Illahee 8/7/17 Wildlife Photos, Band-Tailed Pigeons, Port Meeting Wednesday, Illahee Day Saturday, Illahee Store Progress?

Wildlife Photos.  Thanks to Fred, who lives near the Illahee Preserve, for the following photos:

Band-Tailed Pigeons.  The photos are of a band-tailed pigeon, with the following 2005 book found at the Amazon website about these interesting birds.  Anyone have more information on band-tailed pigeons?
band tailed pigeon
Port Meeting Wednesday.  The Port of Illahee will be holding its August monthly meeting outside of the Illahee Store on Wednesday 8/9/17 at 5 pm.  The meetings are being held there to make the meeting available to those unable to navigate the steep slope to the Port meeting room at the base of the Illahee dock.
2016-4-11 Misc 045
Illahee Day Saturday.  The public is invited to Illahee Day on Saturday, August 12th, from 4-7 pm.  Beverages and food will be provided.  Come and meet your friends and neighbors and celebrate Illahee’s 101 anniveresary!
Illahee Store Progress?  The Port has been actively pursuing the purchase of the abandoned Illahee Store and is currently waiting for an anticipated Sheriff’s sale.  Contamination has been found on the site and cleanup will be required.  A second site survey, which installed four monitoring wells confirmed the findings of the first tests, with estimates of the cleanup cost expected later.  Historical photos of the pumps from the old store were requested and found from 1945 from Marie Reed’s photo album.
Jim Aho

Illahee 4/11/16 Missing a Cat?, Spring Photos, Big One Presentation, Reference Materials, Appropriation Failed, RCO Grant, Port Meeting Wednesday, Wildlife Photos

Missing a Cat?  “The attached photo is of a cat that’s been coming around for the past week (6000 block of Illahee Rd).  First day it showed up it was skittish and hungry.  Since, it’s coat has been getting dirtier and she is more defensive;  maybe getting used to being outside.”  Let us know if this is your cat so you can be reunited.

2016-04-08 12.52.42 (1)
Spring Photos.  So many vibrant colors this spring it is hard to pick what photos to include.

2016-4-11 Misc 010
2016-4-11 Misc 013
2016-4-11 Misc 026
Big One Presentation.  What a great earthquake and preparedness presentation was put on by the Kitsap Sun at the Admiral Theater on March 29th.  We are slow on reporting the success and the fact that it was recorded and was going to be shown on BKAT.
Reference Materials.  The earthquake meeting was so well attended the few handouts they had quickly disappeared so the Kitsap Sun provided the following information in an email:

The Danger Below Us: Our Big One

Thank you for attending the Kitsap Sun’s “Our Big One” forum at the Admiral Theatre on Tuesday! 

Our panelists shared several links and helpful resources for preparing your home and neighborhood. In case you missed them, here are some that were mentioned.

• FEMA’s website: Visit for a broad range of information. To see resources on preparations for an earthquake and how to react during and after, visit download guides that show you how to protect various aspects of your home and property in an earthquake, visit

• Kitsap County’s Department of Emergency Management website:Visit for information on emergency preparedness provided by the county. To learn more about the Map Your Neighborhood program, click here For information on home retrofitting, visit To see a collection of resources on preparedness, visit

Kitsap County Liquefaction Susceptibility Map: One of our audience members wanted to see a map that showed the susceptibility of liquefaction in various parts of the county. Find the Washington State Department of Natural Resources map by clicking here.

Kitsap Sun “A Year of Prepping” graphic: For a copy of the graphic that we handed out at the event, click here.

For Kitsap Sun coverage: To read our series “Our Big One”and other earthquake coverage, visit

Appropriation Failed.   A request was submitted for appropriation funding from the State Legislature for help to purchase the remaining 10.7 acres of the Timbers Edge development.  It was a tough year for funding requests and like many others, it failed.
TLC Phase 2
RCO Grant.  The Plan B was to try and obtain a Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) grant if the appropriation attempt failed, and there are people working on it as part of The Lost Continent Project Phase II.  
Port Meeting Wednesday.  Just a reminder the Port of Illahee meets on Wednesday at 5 pm.  Also, on Monday the Port contractor was working on the inner float.
2016-4-11 Misc 046
2016-4-11 Misc 045
2016-4-11 Misc 040
Wildlife Photos.  Thanks to those sending in wildlife information and/or photos.  It is why so many people have asked to receive the updates by email, so they can keep up with the wildlife sightings.  We were remiss a few weeks ago about reporting a gray whale passing through and tried to get photos but it was mostly submerged and only spouted a few times, and were weren’t quick enough with the camera.
2016-4-11 Misc 034DSCN1342
Jim Aho

Illahee 3/16/16 Josh Farley Preserve Walk, Preserve Camp, Downed Trees, Float Use, Wildlife Photos, Sheriff Activity Questions Answered, Photos and Reporters Needed

Josh Farley Preserve Walk.  This Saturday should be a treat as we have heard great things about Josh Farley’s Story Walks.  We heard to day some 40 people have signed up and while they go rain or shine, the weather has been improving.

