc 017
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/20/14 Illahee Photos, Enhanced Ditches, Stormwater Projects, Beavers, Illahee Preserve, Timbers Edge Purchase Campaign, TE Property Tours? TE Sewer Plans?

 Illahee Photos.  Thanks for all the photos this past year, and for these that came in this week.  The second photo of the Stennis was enhanced, otherwise the ship tended to blend into the overcast.

Classic wildlife Dec14 (1) (640x427)
Classic wildlife Dec14 (7) (640x427)
2014-12-19 Misc 079
Enhanced Ditches.  It was in early November we noticed what is being called ‘enhanced ditches’.  Here are some updated photos showing them finished.
2014-12-19 Misc 005
2014-12-19 Misc 004 
Stormwater Projects.  Not only are ditches being enhanced, but also stormwater pond #288 was enlarged this summer, and is shown completed in the photo below.  The county is trying to minimize the stormwater surges impacting Illahee Creek and the culvert under Illahee Road, as a road washout is not what the residents or the county want to have happen.
2014-12-19 Misc 021 
Beavers.  Beaves also fall into the stormwater discussions as some would like to see beavers in Illahee Creek to help mitigate the stormwater surges.  As stated before this should be a community decision, but the first step was to put it on the agenda of the Illahee Preserve’s stewardship committee and the non-profit Illahee Forest Preserve.  The decision was to investigate it further, so if residents have any input, we will pass any of your comments on to them. 
beaver images 
Illahee Preserve.  Some major work was accomplished last Friday with the leveling of some dirt piles and the big job of moving the illegally dumped wood chips from the parking spaces at the Thompson Lane parking lot.  Greg Busch from The Soil Factory again helped us by volunteering to do the work with a front end loader that would have taken a big work party an entire day do accomplish.  We don’t know what we would do if it wasn’t for Greg’s continuing and generous help!  Thanks Greg!
2014-12-19 Misc 034 
Timbers Edge Purchase Campaign.  The fliers describing the Timbers Edge purchase campaign are scheduled to arrive on Monday.  They are looking at having them distributed door to door by neighborhoods, beginning with those neighborhoods most affected.
contributions-map-20141208 (1) 
TE Property Tours?  Evidently the plan to get permission from the property owner for scheduled walk-throughs of the property.  We will let you know when when we have more information.
TE Sewer Plans?  There was also a request to find out more about the sewer plans and costs to residents should the TE purchase not take place.  That request will take more time to investigate and possibly a special meeting with county Public Works staff.
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/8/14 Illahee Scenes, Illahee Preserve, Jelly Fish, Sewer Map Link, Christmas Gift DVD, Enhanced Ditches

Illahee Scenes. With the recent high tides the Coast Guard’s salvage ship is out looking for floating debris.  We caught this one today as it passed the Point White dock with Mount Rainer in the background. 

2014-12-8 Misc 058 
Can you tell whether the piliated woodpecker in the photo is a male or female?  The answer is at the end.

2014-12-8 Misc 003 
Illahee Preserve.  A walk in the Preserve found a number of downed trees like this one from the cold north wind a few weeks ago.  The East Bremerton Rotary trail maintenance crew took care of them on Sunday.
2014-12-8 Misc 011 
Jelly Fish.  We received several comments about the number of jelly fish that were washed up on the shoreline this fall.  Jeff Adams with the Washington SeaGrant program provided the following comments:
2014-11-22 Misc 020 
Yep, it’s the end of the year die-off. Jellies have an annual life cycle that is closely tied to availability of food in the plankton, which decreases as the days get shorter and nutrients are depleted from the water. Depending on blooms and currents, they can definitely pile up more in some places than others.
2014-11-29 Misc 011 
Definitely moon jellies. They can have very strong blooms in Sinclair and Dyes Inlets and have the most intense blooms of our three large jelly species. Below are some pics from the monthly Eyes Over Puget Sound flights in October. The November report still includes blooms in South Sound.
During our EOPS flight yesterday we saw many smacks some of them approx. 10000 feet long. Some smacks had a pink hue to it. Eld and Totten also have high abundances. The patch we landed on was one of the small ones!!!!!!!!!
Sewer Map Link.  After including a map of proposed sewer lines through Illahee we were asked to provide links to the maps.  There are two maps, one associated with the East Bremerton area, and the other Central Kitsap. The link is:
Christmas Gift DVD.  We were asked to remind folks wondering about Christmas gifts, that we have some Illahee films still available.  Cost is now $15 for a DVD and $20 for blu-rays.
Enhanced Ditches Article.  Monday’s (12/8/14) Kitsap Sun had an article on some enhanced ditches in Illahee.  We took photos of the project earlier this fall.  The link to the article is:
2014-12-8 Misc 054
Reminder of Port Meeting on Wednesday.  The Port of Illahee regular monthly meeting is the second Wednesday at 5 pm at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road.  The public is always welcome.
Male piliated woodpeckers have a red spot under their bill, which some remember as being a moustache and more easily remembered as a male.
2014-12-8 Misc 003 
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/30/12 The Year Past, 2012 Highlights, The Year Ahead, 2013 Projections, Illahee Creek, Illahee Creek Watershed, Illahee Preserve, Off-Leash Dog Park, Timbers Edge, Sequel Film, Shoreline Restoration, Port of Illahee, Illahee Community Group, Rest Place

