Illahee 10/17/16 Photo, Storm Photos, Work Party Cancelled, Preserve Stewardship Meeting, Timbers Edge, Port Meeting Report

Photo.  The arrival of these Surf Scoters in the waters off of Illahee is a sign the rest of the winter waterfowl will soon be arriving.  

Storm Photos.  This sail boat weathered out the storms at the Illahee Dock.  The following photos show an unfortunate homeowner next to the Illahee Preserve where tree branches damaged not one but two of their cars.  The gray car wasn’t even visible in the first photo.
Preserve Work Party Cancelled.  The wood chip piles along Thompson Lane remain intact after the work party with the Washington Youth Academy (WYA) was cancelled due to Friday’s storm.  Other options are being considered.
Preserve Stewardship Meeting.  The Illahee Preserve Stewardship monthly meeting is this Tuesday form 6:30 – 8 pm at the Kitsap Pavilion Conference Room (south east corner).  The meetings are open to all and any who are interested in helping the Preserve remain the treasure it is, and with their future expansion efforts.
Timbers Edge.  Something needs to happen soon if the Preserve is  to be able to acquire the Timbers Edge Phase 2 acreage (10.7 acres) before it becomes a 45 lot housing development.  Ideas and suggestions are welcome.  The photo below was taken on the property.
Port Meeting Report.  At the Port meeting last week it was reported the Port has made an offer on the Illahee Store, with a due diligence period of 90 days to inspect outstanding issues.  They are waiting for an acceptance or counter offer.  It was also noted that two of the present commissioners are not planning to run in 2017 which will leave a 4 year term and a 6 year term vacancies.  Also, the approval of 2017 budget will be on the agenda for the November 9th Port meeting.
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/30/15 Walkers, Wood Chips, Preserve Downed Trees, South Wind, North Wind, Avery Homestead, Western White Pine, Illahee Store Sign, Timbers Edge, The Lost Continent Phase 2?

Walkers.  Lots of walkers in Illahee but the most interesting was today of two grandparents giving their granddaughter (Bethany) a ride in a wagon pulled by a pet sheep named Rambo.
2015-11-30 (1) Misc 002 

Wood Chips.  We need help with getting wood chips to the people who want them.  There were four people requesting wood chips and instead this load was dumped at the Preserve.  If you see a tree service with chips they want to get rid of, have them contact us and we will put them in contact with people who actually want them.  The Preserve doesn’t need anymore at this time.

2015-11-30 Misc 034 
Preserve Downed Trees.  Thanks again to those who keep the Illahee Preserve’s over 5 miles of trails open and cleaned up.  These volunteers (Rotary, Stewardship, and community members) go through a Kitsap County training class to make sure they know how to safely operate and maintain their personal chain saws.  Several years ago, when there were a number of major storms, over 100 trees needed to be cleared from the trail system.  
2015-11-30 Misc 026 
South Wind.  So what damage did the recent south wind cause?  Roughly 20 trees came down over the trails including some big ones.
North Wind.  The more recent north winds took down another 10 trees that had to be removed.
Western White Pine.  We were surprised at the number of Western White Pine’s that had their tops blown down in the Preserve.  The photo below is from a residence that had the same problem.
2015-11-30 (1) Misc 004 
Illahee Store Sign.  It also appears the north winds also broke the sign at the Illahee Store.
2015-11-30 (1) Misc 008 
Avery Homestead.  Neighbors on both sides of the Avery Homestead reported the noise from a big tree coming down.  The tree was so heavily covered with English Ivy that it was hard to see the tree.  When it came down it trimmed the branches of one of the nearby redwood trees.  It is a good reminder that if you have trees with ivy on them that they are more susceptible to being blown over.  You just need to cut the vine trunks at the base of the tree.
2015-11-30 Misc 050
2015-11-30 Misc 037 
Timbers Edge.  With the recent purchase of 25.5 acres of the Timbers Edge project, there are questions as to what is going to happen with the remaining 10.7 acres that was not purchased.  The Illahee Forest Preserve (IFP), the non-profit group that organized the purchase of the 25 acres, is working on developing an updated long range master plan.  What kind of natural areas and recreational features should be considered to serve a large anticipated future urban population, say in the next 20 to 50 years?  These discussions need to involve the County and the City of Bremerton (whose residents are major users) and meetings are hoped to commence this week.
The Lost Continent Phase 2?  Until the talks mentioned above happen, the Lost Continent project is temporarily on hold.  Phase 2 is hoping to begin soon so those who want to make end of year 2015 contributions for tax purposes can do so.  There were also a number of people who wanted to contribute to Phase 1 after the necessary funds were collected, so it is hoped they will still want to help.  More information will follow when we find out about the discussions.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/31/15 Power Outage, Downed Trees, Friday Work Party, Illahee Outfall Meetings, vigilant Residents, Timbers Edge, Raccoon Photo, Orca Visit, Orca Regulations, Ant Correction