Preserve Camp.  Some of these camps come and go without them being posted with a notice to vacate.  We think it is because Preserve users tell them there is no camping allowed in the Preserve.
2016-3-14 Misc 081
Downed Trees.  This past windstorm brought down a number of trees in the Preserve, though no big ones across the trails, just smaller ones and lots of branches.  A work crew is being assembled to clear them prior to Saturday’s walk with Josh Farley.
Float Use.  In the matter of an hour or so the float below had the following visitors:
2016-3-14 Misc 0022016-3-14 Misc 0062016-3-14 Misc 011
Wildlife Photos.  This afternoon we had to slow down for several pheasants crossing the road.  The Illahee North detention pond area is where these photos were taken, with the last photo showing all three of the subjects.
2016-3-14 Misc 056
2016-3-14 Misc 068
2016-3-14 Misc 070
2016-3-14 Misc 063
Sheriff Activity Questions Answered.  On March 7th while driving along McWilliams we were passed by one Bremerton Police Car and 3 or 4 Sheriff’s Deputies and saw them parked along Sunset Avenue.  We, along with others, wondered what happened and in the CK Reporter dated March 11th the following report provided answers.
2016-3-16-2 001
Photos and Reporters Needed.  We always need photos and we are looking for other amature reporters to report on the Illahee Preserve and Illahee Community events.  Just send your photo or story in and we will get it out in an Update.
Jim Aho

Illahee 1/4/16 Wildlife Photos, Illahee Preserve, Illahee Dock, Illahee Store, Parked Cars, Lost Dog, Lost Mail

Wildlife Photos.  The first photo shows part of a flock of wigeon, three Canada geese, and a hen and drake mallard enjoying the sun on a cold day.  The second photo is of some common goldeneye ducks.  

2016-1-4 Misc 041
2016-1-4 Misc 001
Illahee Preserve.  A new garbage can has been added at the Thompson Lane entrance to help with pet waste bags.
2016-1-4 Misc 030
Illahee Dock.  In addition to squid fisherman in the evening, the dock gets some use during the day.  This family was finding crabbing somewhat successful.
2016-1-4 Misc 024
2016-1-4 Misc 021
Illahee Store.  Concerns about the condition of the Illahee Store remain, especially with the glass broken out of one of the doors and the fact that blue paint was splashed around inside the store and was used to also paint the inside of the windows.
2016-1-4 Misc 027
Parked Cars.  Some longterm parked cars by the store and dock.  The first photo shows an attempt to fix one of them.  The second photo shows the other one taking a dock parking spot and has been there for a number of weeks.
2016-1-4 Misc 026
2015-12-20 Misc 001
Lost Dog.  We are a little late posting this notice and hope the dog has been found by now.
2015-12-27 Misc 055
Lost Christmas Mail.  We are also late in posting this photo of what looks like stolen Christmas mail that was open and tossed.
2015-12-27 Misc 053
2015-12-27 Misc 052
Jim Aho

Illahee 11/15/15 Trees Down, Illahee Creek, Nearby Beavers, King Tides Coming, Wildlife Photos

Trees Down.  Some Ocean View Blvd residents had to make some detours today because of downed trees from the latest storm.  We found a broken off rear view mirror on the road this morning indicating someone must have had a close call.