The Year Past.  We have been asked about the accomplishments in Illahee and with the Illahee Preserve this past year and decided to take the time to list some of what we remember.  We were surprised and happy to see what has been accomplished.

Eleven 2012 Highlights.  These are some of the highlights of completed and started projects.

1.  Illahee Film debuts with showings in Canada, Bremerton, Olympia, and Port Townsend
2.  Leadership Kitsap group picks the Illahee Preserve as its team project and completes trail intersection markers, maps, future plans, and celebration event.
3.  Illahee Preserve and Rain Garden signage and frames designed, printed, fabricated, and installed.
4.  Eagle Scout candidate Eliot Orando completes kiosk & establishes new walkway area.
5.  Community, Rotary, Navy, Washington Youth Academy, and CK Super Saturday volunteer work parties support Preserve projects.
6.  KC Remand results in Increased Urban Restricted and small section of Rural zoning within Illahee.
7.  Compass Circle Meadow Restoration Project completes with enlarging and grading of the meadow area and planting of grass.
8.  Ground preparation, placement of 100 yards of fill, and volunteer grading begins for future picnic shelter.
9.  Illahee Creek culvert monitored regularly as flood plain continues to rise and culvert fills.
10.  Wildlife monitored by community members with photos and reports posted on website and emailed to approximately 500 recipients.
11.  New website,, established for the Illahee Preserve.

The Year Ahead.  We were also asked about what we think will happen in 2013 with the culvert, Timbers Edge, the Illahee Store, the flag pole controversy, and a discussion we had about an off-leash dog park near the Preserve.

2013 Projections.  These are our projections, and ours alone.  If you disagree or have other projections we would be glad to present them.

Illahee Creek?  The lower flood plain has raised significantly since 2007 from the heavy sediment loads carried downstream by storm surges.  This has also resulted in the filling of the culvert under Illahee Road.  We think it is just a matter of time before we have more major storms and the culvert becomes blocked.  This would backup the water until it flows over Illahee Road, at its low point north of the culvert, eventually washing the roadway out and closing down that section of Illahee Road.  This would be a situation similar to what happened when Illahee Road was washed out at Gilberton Creek.  We project the washout to occur toward the end of 2013.

Illahee Creek Watershed?  We anticipate some great things to happen in the north part of the watershed with the county’s recent grant from the Department of Ecology to help control the storm surges that bring the heavy sediment loads downstream.  This is what is needed no matter what happens to the culvert.   

Illahee Preserve?  The Illahee Preserve usage continues to increase and the partnerships such as that with the Rotary Club of East Bremerton continue to increase.  Volunteers and community support are the key to this Heritage Park being open and maintained.   

Future Off-Leash Dog Park?  We recently discussed with a dog owner, and user of county and city off-leash dog parks, about an area adjacent to the Preserve that would be ideal for an off-leash dog park who noted one was needed in the East Bremerton area, and wondered if there couldn’t be a partnership with the City of Bremerton and the county to work collaboratively to obtain a grant to purchase the property.  We liked the idea and decided it was worth mentioning, though realizing this could be controversial, and likely will not happen in 2013.