Power Outage.  We heard on Sunday afternoon there were 594 residents in Illahee without power with an estimated time to restore power set for Tuesday at 6:30 am, when a plea was made for help. We don’t know how it got expedited but after 32 hours without power we are glad it happened and thank those with contacts. Another 30+ hours would have been tough.  

Downed Trees.  We heard the power outage problem was the result of branches/trees over power lines in three locations along Illahee Road hill.  Only a few trees were down across trails in the Illahee Preserve, with several of them already taken care of.

 2015-8-31 Misc 024
Friday Work Party.  There was another successful Illahee Preserve work party on Friday with 55 Washington Youth Academy cadets.  Invasive plant species were removed and wood chip piles were depleted as wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of wood chips were placed on the trails.  It takes many hundreds of labor hours to keep the Preserve looking great and it is all done with volunteers.  Thanks to the Washington Youth Academy and the East Bremerton Rotary Club for all their efforts on Friday!!!  And thanks to those who helped supply the work party with wheelbarrows and tools!
2015-8-31 Misc 017
Illahee Outfall Meetings.  This past week there were three meetings held to try and resolve the problem with the Illahee Outfall that “sticks out like a sore thumb”.  A resolution was eventually agreed to by those present which needs to have revised drawings approved by the Department of Community Development (DCD).  More information will follow.  The first photo shows the problem of the pipe sticking out too far.  The second photo is looking into the manhole at the pipe being held by two long bolts, which was deemed inadequate.  The manhole will be relocated and the pipe will be moved back, and a better anchoring system designed.  
2015-1-23 Misc 1062015-8-31 Misc 005 
Vigilant Residents.  There are some who think the people in Illahee are simply complainers when they oppose some of the projects being contemplated.  The response has been it is the Illahee Community that has to live with the final result of projects.  If something is not done right residents may be looking at it and living with it everyday for as long as they live here, so they want it done right.  Additionally, they have found they cannot always depend on the county to watch out for the community, which is why they need to be vigilant.
Timbers Edge.  What is the hold-up with the 25 acre TE purchase (Phase 1)?  Turns out an appraisal is needed for the state funds and the county, who is pledging interim funds.  Complex appraisals take time so we are currently projecting middle to late September for the appraisal to complete.  Phase 1 needs to complete, so things are currently in a holding pattern for Phase 2.
Raccoon Photo.  Thanks to Rick for this photo during a past thunderstorm.
Here is the picture of the raccoon, that was frightened by the thunder. He/she was at eye level just outside our back door in a large cedar tree at 5533 Oceanview Blvd.  Looks like he was praying for protection from the storm.
Orca Visit.  The orca pod visit on August 18th turned out to be quite an event.  We saw some private videos that were amazing and have been trying to find someone who will share their videos.  Turns out some of them found out afterwards that there are some strict restrictions about how close you can get to whales, assuming these were the southern resident orcas.   The person in this photo was trying to maintain some separation when another group from the pod came up next to his kayak.  He had is video running taking photos of the far away orcas and when the others surfaced next to him you can hear how scared and surprised he was.  Cameras capture the sights and sounds of some amazing events.
Orca Restrictions.  The regulations for boaters are:
Orca Regs 
Ant Correction.  In a previous update with reference to fire ants I have been corrected as follows: 
2015-8-18 Misc 034
These are not fire ants. There are no fire ants north of the Texas, New Mexico area. Fire ants do build mounds but they are made of earth not vegetation detritus. The ants you picture are one of several similar species collectively called mound building ants. They are benign to beneficial as they often prey on insect pests. Calling them fire ants may well cause people to destroy these relatively harmless creatures for no reason.
The ants might be thatching ants. That’s what we had. They were stripping my plants and made a mound as high as my waist. Never heard of them till I had them in my yard. Wish I’d taken pictures.
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/12/14 Illahee Day, Port Meeting, Illahee Store, Timbers Edge, Squirrels, Gardens

Illahee Day.  We noticed the sign just went up advertising Illahee Day for this Saturday, 8/16/14, and all are invited.  