2015-11-15 Misc 066
2015-11-15 Misc 073 
Illahee Creek.  We were surprised there was no discernible chocolate colored storm water flowing out into the bay after the recent rains.  It appears the many recent stormwater improvements made by Kitsap County around Illahee are paying off with more manageable storm flows in Illahee Creek.  We are hoping to check the creek soon to see if any salmon have shown up .
2015-11-15 Misc 049 
Nearby Beavers.  One of the Illahee Preserve’s maintenance (chainsaw) guys was asked to take care of some downed tree by a nearby stream.  He was surprised that the downed trees were the work of beavers, see the photos.  The last photo is of a beaver dam near Leavenworth that was taken this fall.  We will be trying to get a photo of the nearby beaver dam and note that there are some who hope the close by beavers will find their way to Illahee Creek as biologists have recommended them for helping to establish pools for salmonids.
2015-11-15 Misc 0362015-11-15 Misc 034
2015-11-15 Misc 040
 2015-10-10 Misc 052
King Tides Coming.  This is the time of year for high tides, that have also been called King Tides.  The following notice is from our local Sea Grant representative, Jeff Adams
.Hi All- I just overheard someone talking about predictions of a windy next 24 hours. You never know, but air pressure is dropping and some 11.5’+ tides are coming up. For those of you interested in king tide/storm surge watching, the season is upon us. 
You can track water levels (predicted and actual) as well as pressure, wind, and more at…
… it’s for Seattle, but the Kitsap Peninsula follows pretty closely (add about an hour for Dyes Inlet or South Sound).
As for tides, there are a lot between +11.5 and +12.3 over the next two weeks as we head into the new moon. … If you have too much coffee and too little turkey, there are some great midnight minus tides for the holiday. Cheers! JEff
Wildlife Photos.  With all the rain a photo of some local ducks seemed appropriate and a photo of Schutt’s point at high tide.
2015-11-15 Misc 0012015-11-15 Misc 058 
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/5/15 Illahee Burglary, TE Closing Delayed, Wildlife Photos, Aug 14 Work Party

Illahee Burglary.  It is hard to believe this happened early this morning (Wednesday) and in Illahee.  

KCSO News Release 8-5-15 pg 1
KCSO News Release 8-5-15 pg 2 
TE Closing Delayed.   Today, Wednesday the 5th of August 2015, was the day we were supposed to close on 25 acres of the Timbers Edge properties.  When dealing with public funds at the state and county level, officials need to make sure those funds are spent wisely and therefore appraisals and appraisal reviews are required when purchasing real property.  Which means we won’t be able to close until the appraisal is completed and the value of the property is worth at least the $300,000 authorized by the state.  We hope it will be considerably more as the purchase price is planned to be used as a match for another grant in 2016 to further expand the Preserve. 
Wildlife Photos.  Below are recent photos around Illahee.
2015-8-5 Misc 004
2015-8-5 Misc 018
2015-8-5 Misc 024
Aug 14 Work Party.  An Illahee Preserve work party is being planned for August 14th with the East Bremerton Rotary and the Washington Youth Academy and it looks like they will be distributing wood chips based on some recent wood chip piles on Thompson Lane.  More later when we find out if volunteers are needed to help.
2015-8-5 Misc 087 
Jim Aho

Illahee 3/18/15 Wildlife Photos, Work Party, Timbers Edge Progress, TE Purchase Campaign Meeting, Pledge Form, More Details Later, Wood Chips Needed

Wildlife Photos.  A couple of deer and pheasant photos, with one catching a pheasant walking by a couple of deer.  

2015-3-18 Misc 0752015-3-18 Misc 0512015-3-18 Misc 086 
Work Party.  If you haven’t walked the trails lately in the Illahee Preserve, now is a good time to see all the work that has been done recently putting wood chips on the trails.  The effort is labor intensive but when you realize the chips keep the trails looking nice for years it is worth the extra work.  Thanks to the Washington Youth Academy for all their help and the East Bremerton Rotary for coordinating the work parties.
2015-3-18 Misc 071 
Timbers Edge (TE) Progress.  Another success story is a signed Revised MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) outlining the details of purchase agreement for 25-36 acres of the Timbers Edge properties.  It was signed on 3/8 and delivered on 3/9 by the Illahee representatives, and then signed by the property owner and developer on 3/12, with two date changes, that were quickly accepted and delivered back on 3/13.  This allowed a major grant application to the Birkenfeld Trust to be submitted on 3/16, followed by a briefing to the Illahee Preserve Stewardship Committee on 3/17 and to the KC Parks Advisory Board on 3/18/15.
Slide 8 
TE Purchase Campaign Meeting.  With all the preparatory work completed, it is time to begin planning for a Capital Campaign to raise the money.  This will take a community effort and more and they are soliciting help from any and everyone who thinks they can help.  The first planning meeting is Thursday (3/19) at 5 pm at the Planetarium, 817 Pacific Ave, Bremerton.  If you have questions about the meeting please call 479-1049.
Pledge Form,  Below is a copy of the pledge form being used to raise the money.
Pledge Form 
More TE Details Later.  This is a fast moving target as the funds need to be raised within 5 months for the 25 acres and 7 months for the 36 acres.  More details after we attend the planning meeting on Thursday.
Wood Chips Now Needed.  Several months ago we reported there were too many wood chips, and then we found out they were being dumped in the wrong places.  This pile was dumped less than 24 hours after the previous pile had been cleaned up.  But with the help of the Washington Youth Academy cadets it was placed on Preserve trails on Friday 3/13/15.  With another work party scheduled for March 27th more wood chips are needed, but only at specified locations.
Tree Service Watch Help Needed.  If you see a tree service with a wood chipper, please let them know the Illahee Preserve needs chips at Trail Heads #12 and #1 along Thompson Lane.  If they have any questions have them call 479-1049 or 649-1049.
2015-3-18 Misc 093
2015-3-18 Misc 097
Jim Aho