Illahee Preserve Acquisitions?  Grant funding for Preserve acquisitions come in two year cycles and soon it will be time to try again to purchase or obtain conservation easements for adjacent riparian and forested areas next to the Preserve.  Future acquisitions are noted in the Preserve’s Stewardship Plan and will require consensus with Parks and the County Commissioners if grants are to be submitted.  We think 2013 will be the time for the Illahee Preserve acquisition grants to move forward.

Timbers Edge Development?  It is difficult to know which way this approved development will go with another trustee sale scheduled for January 11, 2013.  The Illahee Forest Preserve group would like to see the 4.54 acres that were the subject of a trustee sale in December 2012 become part of the Preserve.   As we understand it, lawyers delayed discussions regarding the possibility of obtaining the 4.54 acres until after the January 11th trustee sale.  This has left the community wondering whether the high density Timbers Edge development will move forward bringing major changes and sewers to the area of the original plat of Illahee.  

Our Thoughts re TE?   We think investors will purchase the remaining properties on January 11th but will quickly realize bringing sewers over or under Illahee Creek is especially problematic such that they will opt for septic systems instead of sewers (which will result in a decrease the density of the development).  We hope the investors or the property owner, depending on who ends up with the west parcel, will work with the community to purchase the 4.54 acrea for the Preserve, which has been previously identified by the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a primary wildlife corridor.

Sequel Film?  Because the filmmaker was not able to include all the footage and important subjects in the Illahee film completed in 2011/2012, a sequel film in 2013 was planned.  With much of the filming completed and with the grant work scheduled for 2013, we think the sequel film could begin in 2013 to cover the grant work and finish in 2014.  This will likely require community funding to proceed and will likely be funded by a partnership between the two Illahee non-profits; the Illahee Forest Preserve and the Illahee Community Group.

Shoreline Restoration?  The Shoreline Master Program Update will complete in 2013 and already some Illahee residents are wondering if shoreline restoration projects could be completed along our shorelines.  We think this could happen if a restoration project can be identified that would be acceptable to shoreline residents and government officials, other than the removal of protective bulkheads.

Port of Illahee Projects?  We think the Port of Illahee made a great decision when they acquired the former Deitch residence next to the community dock, and that they are now in a good position to plan for the future of the area.  We think they will move ahead with the Master Plan they have contemplated for about a year and that it will include a plan regarding what to do with the flag pole and whether they want to eventually obtain the Illahee Store.  

Illahee Community Group?  This group seemed to us to be somewhat dormant in 2012, possibly because the Community Plan had completed and there have been few conflicts to excite the community.  We think there are enough issues important to the community now so we expect to see the group become more involved in 2013, and especially if the Port Master Plan calls for obtaining the Illahee Store, as the building would be a great place for a Community Center. 

Rest Place/Preserve Walkway?  The east side of Illahee Preserve abuts the roughly one half mile impassable roadway section of Rest Place.  This is an area where the community could establish a more inviting walking path by removing the invasive plant species and providing some signage.  Some nearby residents are proposing this and the Illahee Forest Preserve group is supportive, but requires the county and adjacent residents to approve the plan.  We thing this is a great opportunity to make some improvements along the road right-of-way that has become overgrown and we think this will be accepted by the Rest Place residents and supported by the greater Illahee community, who will likely have to do the cleanup work to make it happen.  We give this project a 50/50 chance of happening in 2013.

Other Projections for 2013?  Let us know if you have other projections for the Illahee Preserve and/or the Illahee Community.

Jim Aho

Illahee 7/17/12 Missing Posters, Illahee Preserve, Stewardship Meeting, Forest Policy Article, Squirrel Memorial, Illahee Day

Missing Posters.  We noticed several posters around Illahee.  The first for a missing person, and the second for a missing cat.