2014-8-12 Misc 007 
Purpose.  It was described at the last Port meeting as a time for residents to gather socially at the dock and waterfront area in front of the Port office facilities at 5500 Illahee Road. 
Food.  The Port is providing food and drinks.  In the past they have provided Subway sandwiches and we understand this year it will be catered by McClouds restaurant, primarily potato salad and hot dogs.
Other.  Copies of the film “Illahee – Saving Puget Sound, One Watershed at a Time” will be available for purchase, with the proceeds going the the Illahee Forest Preserve 501.c.3 non-profit group.

Port Meeting.  The monthly Port of Illahee meeting is the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm at the lower level of 5500 Illahee Road, i.e., this Wednesday, 8/13/14.  It is a public meeting and the public is invited.  
Illahee Store.  There has been some cleaning activity around the Illahee Store and residents are curious if something is going to happen.  We heard that someone cleaned the blackberries off the roof of the store and would like to know more about who is cleaning up the area.  
2014-8-12 Misc 0092014-8-12 Misc 011 
Timbers Edge.  We also heard there has been activity at the east end of the Timbers Edge property, at the site of the Avery homestead, where the area was cleared of blackberries. We heard the neighbors reported squatters and Mr Tallmon himself came out to look the situation over, and told nearby residents the area would be logged and developed next year.  The question is whether the site will be developed supporting community interests, or at the higher density, ignoring community concerns.  More when we know what is being planned.
2014-8-12 Misc 002 
Squirrels. This squirrel was the only wildlife we saw on a recent walk.  The problem with the non-native grays is they out compete the smaller native brown Douglas squirrels and soon the natives will all but disappear.  It is a difficult dilemma for those who love all creatures.
2014-8-12 Misc 012 
Gardens.  We have heard there are some beautiful gardens in Illahee.  Please send us some photos.
Jim Aho

Illahee 4/24/13 First Illahee School, Green Cleaning Workshop, Spring Photos, Grant Info, Timbers Edge, Deer!

First Illahee School.  The photo below was forwarded to us of the first Illahee school along with some historical information.

Green Cleaning Workshop.  We were asked to let community members know about the following event coming up soon.

Free Green Cleaning Workshop:  Kitsap County is providing a free workshop on ‘Green Cleaning’, including demonstrations and free samples on May 1, 2013.  Limited to 30 attendees, the workshop will be held at the Brownsville church (across from the Brownsville school) between 7 and 8 PM on Wednesday, May 1.  Please make reservations by email at “” or via Sabine Hazel ( 479-0988).
Spring Photos.  Some photos of the Illahee Preserve came in today thanks to Sally.

Grant Info.  The information was forwarded to us because there are at least two non-profits located in Illahee:  The Illahee Forest Preserve and the Illahee Community Group.

I would like to cordially invite you to attend a very special Grantseeking workshop at the Sylvan Way branch of Kitsap Regional Library Tuesday, April 23 from Noon – 1:30 (it’s fine to bring and eat a lunch). Details at the end of this message.

This Grantseeking Basics workshop is intended for representatives of nonprofit organizations, whether new to the process or ready for a refresher  that not only includes insider tips but the introduction of powerful newly available online tools, training and resources for grantseekers available now through the library at no charge to you, including:

·       suggestions for getting ready to seek funds, which includes knowing what funders look for in a nonprofit organization.

·       how nonprofits are supported, with detail on the types of grantmakers and why it’s important to know about them.

·       tips on the funding research process and finding funding partners.

·        information on the Foundation Center resources, and how you can use them effectively to help you in your funding research.

·        how to access other training classes and free online webinars and print resources for more topics and in-depth training

If you are a nonprofit, be sure to send someone to this class, you’ll be glad you did! Please share this invitation/email with everyone you know who might benefit.

There is no formal sign-up process, but I’d greatly appreciate an email reply, to get an idea how many are attending.

If you cannot attend, I would like to make an appointment to see you either here or at your office, to introduce you to the new resources and support available to you as a nonprofit, at the library. These are powerful and worth your time. I look forward to meeting you.