Illahee 10/29/14 Wildlife Photos, Comprehensive Plan, Illahee Sub-Area Plan, Community Meeting, Wood Chips, Illahee Creek Salmon?

Wildlife Photos.  Some fall wildlife photos.  The squirrel has a chestnut in its mouth.  It is interesting how close a person can get to the bucks during the rut when a doe is near. These were just outside of a netted garden area.

2014-10-29 Misc 019
2014-10-29 Misc 010
2014-10-29 Misc 0522014-10-29 Misc 043 
Comprehensive Plan.  We all should have received the following mailer regarding the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update.  The Update should be especially important to Illahee Residents as it can give residents a voice as to what they want to see in their community.
2014-10-29 Mailer 016  
There is also the county’s website with much more information, which looks like this.
Illahee Sub-Area Plan.  It has been 6 years since the Illahee Community had their sub-area plan approved and it is time to review and update/edit or retain the vision and goal statements.  The Illahee Community non-profit group is looking at heading up the process.  The sub-area plan can be viewed at the county’s website:
Community Meeting.  A community meeting is being planned for November, hopefully at the Sylvan Way Library.  At one time Illahee wanted to establish their own Community Council, similar to Manchester and Kingston, but were discouraged in doing so because of the already established Central Kitsap Community Council.  Note below the recently announced sub-area meeting for Manchester, Kingston, and Suquamish.  Maybe when Illahee has a firm meeting date the county will announce it, even though we don’t have a county established community council. 
Wood Chips.  When the Soil Factory stopped accepting wood chips, the Illahee Preserve has been inundated with tree companies wanting a place to dump them.  Signs have been placed trying to stop the dumping at the Almira parking lot, only to have them dumped in the parking area at the Thompson Lane parking lot.  If you see anyone doing so at Thompson Lane please note any company name on the truck or a license number so it can be stopped.  The chips have to be hand moved and it takes special work parties and lots of person hours to clear them from the parking lot.  Either send an email that we can pass on or call 479-1049.
2014-10-29 Misc 014
2014-10-29 Misc 036 
Illahee Creek Salmon?  This photo is a few weeks old and likely a spawned out Illahee coho since it was close to the mouth of Illahee Creek.  We saw it early one morning with some eagles nearby.  By the time we got to the beach to take its picture, this was all that was left.
2014-10-29 Misc 017 
Jim Aho

Illahee 8/9/14 Culvert Cleaned, Trees Habitated, Storm Pond Enlarged, Work Parties, Homeless Camp, State Ferry Name Request, Wildlife Photos?

Culvert Cleaned.  It was a busy week in Illahee beginning with the Illahee Creek culvert cleaned out on August 1st.  50 cubic yards of sand and gravel, plus some golf balls from Rolling Hills Golf Course, were removed from downstream of the culvert and deposited at the Almira parking lot area of the Illahee Preserve, where on Sunday Rotary volunteers spread and graded it.  Despite the continued cleanout of the downstream end of the culvert, the upstream cleanance continues to decrease, which is why some think it will eventually plug up and result in a road washout.  This is the reason stormwater projects are in progress to decrease the storm surges and the excessive sedimentation. An upstream storm pond is currently being enlarged and more pond enlargement work is planned at the golf course in 2015.