Illahee Preserve.  We found someone trying to preserve the new kiosk at the Illahee Preserve.  They noted the posts are from a hemlock tree and that hemlock is not as durable as other species of trees and should be treated so the posts will last longer.  The new coating darkens the posts as can be seen from the photo below.
Illahee Preserve Intrusion.  We heard someone was using their riding mower to clean an area in the Illahee Preserve off of Rest Place so we took the picture below to show the destruction.  We also heard there are efforts underway to inform the person that the property belongs to the Illahee Preserve.
Stewardship Meeting.  The Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month, which is July 17th this month.  The meetings are held at 6:30 pm at 5500 Illahee Road, the lower level, and are open to the public.
Forest Policy Article.  In our last update we noted a new forest stewardship policy was being planned with three public meetings being held in July.  A recent article in the Kitsap Sun provides additional details:  We also received the following response to our previous mention of the new forest policy plan:

Regarding the proposed county-wide timber management policy, I was pleased to see this is part of it:


                “each county owned forested [parcel] will need its own forest stewardship plan”    (page 5-9, which is pp 10 in the PDF)


Basically, each parcel (and sub-component thereof) is to be assessed individually to decide if it shall be used as watershed, park, or tree farm.    I see no reason (yet) for there to be a fight… what is needed (my opinion) is an aggressive move by the interested parties to ensure selection for Illahee of whichever of the options they would like to see (presumably a mix of watershed preserve and park).


If your readers only look at one of the 58 pages in the draft policy, they should look at page “4-8” (pp 9 in the PDF).    “parks” and “tree farms” are way down the list:  priorities #5 and #6 in a list of 6 program objectives.   There’s nothinginherently evil in this plan.  I see this as opportunity to codify in county policy the very protections they are looking for.  I think the plan is very thoughtfully done.  As with everything, the devil is in the implementation.

Squirrel Memorial.  A few weeks ago we were sent the following squirrel memorial information, and just recently were able to copy it.  Thanks for sending these human interest stories to us and for being patient while we try to figure out how to pass them on, as we are still learning how to get the information on the website and then back into an email format.
Illahee Day.  We attended the Port of Illahee monthly meeting last Wednesday and one of the agenda items was Illahee Day being scheduled for August 11th, a Saturday.  It appears the emphasis will again be a cleanup day, both in the community, and at the newly acquired Dietch property next to the Illahee Community Dock.  As soon as the Port puts out an official flyer, we will send out the information to the website and in a community update email.
Illahee News.  Thank you for sending us your comments and photos!  We appreciate them!
Jim Aho

Illahee Update 11/5/11 Deer Picture, Remand Meetings, Cell Tower Hearing, Community Meeting, Drug Bust, Illahee Preserve

Deer Photo. We have heard about a number of big bucks in Illahee, but this one is the most colorful.  While sometimes we have lots of wildlife photos coming in, that is not the case now.  Please feel free to forward any wildlife photos you would like to share.  The note with this photo was:

I know you get lots of photos, but I saw this older buck out in the pasture today with the llamas and goats.   Looks like an offspring from the albino, from a few years back.

Remand Meetings. The discussion of how the county will respond to the Comp Plan remand is of particular interest to Illahee as there are a number of residents who would like to see Illahee removed from the Urban Growth Area (UGA) base on the fact that we are roughly half forested and almost half either Preserve, State Park, or Open Space (the golf course etc), all of which make it more difficult for providing the infrastructure needed to accommodate increased urban growth densities.  The county has scheduled two meetings this upcoming week to present the issues.  We have copied the information on this important meeting below:

Kitsap County has been required by the Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board to revisit the size and make up of certain urban growth areas by August of 2012. This decision was as a result of a lengthy legal challenge based upon our 2006 Comprehensive Plan adoption.  

Specifically, the Hearings Board has required Kitsap County to revisit the following:

1)       Whether 4 dwelling units an acre (1/4 acre lot sizes) is an appropriate urban density for Kitsap

2)       What density should Kitsap use when calculating the amount of urban area necessary to accommodate population growth through 2025.

These issues primarily apply to the low-density residential zones (Urban Low, Urban Cluster and Urban Restricted) and likely will require a reduction in the sizes of many of our urban growth areas.


Kitsap will be holding two public workshops to further present the requirements of this Hearings Board remand.  These workshops will also include public discussions of the issues of urban growth in our County and which areas are most appropriate for future urban development. These workshops will be held on the following dates and times:


November 7th

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Kitsap County Administration Building, Commissioners Chambers

619 Division Street, Port Orchard

November 10th

6:30PM – 8:30PM

Klahowya Middle School, Commons

7607 NW Newberry Hill Road, Silverdale


These workshops will include an opening presentation, followed by individual discussion group exercises and then concluding with an open house for attendees to speak one-on-one with County staff.