Grantseeking Basics with KRL’s new Foundation Center Resources


Tuesday, Apr. 23, 2013, 12 – 1:30 p.m.


Sylvan Way

Age Range


Type of Event

Adults, Special Events, Other Library Events

Library Address/Phone

Sylvan Way Library / 360-405-9100 / 1301 Sylvan Way – Bremerton, WA 98310-3466

Special Event

KRL Special Event


Peggy Branaman leads this Foundation Center workshop about insights into the world of grantmakers, finding funding partners and touring the powerful online grantseeking resources new to the library this year . This class is designed for nonprofit grantseekers, and will help you prepare to get that grant!
Timbers Edge.  We are still hoping the new developers of Timbers Edge will consider the community’s desires regarding the project, which is for a lower density.  What we have heard is the development is moving ahead, see the next email comment.

The North Perry Water Department has been notified (Thursday) that the Timber’s Edge project is proceeding. Just wanted to keep you updated.

Deer!  This is a sore subject as the deer are invading local gardens already.  One person said they destroyed last year’s raspberry crop and they are already trying to do so this year.
Jim Aho

Illahee 4/7/13 Road Work Signs, Spring Blooms, WYA Work Party, Rain Garden Progress, Illahee Webcam, Port Meeting on Wednesday, Timbers Edge, Wildlife Photos

Road Work Signs.  On Monday (4/8/13) the road work begins from the Illahee community dock to Illahee North.

Spring Blooms.  Just some of the beautiful blooms as one walks through Illahee this spring.
WYA Work Party.  On Saturday morning (4/6/13) the Illahee Preserve’s Almira parking lot was full to overflowing as Washington Youth Academy (WYA) cadets and their mentors comprised one of the largest work parties we have seen.  There were at least 64, and probably more, we lost count as they all jumped in to haul wood chips, build trails, move logs, plant trees, haul rocks, etc.  Thanks to the Rotary again for their contacts with the WYA and for their members bringing 25 wheel borrows and tools. We picked the photo below as the WYA program is administered by the Washington State National Guard.  The second photo shows how the logs were placed to better define the perimeter of the rain garden.
Rain Garden Progress.  We are reworking the rain garden to better show off the different kinds of native plants that can be used in rain gardens.  The first plot will be devoted to mostly ground cover plants such as rushes, sedges, Oregon grape, kinnikinnick, wild strawberries, etc.  Since these plants spread we decided to use logs in the interior to keep some semblance of order.  However, we just planted some of these and have yet to find more plants, so it may be another year before the plots fill out.
We were asked what the purpose of a rain garden was and essentially responded with what the sign below said.

Illahee Webcam.  There has been some interest in learning more about how an Illahee webcam would work and what the costs would be.  We were able to get a copy of an email from the developer of the software and seller of the system.  It will require a computer to run it 24/7 and they are wondering if anyone has a netbook they aren’t using that they would be able to contribute to the project.  The thought is the time lapsed coverage of this webcam would be more dynamic than others in that it would, in addition to picking up the changes in weather, it would pick up the tides going in and out and the boat traffic.
The price for an indoor camera setup is $499 + shipping.  This includes the following:
  • Olympus SP-500UZ camera configured for remote control
  • SebecTec webcam software with weather and time-lapse
  • SebecTec custom relay (helps keep the camera running all the time)
  • Pan/tilt camera bracket
  • 30ft USB active extension cable 
  • 6.5v camera power adapter
Attached is a photo of the components.  You will also see a nettop computer used to control the camera with this setup.
This particular camera was shipped to Iceland –

If you have any questions please let me know.  If you will like to order I can send you a PayPal invoice.

Thank you,


Michael McCormack
SebecTec LLC
Derry, NH
In addition to the above equipment, a special plexiglass housing would need to be made for the camera.
Port Meeting on Wednesday.  Just a reminder that the Port of Illahee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 5 pm, which is this week (4/10/13), and the meetings are open to the public.

