Illahee 6/28/17 Killdeer Eggs Hatch, Stormwater Meeting Report, Illahee Regional Stormwater Facility, Illahee Store Activity, Locate Services, Private Locate Services, Old Store Gas Tanks, Draft Testing Plan

Killdeer Eggs Hatch.  Incubation time for Killdeer eggs is 24-28 days and three eggs, laid on a path to the beach, were right on time.  They survived daily multiple trips back and forth by geese, not to mention not being stepped on by a bear and her cub.  Now we are watching the adults chase away the crows who seem to be after the young chicks.

Stormwater Meeting Report.  One of the most informative meetings on local stormwater issues was held on 6/19.  10 signs were placed throughout the community informing residents resulting in the attendance being better than other county stormwater meetings, with many waiting for a summary in a community update (next section). 
Illahee Regional Stormwater Facility.  Briefly the project is a $2.5M Stormwater Regional Facility to be built over several years in three different phases, which are shown below.
Illahee Store Activity.  More activity at the Illahee Store on Monday (6/26/17) as a second round of contamination surveys begin.
Locate Services.  Utilities need to be identified whenever drilling occurs and they can determined by basic or enhanced services.  These photos show the basic services looking for power and gas.
Private Locate Services.  With USTs (Underground Storage Tanks) enhanced services are required which use ground penetrating radar to see what is underneath.  Not only did they locate the existing tanks, they could also see where the tanks from the old Illahee Store were removed.
Old Store Gas Tanks.  The photo below is from 49 years ago when the Illahee Flag Pole was dedicated.  The old store was located much closer to Illahee Road, and the USTs for the gas pump were on the north side of the store, and according to the testing the pit can be seen where they were removed.
1968 Flag Pole Dedication 004
Draft Testing Plan.  The draft drilling plan to check for additianal possible site contamination is shown below and will likely be modified based on the new information from the private locating services.
Site Diagram
Jim Aho