Additionally, if you are the primary contact for an interest group please forward this message on to your appropriate body.


We look forward to this public discussion that will affect our community’s future . If you have any questions regarding the remand or the upcomining workshops, please contact Eric Baker at or at (360) 337-4495or Angie Silva at or at (360) 337-4841.



Heather Adams, Community Planner

Policy and Planning Division

Kitsap County Department of Community Development

360-337-5777 ext.3094


Cell Tower Hearing on Thursday. We don’t know as much about this topic as we would like to, but talked with some concerned citizens about a second cell tower being proposed at the Fire Station at the top of the Illahee hill.  We said we would notify residents of their concerns and received the following:


We have just become aware of an upcoming Kitsap County Hearing regarding the proposed new 135-145 ft. Cell Tower to be erected at the Illahee Fire Station.  This hearing before the County hearing examiner is scheduled for 10:00 AM on Thursday, November 10, 2011.  This monopole cell tower will be in the same general area of the existing one.

Although residents living in the immediate area of the fire station were sent a notice that this hearing would be tentatively scheduled for December 8, 2011, it appears that this date has been moved forward to November 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Many have concerns about this project and some may be happy at the thought of getting improved cell coverage.  There are no guarantees for those living at the bottom of Illahee Road that their coverage will improve, but this monopole will improve coverage for Bremerton and Sylvan Way we are told.

I was always told that these cell towers were to be located in commercial or industrial areas and we sure have many of those places in the area, I believe, well suited for that, not to interfere with the viewscape we all now enjoy coming down or up Illahee Road. It is common practice for one of these cell towers be removed when the new one is erected, but that is not included in the proposed plan.

Please come to the hearing and express your views both pro and con regarding cell towers in residential neighborhoods and how you could be affected by this proposal.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to try and answer them and feel free to call.

Thank You, Judith Krigsman 792-6934


Community Meeting Next Saturday. The Illahee Community non-profit group that has been representing Illahee concerns meets quarterly and has scheduled a meeting next Saturday afternoon at 1 pm at the Sylvan Way library.  We understand they are trying to schedule a speaker on a topic of interest to the community and will provide us with an agenda soon.

Drug Bust? We are often forwarded information and articles that show up on websites.  This one evidently showed up on the Kitsap Sun website, but did not get posted in the paper.  We don’t know much more than what is in the article, except from the blog it appears a neighbor said the people had only recently moved in.  Thanks for passing on information such as this so we can pass it on.

Illahee Preserve Information. We heard another Eagle Scout project is being planned for the Preserve, which will make it number three.  One is complete, one is ongoing at Compass Circle, and the new project is in the planning stage.  We also heard that the Rotary trail crew has now cleared 92 trees that have fallen across the trails since last Thanksgiving, and are wondering if they will reach 100 by this Thanksgiving.  Also, we want to thank the county Public Works crew for removing the filter fabric from the rain garden drains at the Almira parking lot.  We tried but were unable to get the gratings off.

Other Subjects? We have been asked to clarify the Timbers Edge situation, and about a large white boat recently seen in the area.  Let us know if you have some subjects you would like to see covered.  And, if you have photos to share, please send them.

Jim Aho


Illahee Update 10/14/11 Illahee Preserve, Leadership Kitsap Presentation, Energy Audit, Burglary Responses

Illahee Preserve.  We have been asked if anything has been going on at the Illahee Preserve since nothing has been mentioned recently.  It is time to catch up on this unique area that remains unknown to so many in the area.