Timbers Edge.  No new information regarding what is happening with the Timbers Edge development.
Wildlife photos.  We think this eagle discovered a Canada goose nest and is eating the eggs.  The next photo is of a young seal.  And the flower is a trillium in the Illahee Preserve.  And the last photo was sent to us of a large and tall big leaf maple tree along the shoreline behind the flag that is covered by English ivy which will someday overwhelm the tree if the ivy vines aren’t cut. 
Jim Aho

Illahee 12/30/12 The Year Past, 2012 Highlights, The Year Ahead, 2013 Projections, Illahee Creek, Illahee Creek Watershed, Illahee Preserve, Off-Leash Dog Park, Timbers Edge, Sequel Film, Shoreline Restoration, Port of Illahee, Illahee Community Group, Rest Place

The Year Past.  We have been asked about the accomplishments in Illahee and with the Illahee Preserve this past year and decided to take the time to list some of what we remember.  We were surprised and happy to see what has been accomplished.

Eleven 2012 Highlights.  These are some of the highlights of completed and started projects.

1.  Illahee Film debuts with showings in Canada, Bremerton, Olympia, and Port Townsend
2.  Leadership Kitsap group picks the Illahee Preserve as its team project and completes trail intersection markers, maps, future plans, and celebration event.
3.  Illahee Preserve and Rain Garden signage and frames designed, printed, fabricated, and installed.
4.  Eagle Scout candidate Eliot Orando completes kiosk & establishes new walkway area.
5.  Community, Rotary, Navy, Washington Youth Academy, and CK Super Saturday volunteer work parties support Preserve projects.
6.  KC Remand results in Increased Urban Restricted and small section of Rural zoning within Illahee.
7.  Compass Circle Meadow Restoration Project completes with enlarging and grading of the meadow area and planting of grass.
8.  Ground preparation, placement of 100 yards of fill, and volunteer grading begins for future picnic shelter.
9.  Illahee Creek culvert monitored regularly as flood plain continues to rise and culvert fills.
10.  Wildlife monitored by community members with photos and reports posted on website and emailed to approximately 500 recipients.
11.  New website,, established for the Illahee Preserve.

The Year Ahead.  We were also asked about what we think will happen in 2013 with the culvert, Timbers Edge, the Illahee Store, the flag pole controversy, and a discussion we had about an off-leash dog park near the Preserve.

2013 Projections.  These are our projections, and ours alone.  If you disagree or have other projections we would be glad to present them.

Illahee Creek?  The lower flood plain has raised significantly since 2007 from the heavy sediment loads carried downstream by storm surges.  This has also resulted in the filling of the culvert under Illahee Road.  We think it is just a matter of time before we have more major storms and the culvert becomes blocked.  This would backup the water until it flows over Illahee Road, at its low point north of the culvert, eventually washing the roadway out and closing down that section of Illahee Road.  This would be a situation similar to what happened when Illahee Road was washed out at Gilberton Creek.  We project the washout to occur toward the end of 2013.

Illahee Creek Watershed?  We anticipate some great things to happen in the north part of the watershed with the county’s recent grant from the Department of Ecology to help control the storm surges that bring the heavy sediment loads downstream.  This is what is needed no matter what happens to the culvert.   

Illahee Preserve?  The Illahee Preserve usage continues to increase and the partnerships such as that with the Rotary Club of East Bremerton continue to increase.  Volunteers and community support are the key to this Heritage Park being open and maintained.   

Future Off-Leash Dog Park?  We recently discussed with a dog owner, and user of county and city off-leash dog parks, about an area adjacent to the Preserve that would be ideal for an off-leash dog park who noted one was needed in the East Bremerton area, and wondered if there couldn’t be a partnership with the City of Bremerton and the county to work collaboratively to obtain a grant to purchase the property.  We liked the idea and decided it was worth mentioning, though realizing this could be controversial, and likely will not happen in 2013.

Illahee Preserve Acquisitions?  Grant funding for Preserve acquisitions come in two year cycles and soon it will be time to try again to purchase or obtain conservation easements for adjacent riparian and forested areas next to the Preserve.  Future acquisitions are noted in the Preserve’s Stewardship Plan and will require consensus with Parks and the County Commissioners if grants are to be submitted.  We think 2013 will be the time for the Illahee Preserve acquisition grants to move forward.

Timbers Edge Development?  It is difficult to know which way this approved development will go with another trustee sale scheduled for January 11, 2013.  The Illahee Forest Preserve group would like to see the 4.54 acres that were the subject of a trustee sale in December 2012 become part of the Preserve.   As we understand it, lawyers delayed discussions regarding the possibility of obtaining the 4.54 acres until after the January 11th trustee sale.  This has left the community wondering whether the high density Timbers Edge development will move forward bringing major changes and sewers to the area of the original plat of Illahee.  

