Illahee 1/5/14 Winter Colors, Owl Problems, Caring Male Humming Bird, Port of Illahee Meeting, Port Reporter Needed

Winter Colors.  This time of year it is often hard to find colorful objects to photograph.  The first photo is from the Illahee Preserve, the second taken from the Illahee dock.

Misc 1-5 014Misc 1-5 021 
Owl Problems.  We should have reported on this earlier, but we were out of town when the email came in.
Anyone reporting owl attacks?  My son has been clawed once in late October  and avoided another clawing yesterday.  This time the owl swooped down on him twice.  He ended up tripping and falling as he tried to get away from it. He was quite shaken up by the experience.
Caring Male Humming Bird.  While we received a video of this unique reaction by a male Anna’s hummingbird, we were unable to attach it.  Below is the description of what was seen.
Here is a short video of a hummingbird trying to coax it’s injured companion to revive and fly off. I assume the injured bird (a female Anna’s) had flown into the glass of the deck. It was still alive when I first checked, but it soon died. The male kept hovering above her and occasionally landed beside her. He pulled on her feathers, and would then hover again. I knew Canada Geese behaved this way, but not hummers. I have a longer video that would not email.
Port of Illahee Meeting Wednesday.  The Port of Illahee monthly meeting is this Wednesday (1/8/14) at 5 pm at the Port meeting room at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road.  Visitors are welcome to this public meeting.
Port Reporter Needed.  We are looking for someone who can provide Update reports on the Port of Illahee meetings, since this update reporter will be sworn in as one of the new commissioners on Wednesday.  As you can see we keep the Update reports brief.  Let us know if you have questions and are possibly interested.
Jim Aho

Illahee 5/12/13 Friday Road Work, Timbers Edge Surveying, Weather Station Back Up, Illahee Webcam Progress, Port of Illahee Meeting, Mail Box Theft, Illahee Preserve Kiosk Tagged

Friday Road Work.  We were surprised to hear jack hammers early Friday morning along Illahee Road, especially since the contractor for the stormwater project doesn’t normally work on Fridays and we thought they had finished laying the new piping.  It turns out this was a gas company crew working to extend the gas line to three new customers before that section of Illahee Road is repaved.  See the attached photos.

Timbers Edge Surveying.  It appears the Timbers Edge project is moving ahead with their infiltration plans based on the survey stakes at the properties that mention “infiltration cells”.  We haven’t heard anything from the county yet to see how they are responding to the revised project.
Weather Station Back Up.  There were inquires during the hot spell we had last week about what happened to the Illahee weather station.  There were internet problems for a few days, but we were still able to get graphs of the weather since the system was installed in March.  Graphs are available daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or can be customized as we did with the graph below (from March 15 to May 12th). 
Illahee Webcam Progress.  We saw a time lapsed video from the Illahee webcam but the system is still being worked as there is a power supply problem and possibly a relay issue that needs to be resolved.  Once the technical issues are resolved the plan is for the camera to be mounted in a waterproof enclosure and a smaller netbook computer procurred so the system can tucked away and be left on 24/7 and available on the website.  The time lapsed example we saw and that will also be available showed the night lights and the stars mowing across the sky which was most interesting to see.
Port of Illahee Meeting.  We attended the Port of Illahee’s regular monthly meeting on Wednesday and there appears to be some movement regarding the Illahee Store.  The Commissioner’s voted to contact their attorney and have him check it out.

Mail Box Theft.  Some weeks ago we were notified that an Illahee resident south of the state park had mail stolen from their mail box.  We receive periodic crime update reports courtesy of an Illahee resident, but haven’t figured out how to have them posted to the website.

Illahee Preserve Kiosk Tagged.  We received the following photos of the “tagged” Illahee Preserve kiosk with the following note:  “This damage would not clean off because it is soaked into the plywood”.  Someone was checking to see if the tag was gang related, but we haven’t heard if that is the case.
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/16/12 Brush Pickers Back, Film Sales, Culvert Report, Port of Illahee Meeting, Illahee Store, Flag Pole, Port Meeting Sign, Trash Report

Brush Pickers Back.  Just when we thought there were no brush pickers in the Illahee Preserve this winter, we received the following report:

On Friday I was walking my dog and I heard and saw 3-4 pickers harvesting  in Illahee Preserve @ about 1:30pm.

Walking north from Compass Circle it was on the ridge to the left and across from the first East path intersection.

I called 911 and a unit was dispatched. I received a call from the officer who said he was in the Almira parking lot. @that time I was at the Riddell lot and explained if he walked in to the 2nd main N/S path and travel S he would find them and I would approach from the other side. I ended up running into two of them on my way. Of course there were no police. So I was detaining them hoping the police would soon arrive. So after having a discussion that it was illegal to be harvesting in the Preserve, I left.  I called dispatch who had the officer call me again to find out that he was still sitting in the lot waiting for back up. I met them in the lot and escorted them to the area but by this time they were nowhere to be found. You can see the paths and the reduction in vegetation.

In addition to calling 911, you can also call 479-1049 and we can often get some others there to help find them.

Christmas Film Sales.  We have had a number of residents purchasing Illahee DVDs for Christmas presents.  One of the comments we received from those who saw the film at the Admiral Theater is the colors on the DVDs are much more vivid and bright than it was on the theater’s screen.  The film was done in high definition (HD) which provides the great colors and is why there are also Blu-ray copies available.   Simply call 479-1049 to have them delivered, or for more information about the film.