444 Acre Forest.  If you add up all the parcels that make up the Preserve it amounts to 444 acres, not including internal right-of-ways, which would increase the number some.  And if you add the 107 acre Rolling Hills Golf Course that was gifted to Kitsap County, to the 444 acres you have 551 acres.  That makes it more than 7 times the size of the more well known Illahee State Park, that is 75 acres.
Getting the Word Out?  Some of the issues with a new park is getting the word out about this relatively unknown Preserve at the same time it is being established, planned, and developed as a premier nature preserve and park.  The Preserve has had a presence at the Kitsap County Fair and other events in order to help others in the county know about its existence.  It is rumored that the Rotary is looking at paying for and installing a sign along State Route 303, where it borders the Preserve.
Leadership Kitsap Project.  The Illahee Preserve folks and Kitsap County Parks were notified recently that one of the Leadership Kitsap groups were interested in helping the Illahee Preserve by selecting them for their group project.  After looking at the Preserve and talking with individuals they came up with a list of proposed projects they felt would be helpful and will be presenting them at an Illahee Preserve Stewardship meeting on Tuesday, 10/18/11.
Leadership Kitsap.  Leadership Kitsap is a leadership training organization supported by many of the public and private organizations in the county where they send their leaders to get more training, which has them to break up into groups and complete projects.  Over the years these groups have accomplished some amazing work in and for the community.
The Tuesday Presentation.  The Leadership Kitsap group has given the Stewardship group an outline of what they want to present on Tuesday.  In conversation with some of the Stewardship group members they are extremely happy with the list and are anxious to hear more.  The outline of what they are presenting is:


The primary purpose of this project is to increase community awareness of and access to the 400 plus acres of preserved community land in Illahee, Washington.    

1.       Create a conceptual site plan for the main entrance of the park, to include areas for future restroom, gazebo/picnic area, and playground area.  Site plan will be developed based on input and approval from all Community Partners.

2.       Create new brochure, including logo, for the preserve.  This will include conducting a GPS map of the current trails to develop a more accurate and user-friendly presentation for the brochure.

3.       Develop sustainable fundraising plan for preserve improvements that incorporates customized pavers, online donations, and other, low effort methods.

4.       Build trail markers at the 5 main entrances of the park, and along intersections and trails where needed.  These trail markers will be on posts (not trees).

5.       Project group and community partners to hold a “work day” to install trail markers. 

6.       Finalize with a Community Awareness and Access Event at the Preserves.  

Preserve Users and Community Members Invited.  The Stewardship group would like to invite Preserve users and supporters, along with Community members, to hear the presentation, since the Preserve represents ~25% of Illahee and if you add the golf course, ~33%.  The presentation is at the Port of Illahee meeting room at 5560 Ocean View Blvd, and starts at 6:30 pm on Tuesday (10/18/11).
Other Preserve Items.  The Rotary Club of East Bremerton has adopted the Illahee Preserve and periodically we attend their work parties.  We did so recently when two of their members went out at 7 am to clear downed trees on the trails.  We were wondering about why they were calling out numbers everytime they removed a tree and found out they have been keeping track of how many trees they have cleared since Thanksgiving last year.  When they finished they said they have now cleared 88 trees and expect they will be at 100 by the time Thanksgiving rolls around this year.  
Restoration Area Sign.  One of the first places they stopped was to check on a trail closure they worked on with the Washington Youth Academy.  Some of us tried to close the trail earlier with just the sign, that was eventually pulled out and ignored.  You can see from the logs around the sign that it will likely not be ignored.  You can also see that at 7 am these days, it is almost dark out.
Dumping Continues.  We took some photos the other day showing that dumping of trash continues to be a problem.  We regularly have an unknown roofing contractor who dumps shingles in the Preserve, and someday hope to have a camera system to catch him.  The other photo shows a Safeway grocery cart and a clothing from an abandoned campsite that was hauled out to the Petersville entrance.
Energy Audit.  We received a photo from a recent recipient of an energy audit that was part Re-Energize Kitsap (that is funded using stimulus money).  They said it was a thorough evaluation and the attached photo showed that areas around their electrical outlets were not well insulated and and represented a cold spot as shown by the blue color.  They said the cost was $650, but that the stimulus dollars paid for $450 of it.  Their house didn’t have any major problems and the auditor replaced 39 incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents, which evidently his family was not happy about.
Burglary Responses.  We did receive a few more responses regarding burglaries.  One reminded us that there is a difference between a burglary and a robbery. Another was a call where they said a couple in dark clothing came to their house late at night over a week ago (about the same time as the another reported incident) and seemed surprised when someone answered the door.  They said they were looking for someone named Smith.  Another was a response about the good that the Oxford House does, and that they didn’t think they were the problem.
Jim Aho