Our Thoughts re TE?   We think investors will purchase the remaining properties on January 11th but will quickly realize bringing sewers over or under Illahee Creek is especially problematic such that they will opt for septic systems instead of sewers (which will result in a decrease the density of the development).  We hope the investors or the property owner, depending on who ends up with the west parcel, will work with the community to purchase the 4.54 acrea for the Preserve, which has been previously identified by the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a primary wildlife corridor.

Sequel Film?  Because the filmmaker was not able to include all the footage and important subjects in the Illahee film completed in 2011/2012, a sequel film in 2013 was planned.  With much of the filming completed and with the grant work scheduled for 2013, we think the sequel film could begin in 2013 to cover the grant work and finish in 2014.  This will likely require community funding to proceed and will likely be funded by a partnership between the two Illahee non-profits; the Illahee Forest Preserve and the Illahee Community Group.

Shoreline Restoration?  The Shoreline Master Program Update will complete in 2013 and already some Illahee residents are wondering if shoreline restoration projects could be completed along our shorelines.  We think this could happen if a restoration project can be identified that would be acceptable to shoreline residents and government officials, other than the removal of protective bulkheads.

Port of Illahee Projects?  We think the Port of Illahee made a great decision when they acquired the former Deitch residence next to the community dock, and that they are now in a good position to plan for the future of the area.  We think they will move ahead with the Master Plan they have contemplated for about a year and that it will include a plan regarding what to do with the flag pole and whether they want to eventually obtain the Illahee Store.  

Illahee Community Group?  This group seemed to us to be somewhat dormant in 2012, possibly because the Community Plan had completed and there have been few conflicts to excite the community.  We think there are enough issues important to the community now so we expect to see the group become more involved in 2013, and especially if the Port Master Plan calls for obtaining the Illahee Store, as the building would be a great place for a Community Center. 

Rest Place/Preserve Walkway?  The east side of Illahee Preserve abuts the roughly one half mile impassable roadway section of Rest Place.  This is an area where the community could establish a more inviting walking path by removing the invasive plant species and providing some signage.  Some nearby residents are proposing this and the Illahee Forest Preserve group is supportive, but requires the county and adjacent residents to approve the plan.  We thing this is a great opportunity to make some improvements along the road right-of-way that has become overgrown and we think this will be accepted by the Rest Place residents and supported by the greater Illahee community, who will likely have to do the cleanup work to make it happen.  We give this project a 50/50 chance of happening in 2013.

Other Projections for 2013?  Let us know if you have other projections for the Illahee Preserve and/or the Illahee Community.

Jim Aho

Illahee 11/13/12 Cleanup Volunteers, Illegal Dumping, Port of Illahee Meeting, Timbers Edge, TE Working Group, Illahee Community Meeting 11/28/12, Cormorants

Preserve Cleanup Volunteers.  We couldn’t find any of the Illahee Preserve cleanup volunteers who would pose for a picture so we took a picture of their orange vest, their pickup tool, and trash bag after a trip through the Preserve.  They reported only a small amount of trash was found, most of it around the Thompson Lane parking lot.

Illegal Dumping.  Another instance of illegal dumping occurred on Sunday evening or Monday.  Anyone recognize this red rocker?
Port of Illahee Meeting.  The Port of Illahee commissioners meet the second Wednesday of the month at 5 pm at the Port meeting room at 5500 Illahee Road.  Their November meeting is when they look at their budget for the next year, in this case for 2013.  We went on their website and then copied their draft budget in case community members can’t make it to the meeting.
Timbers Edge.  We are still trying to figure out what is happening regarding the Timbers Edge (TE) project.  First there were notices in the Kitsap Sun about Trustee Sales, which were later cancelled.  And then there was a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Now we are back to a Trustee Sale slated for the end of November.  In the legal notices of the paper it appeared that only one of the three TE properties was going to be the subject of the auction, but then today we heard all three properties were going to be auctioned.

The Three Properties?  We saw one TE options paper that noted three properties that must be what everyone is considering.  We took the liberty to copy what it said.

