Illahee 4/6/17 Photos, Winter Waterfowl, Surf Scoters, Golden Eyes, Orca Visit, Car Removed, Land Slides, Gig Harbor Museum Films, Ebb & Flow Film, Sawdust & Illahee Film


Winter Waterfowl.  Soon our wintering waterfowl will be leaving.
Surf Scoters.  Our favorites are the Surf Scoters.  
Golden Eyes.  Two species of these colorful winter migrants, the first being Barrow’s Goldeneye, the second Common Goldeneye.  Both nest in cavities in trees.
Orca Visit Monday.  We missed seeing or photographing these Monday visitors.  Illahee’s Facebook noted the visit with the following post.
Orcas 4-3-17
Car Removed.  Thanks to the Park’s Department for arranging for the removal of this car from the Preserve.  If no one claims cars like these they go up for auction at Chico Towing the first Saturday of each month.
Rick from Chico Towing was great. He figured he couldn’t get his tow truck into the car, so he decided to try to start the car and back it out. Because the thieve had punched out the ignition, Rick didn’t need a key. However, the battery was missing. But, Rick had a portable battery charger that he hooked up to the battery terminals and , voilà the vehicle started! He expertly backed the vehicle out of the trail, hooked it up to his truck, and towed it away.
Land Slides.  There have been numerous land slides along the steep banks of Illahee Creek this year.  Because of the steep slopes it isn’t easy to get photos. Thanks to John for these photos.
Gig Harbor Museum Films.  The Harbor History Museum has a Heritage Film Series showing several films by Leaping Frog Film’s Shelly Solomon.  Shelly produced the Illahee film that showed locally and regionally a few years ago.
Harbor Museum
Ebb & Flow Film.  The Ebb & Flow film will show Saturday evening (4/8/17), and tickets are going fast.
There are only a few seats left.  We just had this  film show in Olympia to a massive crowd and at the reception it was hard to move around.
The Harbor Museum is tiny and only a few tickets left…. tell people if interested buy tickets on line ASAP and don’t risk buying at the door.
When this film premiered in Seattle in October, 350 people showed up and we only had room for 300 people :).   This film is going to show at the MOHI and Wing Luke museums and its booked to show in Alaska, Canada and California… 
Sawdust & Illahee Film.  Next Friday (4/14/17) will be a double feature “Buried in Sawdust” and “Illahee – Saving Puget Sound One Watershed at a Time”.  Illahee was just added so we will send out its writeup later.  If you haven’t seen either of these films this is a good opportunity.
Sawdust Film
Jim Aho

Illahee Update 12/14/11 Timbers Edge Gift Tract Update, Sunrise Photos, Winter Waterfowl, Cell Tower Approved, December High Tides, Soft Bulkheading, Coyote Report

Timbers Edge Gift Tract Update. Thanks to local attorney Ron Templeton, who agreed to prepare the conveyance documents without pay, it appears the gifting of the open space tracts to the Port of Illahee, and eventually to the Illahee Preserve, will take place this week.  The legal papers have been prepared and are in the process of being reviewed.  Since several parties are involved it will take a few days, but it is on a fast track to have everything completed on Friday.  Again, we need to thank Ron Templeton, who has made what seemed like an impossible situation a few days ago, something that will probably complete by weeks end.  The Illahee Preserve and the Illahee Community thank you Ron for resolving the gifting predicament!
Sunrise Photos. Never before have we received sunrise photos, but yesterday two different sets arrived.  The above one is stitched, the second set is from Arlene Lind.

Winter Waterfowl. Late fall and winter are the times of year when we see a new complement of waterfowl along the Illahee shorelines.  The first to arrive are usually the American Wigeon which are pictured here.  We will start including photos of the various winter waterfowl we see most everyday.

Cell Tower Approved. As normally happens with these type of hearings (unless you have a lawyer, experts, and a good case), the second cell tower (for Verizon) at the Trenton Fire Station was approved.  See the attached notice from the Kitsap Sun  We tried to find the decision of the Hearing Examiner on line, but evidently they are longer posted on the county website.  We did sign up to get a copy and will be glad to send it to anyone who might be interested.

December High Tides Coming. December is the month of high and low tides.  Thirteen foot high morning tides will be with us for the rest of this week and the 25th through the 29th.  Because of the significant effects of atmospheric pressure, winds, storms, and rainfall on tides, the predicted high tides on the charts may or may not be an issue.

Log Shoreline Protection. This is also the time for those using logs for shoreline protection (soft bulkheads) to be concerned.  We have included some pictures of logs being used to protect shorelines in Illahee.  The high tides can be be a major threat for these logs, especially if there are strong winds and waves.
Coyote Report. The other day we received an email from a resident who lives close to the edge of the Preserve and have included his coyote report.

The pack of coyotes near us is far more than 5 or 8  as some “expert” had mentioned in a previous E-mail. I hear them all the time and can say that there are many. many yipping at the same time they can raise a holy racket from a good 1/4 mile away.  Also, we have watched them kill some our neighbors chickens and even attack one of their baby lambs, fatally injuring it. Also, a Cooper’s Hawk attacked my wife’s and neighbors chickens a couple of months ago.

Jim Aho