Illahee 10/9/17 Port Meeting Wednesday, Port Comp Plan, Picnic Shelter Dedicated, WYA Work Party Report, Preserve Community Work Party Saturday, Interest in 1986 Illahee Salmon Pen Fight?

Port Meeting Wednesday.  The Port of Illahee’s regular monthly meeting is Wednesday 10/11/17 at 5 pm.  If the weather is nice the meeting may be outside at the former Illahee Food store.  If not there, the meeting will be held at its usual location, but with two parking spots being available at the lower level (which is considered marginally ADA accessible because of the need to drive down and back up the dock access road).

store 016
Port Comp Plan.  The Port’s September meeting included an opportunity for the community to review the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and comment on it.  The Commissioner’s have left the opportunity to comment on it until the October 11th meeting at which time they will act on it.  
Port Goals
Picnic Shelter Dedicated.  The Rotary Club of East Bremerton dedicated their new Shelter on 9/28 with a run down of the history of the Preserve, comments by Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent, and a review of future acquisition plans for the Preserve.  The photo below is when guests started to arrive.
WYA Work Party Report.  With the threat of rain on Friday 9/29 the Washington Youth Academy work party started late, but was able to get much of the desired work completed. The thrust of the work was to move tree debris from nearby trees that threatened the new shelter, and to cover the trails with wood chips before the winter rains.  Left were a bunch of wood chips for a community work party.  Thanks to John P. for the photos.
Preserve Community Work Party Saturday.  Wood chips remain to get the Preserve trail system ready for winter so the Park Stewards are looking for community help this coming Saturday (10/14) from 8 am to 1 pm. Wheelbarrows and hand tools have been accumulated and stored in a GoMini container that will be staged in the Almira parking lot.  Show up when you can and as long as you are available.   Questions?  Call 360-479-1049.
Interest in 1986 Illahee Salmon Pen Fight?  We borrowed an old file from 1986 when Illahee successfully fought off efforts to put salmon pens out in front of Illahee to commercially raise salmon.  There are current concerns following the accidental release of pen raised Atlantic salmon in the San Juan’s this summer as we have salmon pens in Rich Passage.  If not for a few interested Illahee residents, some of those pens might have been right here in Illahee.  Let us know if you want to hear the rest of that story.
Jim Aho

Illahee 3/27/13 Moon Photo, Timbers Edge Development, Illahee Road Construction, WYA Work Party Report

Moon Photo.  We were provided the following photo of a Wednesday (3/27/13) evening full moon coming up over Bainbridge Island.

Timbers Edge Development.  Last week we received emails and calls regarding equipment moving about at the site of the Timbers Edge Development, and quickly learned the project was moving ahead and they were conducting soil tests on site.  The hope at the time was that the soil testing was for septic systems and a lesser dense development than the 9 homes per acre and mostly 40′ by 90′ lots that was approved by the Hearing Examiner a few years ago.
Proximity to Illahee Preserve.  We have been asked where the development is in proximity to the Illahee Preserve.  The TE north and the west boundary are next to the Preserve.

Disappointing Meeting.  We met today (Wednesday 3/27/13) with the current developer, Mr. John Johnson, who informed us they were proceeding with the development plans of Mr. Jim James, which is the 9 homes per acre, although Mr. Johnson said they would like to know what the concerns of the community are.  We were disappointed they had already decided to proceed with the development before even talking with the community.  We articulated some of the concerns and said we would meet with Mr. Johnson to go through them more thoroughly.  Mr. Johnson said he was interested in working with the community, but insinuated he was not the one making the final decision, which is not an encouraging sign.  

Impact to the Community.  While there are a few residents who would benefit from the nearly one mile of sewer line running through Illahee, many in the past expressed their concerns, when they realized the cost to hook up, not to mention the monthly fees.  Also of major concerns were the impact on Illahee Creek and the aquifers.

Avery Homestead Photos.  After the meeting today we took some photos of the Avery Homestead, which is the location of the TE Development.  The first is of the house, the second of a shed, then an old washing machine, and finally of some hellebore plants on the property.
Illahee Road Construction.  Some have commented and provided information about construction work soon to begin on Illahee Road as can be seen by the pavement markings.  The best description of the project came from the county by email today to put out in an update.  Thanks to the county SSWM staff for thinking of us.

Illahee Road Storm Drainage Improvements:  Construction Project

Project Start:  April 8

Estimated Completion: June 28

 The project area is from Ocean View Blvd. to Wise St.   Following installation of the new storm pipe and catch basins, Illahee Road will receive a new asphalt overlay. 

 During inspections of the stormwater system by county staff, the pipe in this area was found to be deteriorated and in need of replacement.  This project will replace 2,000 feet of pipe, install 11 catch basins, and perform pavement maintenance.                 

 Expected disruptions include a one lane closure assisted by flaggers, anticipate short waits, and dust and noise during daytime construction periods.  Access to driveways will be maintained.

 The contractor is Sound Excavation

Kitsap County Project Manager-Jacques Dean, Construction Manager

(360) 337-4671 office

(360) 509-1583 cell

WYA Work Party Report.  This past Saturday another major work party took place at the Illahee Preserve with Washington Youth Academy (WYA) cadets.  This time it was an all day event with 15 male cadets (background) and 32 women cadets (foreground).   
The guys planted shrubs and closed an unauthorized trail with the East Bremerton Rotary volunteers (the photo below shows one end of the closed trail).
The women hauled wood chips in the 27 wheelbarrows provided by the Rotary, Parks, and the Illahee Forest Preserve non-profit group.  
More than several commented about how the women cadets hauling wood chips were actually running down the trails with the wheelbarrows.  It really was an amazing day.  We are looking at the possibility of another work party — a WYA cadet/mentor day on April 6th.

Jim Aho