A check with the Kitsap County assessor indicated that the original five properties have been combined into three properties following the gifting of the riparian properties (21 acres) to the Port of Illahee.  The remaining parcels are:

a.  012401-1-001-2003, 4.54 acres, current assessed value $45,180 (the west end/remaining Garrison)

b.  062402-2-014-2000, 5.42 acres, current assessed value $143,500 (the center plus small north piece)

c.  062402-2-013-2001, 5.3 acres, current assessed value $141,390 (the Avery Homestead piece)

Note that the assessed values are for raw land, and should not be confused with what could be much higher values for an approved development, more likely in the $1 Million dollar range.

Timbers Edge Working Group.  We also know there is a Timbers Edge working group trying to figure out what is happening, and if there will be an opportunity for the community to purchase at least one of the properties, providing they are auctioned off as separate parcels.  One of the items in another discussion paper mentioned “TE investment shares” whereby residents would purchase shares to purchase the property most advantageous to the Illahee Preserve so eventually grants could be obtained to add it to the Preserve.  That way they would protect the property from development until the necessary funding could be secured and hopefully they would be reimbursed and recoup their investment, but there would be no guarantee   

Illahee Community Meeting 11/28.  There will be an Illahee community meeting on Wednesday evening November 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm.  We heard there are a number of agenda items on the list for this meeting and we will pass the information on when things are finalized.

Cormorants.  Not as many wildlife photos coming in, but wanted to share this one of a cormorant.
Jim Aho

Illahee 6/30/12 Local Photos, Crabbing, Beach Watchers, Timbers Edge, Preserve Timber Policy?

Local Photos.  With a number of photos of twin fawns coming in we thought we would show this photo of a fawn without any siblings we saw on our way to get the paper the other day.

Crabbing.  If you like Dungeness crabs, they you are probably aware they are selling for ~ $8 a pound, which would mean a 2 pound crab would cost ~ $16, and that is before cooking and cleaning.  So it is no wonder there are many crab lovers planning on going out on Sunday, July 1st, when the crabbing season begins.  We thought it would be good to go through some of the facts about crabbing we received recently from a Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) presentation.

Season Starting Dates.  Some Illahee residents thought the recreational season started on June 1st when they saw boats out in the bay harvesting crabs, but they were tribal harvesters who can begin a month earlier.  We found a chart of how the Dungeness crab harvest has increased over the years and it is interesting how it has grown and has not decreased the overall population.  We also found it interesting that most of the commercial catch is shipped overseas and the crab are kept alive.
Dungeness or Red Rock at the Docks?  We remember seeing lots of red rock crabs around here, and not very many Dungeness.  The limit of red rock crabs is 6 (either sex) and they only need to be 5 inches across rather than 6.25 inches for Dungeness.  The DFW website for more information is:
Beach Watchers Assisting DFW.  Local Kitsap County Beach Watchers are helping get crab information out as last year roughly half of those getting crab endorsements to their licenses were doing so for the first time. 
Timbers Edge.  A couple of items to report regarding the Timbers Edge development.  We heard the Illahee Forest Preserve group authorized a sort of appraisal to be done on the project as a first step to see if the property can be acquired.  We also heard the reason there hasn’t been any further notices in the Kitsap Sun about a trustee sale of the properties is that the James Corporation has filed for a chapter 11 bankruptcy.  

High and Low Tides.  This coming week there will some monthly low and high tides with the lowest a -3.2 ft on July 3rd, and a monthly high tide of 13.0 ft on July 5th. 

New Preserve Timber Policy?  There is a proposed new Timber Stewardship Policy that has some Illahee Preserve supporters and volunteers concerned that the Preserve properties they have worked so hard to obtain and take care of will become part of a big county wide program.  Some have suggested that the Illahee Preserve not be included in the newly proposed policy document.  It looks like another battle may be coming. The draft policy document can be found at:

Jim Aho

Illahee Update 5/23/12 Timbers Edge?, Bargain & Sale Deed Recorded, 21 Acres Secured, Remaining 15 Acre Development for Sale, Timbers Edge Development Impacts, Community Options? Meeting?

Timbers Edge & Kitsap Sun Legal Notices?  One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “What is happening with the Timbers Edge (TE) development?”  For several months in a row there were notices in the legal section of the Kitsap Sun about the impending trustee sale of the properties, and then nothing.  We expect things to pick up again in the paper, now that some of the “open space” property has been finally gifted to the Port of Illahee (a requirement for the developer when the Illahee Community dropped its appeal the the Shorelines Hearings Board).  
Timbers Edge properties are shown in purple.  
This map shows all the approved preliminary plats in Kitsap County.  
This map shows the location of Timbers Edge in Illahee.  