2014-8-5 Misc 034

2014-8-5 Misc 039
2014-8-5 Misc 047
2014-8-5 Misc 043
Trees Habitated.  With the prospect of a new shelter going in some of the nearby trees were deemed hazards and were habitated, i.e., they were topped leaving the trunks for insects and woodpeckers. This took place on Thursday afternoon (8/7/14) and was a compromise with some of those objecting to any trees being cut.  One diseased maple tree was cut down.  
2014-8-9 043
2014-8-9 046 
Storm Pond Enlarged.  In the Kariotis area a storm pond is being enlarged to help with the Illahee Creek sedimentation problem that is plaguing the culvert.  Some of the dirt from the pond was delivered on Thursday afternoon (8/7/14) during the tree trimming which should nearly complete all the fill dirt needed for the shelter project.
2014-8-9 013 
Work Parties.  On Friday (8/8/14) two simultaneous work parties began moving wood chips that had accumulated during the summer, and also the cleaning up the debris from the habitated trees.  
A group from the aircraft carrier John C Stennis (CVN74) cleaned up the area around the Thompson Lane parking lot, and were treated by a lunch time BBQ courtesy of Rotarian member Andy Graham, who owns McClouds.
2014-8-9 052 
The other work party was from the Washington Youth Academy and consisted of 52 cadets.  They hauled wood chips, debris from the tree trimming, logs, and other tasks. Thanks to these young men and the East Bremerton Rotary who coordinate the work parties, as they make the Illahee Preserve a great place to walk, jog, or bike in a diverse forest setting.
2014-8-9 056
2014-8-9 058 
Homeless Camp.  Just prior to Friday’s work party someone was found sleeping in the Preserve in a homeless camp that was thought to be vacant.  He was advised where to go for help and later the camp as cleaned by some hard working WYA cadets.  To give you an idea how much garbage had accumulated, they filled the bed of a pickup twice with garbage bags.  Thanks to the WYA guys and the Kitsap County parks volunteer coordinator, Lori Raymaker, for coordinating the cleanup effort and for hauling the garbage away.  Park stewards had started to clean up the site but realized it was beyond what they had time for.  The photo below was taken a month ago when the site was first discovered.  The garbage was in back of this area.
2014-7-23 Misc 009 
State Ferry Name Request.  Thanks to those who forwarded the following letter requesting the next ferry be named the Illahee:
Wildlife Photos?  As you may have noticed there were no wildlife photos in this Update.  We did get a report of coyotes on the beach, but there was not enough time to get a photo of them.
Jim Aho  

Illahee 8/12/13 Wildlife Photos, Illahee Day on Saturday, Preserve Trail Markers, Wood Chip Piles, Trail Maintenance, Illahee Creek Headwaters

Wildlife Photos.  The first photo is of a hen mallard among some dried out lily pads at the pond at the end of Johnson Road.  The second is of a bald eagle having a bad feather day.

Illahee Day on Saturday.  Illahee Day is being held this Saturday (8/17) at the dock and the Port meeting room area from 4-6 pm.  See the notice below.

The Port of Illahee party is set for  Saturday August 17 from 4pm to 6pm. The port will supply food and beverages – we invite all port residents to come  eat and  meet your neighbors.

Preserve Trail Markers.  As you may know we ran out of maps showing the Illahee Preserve trails.  Additionally, the old maps became obsolete with the trail markers installed by Leadership Kitsap last year.  Also, this year a new trail was put in providing essentially a loop Hall of Cedars trail.  Today (Monday) new trail markers (numbers 34 & 35) were installed for the new trail.  Hopefully a new map will now be prepared as nearly every time we walk the trails and find new users, they aren’t sure where they are and want to know how to get back to where they are parked.
Wood Chip Piles.  A number of loads of wood chips were recently placed at the Almira entrance to the Preserve and tonight we noticed volunteer workers spreading the chips.  Nearly all the work done at the Preserve is done by volunteers, and often users want to know how they can help.  A list of projects is being prepared and we will let everyone know when work parties are being planned.
Trail Maintenance.  Many users help keep the trails clear of limbs and debris, but sometimes chain saws are needed to clear downed trees.  We noticed this Pacific madrona earlier today, reported it in the afternoon, and later this evening it had been cut up and cleared.  Thanks to the East Bremerton Rotary and the Illahee Preserve Stewardship members for keeping the trails clear and clean!!!!
Illahee Creek Headwaters.  We wanted to see how low the pond at the end of Johnson Road has gotten with so little rain this summer and noticed the monitoring gage that has been installed.  The pond is the headwaters of the North Tributary of Illahee Creek and appeared to be down about 2 feet.  We know an engineering firm is investigating how best to controll the storm surges impacting Illahee Creek and the gage is a part of their efforts.  We are receiving periodic updates on the project and will pass on any new information.
Jim Aho