Culvert Report.  The Illahee Creek culvert continues to be concern for many residents who remember the inconvenience caused by the washout of the Gilberton Creek culvert a few years ago.  We took some photos on Saturday (12/15/12) to show what the area upstream of the culvert looks like, with the last two photos showing the left and right sides.

Port of Illahee Meeting.  We have been attending the Port of Illahee meetings for years and mentioned to someone that it was an exciting meeting last Wednesday when four residents attended and commented on some current issues.  We were then asked if we could put something out in an update so here is our report, which is unofficial as the Port minutes are posted on their website, though usually a month after the meeting.  Normally there are only one or two residents who attend the meeting and not much interaction, but this time there was some controversy.

Illahee Store.  The Illahee Store has been on the Port’s agenda for many years with not much happening, which is why at the community meeting in November the following was passed unanimously.  

After lengthy discussion, a motion was made and seconded that the Port of Illahee actively pursue with due diligence the purchase of the Illahee store. 
The concerns expressed at the Port meeting were that something needs to be done to move things forward as it was reported that the owners wanted to sell.  The vacant store is an eyesore and in the past residents have had to clean up the area.  Some would like to see it become a community center, and others a coffee shop, and other would like to see it be both.  One of the big issues is the status of the old gasoline tanks, which need an environmental assessment.  The Port has been investigating but evidently some of the residents want to see some action taken.
Flag Pole.  This was the really big issue of the evening with some wanting the flag pole moved because it restricts movement past parked cars, and others stating it has been there for years, was put in by the community, and is a community landmark.  There were some emotional statements and the Port Commissioners asked the person who wanted it moved to bring them some estimates.  Someone suggested the community be queried to determine its position; either FOR or AGAINST or DON’T CARE, so if you want to get in on the decision, we will pass on your sentiments, or do so to one of the commissioners via their website 
Port Meeting Sign.  Another suggestion was for the Port to put up a sign by the flag pole a few days before their monthly meeting as a reminder for residents who would like to attend.  A sandwich board was offered up by one of the attendees and Port Commissioner Cassie Magill said she would make up the sign.

Trash Report.  There are two trash dumping incidents to report.  One at the Almira parking lot, and the other a mattress along Thompson Lane.  
Past Updates Saved.  Some have commented they save these updates.  They are already saved and can be accessed on the community website  In addition they can also be searched by subject matter, which is why we put headings on each paragraph.

Jim Aho 

Illahee 11/13/12 Cleanup Volunteers, Illegal Dumping, Port of Illahee Meeting, Timbers Edge, TE Working Group, Illahee Community Meeting 11/28/12, Cormorants

Preserve Cleanup Volunteers.  We couldn’t find any of the Illahee Preserve cleanup volunteers who would pose for a picture so we took a picture of their orange vest, their pickup tool, and trash bag after a trip through the Preserve.  They reported only a small amount of trash was found, most of it around the Thompson Lane parking lot.

Illegal Dumping.  Another instance of illegal dumping occurred on Sunday evening or Monday.  Anyone recognize this red rocker?
Port of Illahee Meeting.  The Port of Illahee commissioners meet the second Wednesday of the month at 5 pm at the Port meeting room at 5500 Illahee Road.  Their November meeting is when they look at their budget for the next year, in this case for 2013.  We went on their website and then copied their draft budget in case community members can’t make it to the meeting.
Timbers Edge.  We are still trying to figure out what is happening regarding the Timbers Edge (TE) project.  First there were notices in the Kitsap Sun about Trustee Sales, which were later cancelled.  And then there was a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Now we are back to a Trustee Sale slated for the end of November.  In the legal notices of the paper it appeared that only one of the three TE properties was going to be the subject of the auction, but then today we heard all three properties were going to be auctioned.

The Three Properties?  We saw one TE options paper that noted three properties that must be what everyone is considering.  We took the liberty to copy what it said.

A check with the Kitsap County assessor indicated that the original five properties have been combined into three properties following the gifting of the riparian properties (21 acres) to the Port of Illahee.  The remaining parcels are:

a.  012401-1-001-2003, 4.54 acres, current assessed value $45,180 (the west end/remaining Garrison)

b.  062402-2-014-2000, 5.42 acres, current assessed value $143,500 (the center plus small north piece)

c.  062402-2-013-2001, 5.3 acres, current assessed value $141,390 (the Avery Homestead piece)

Note that the assessed values are for raw land, and should not be confused with what could be much higher values for an approved development, more likely in the $1 Million dollar range.

Timbers Edge Working Group.  We also know there is a Timbers Edge working group trying to figure out what is happening, and if there will be an opportunity for the community to purchase at least one of the properties, providing they are auctioned off as separate parcels.  One of the items in another discussion paper mentioned “TE investment shares” whereby residents would purchase shares to purchase the property most advantageous to the Illahee Preserve so eventually grants could be obtained to add it to the Preserve.  That way they would protect the property from development until the necessary funding could be secured and hopefully they would be reimbursed and recoup their investment, but there would be no guarantee   

Illahee Community Meeting 11/28.  There will be an Illahee community meeting on Wednesday evening November 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm.  We heard there are a number of agenda items on the list for this meeting and we will pass the information on when things are finalized.

Cormorants.  Not as many wildlife photos coming in, but wanted to share this one of a cormorant.
Jim Aho