Bargain & Sale Deed Recorded.  Below is the notice we received last Thursday (5/17/12) that the “Bargain & Sale Deed” was finally recorded.  It took a number of months to be officially recorded due to an incomplete description of the properties being gifted, and eventually required a surveying group to determine the correct wording.

Gentlemen – At long last the Bargain and Sale Deed for the Timbers Edge 21 Acres has been recorded.  Recording # 201205170123.  When I get a copy back from Pacific Northwest Title I will send you a copy.  The land is in the hands of the Port, and secured from development.  Earlier development plans for this property included approximately 26 units, roads and a storm water pond to  be built on the “Future Development” tract, and another 6 units with roads on the “Open Space” tract – 32 lots and infrastructure which will never be developed due to the efforts of the Illahee community and the Port.   This land is now on the way to becoming a permanent part of the Illahee Forest Preserve.  


Well done. 

This map shows the original plat.  
This map shows the revised preliminary plat. 
21 Acres Secured.  The development plans for the original 36 acres of property along the steep and unstable banks of Illahee Creek and along the border of the Illahee Preserve have changed for the better over the last 8 years.  The 21 acres just gifted represents primarily riparian open space lands, not suitable for development, and a portion of the property that does not slope advantageously for handling storm water.  The 21 acres represents prime Illahee Creek riparian and wildlife habitat adjacent to the Illahee Preserve.

Remaining 15 Acre Development for Sale?  Now that the 21 acres have been officially removed from the development it is expected the earlier advertised trustee sale will move forward.  We have heard the developer continues to court possible investors in order that the development will be continue, but has also said he would sell it to the Illahee community.  If he is successful with developers we are left with a 15 acre development to deal with (with 10 acres being developed at 9 dwelling units/acre and 5 acres developed at 5 units/acre or 100+ homes).

Timbers Edge Development Impacts?  If the TE development moves forward as planned (and approved by the Hearing Examiner) there will be a number of adverse impacts, some of which are:

     1.  Roughly 100+ homes will be constructed on mostly 40′ by 90′ lots.
     2.  A roughly one mile pressurized sewer line will be run through historic Illahee to the Illahee North pump station.
     3.  Those residents living along the route could be required to hook up to the sewer line (est cost $20K or more) 
     3.  There will be a yet undetermined stormwater impacts.
     4.  There will be a yet undetermined aquifer impacts.
     5.  There will be a significant traffic impacts along Fir Drive.

Previous Efforts?  We have been asked about previous attempts to find funding with land trusts, grants, and the like.  All those previous efforts have failed, for a variety of reasons.  

Meeting to Discuss Other Options?  While earlier efforts to find a way to purchase the TE development have failed, we have been requested to have a meeting to discuss the situation and explore other possible options.  We have been in contact with attorney Ryan Vancil, who has represented the Illahee community groups through the TE proceedings, and he has consented to discuss other options with the community.  A number of residents have expressed interest in such a meeting so we will next try to contact other groups, such as the Illahee Community group, the Illahee Forest Preserve, the Port of Illahee, and other concerned residents and citizens in Kitsap County.

Still Supportive?  Many are wondering how long this project has gone on, and it appears it first started in 2004 and resulted in financial support from the beginning (with yearly contributions from residents averaging roughly $10,000 a year for many years).  Those who are still interested in seeing this through to the end say that this may be the opportunity we have been waiting for as there are some interesting possibilities:

     1.  Develop the area at a lower density with septic systems (a request that was made early on that was acceptable to the nearby residents and would have eliminated any community legal challenge).
     2.  Develop the old Avery homestead parcel (5 acres) at a lower density with septic systems and eventually sell the remaining forested parcels to the Illahee Preserve
     3.  Find a buyer for the old Avery homestead parcel who wants a small farm and eventually sell the forested area to the Illahee Preserve.
     4.  Solicit funding to purchase all the TE parcels for the Illahee Preserve.

Meeting Notice Later.  We will notify the community and interested parties when a meeting place and time has been scheduled.  In the meantime we would like to know your thoughts on the TE development and what you would like to see happen.

Jim Aho